Tuesday, December 28, 2010

today today today !
woke up at around 12plus with stomach cramp -.- couldnt go back to sleep ! so use lappy all the way until baby wake up :D
met up with baby at around 4 plus , then went to meet clique at woodlands mart ! slacked ! then accompany baby to eat at 6 plus . then went to hall to slack .
then proceed on to bball court ! baby played bball while me playing itouch ! play until no battery , then watch baby play bball ! totally joke when they play bball ! :D super funny sia .
baby send me home at around 1015pm , then he pei me bring miki down walkwalk ! chitchat with him (: so super fun :D baby super joke !
wow 750 lehh ! *hor baby hor ! *
lol !
after bringing miki go walk walk , then baby send me home and he went off ! while walking away , he keep shouting BYEBYE ! like siao liddat ?! LOL
okay , end for today's post !


Sunday, December 26, 2010

yes !
im back to post again !
so where did i stop in the previous post ? like me take a look ! (:
*open new tab of www.fenloves.blogspot.com*
oh yes !
lets continue from there huh !

so ...
santa claus was great ,
he gave me a BIGBIG present (: which is LOHWEIHAO (:

lets continue ,
woke up alr , meet baby♥ under my block !
then off to woodlands mart to meet his clique (: slacked at woodlands mart !
around 4 plus 5 in the afternoon ,
went to crescent ,
baby and co . went to bball , me & vernon was chatting ! then rain come & go , come & go ! pissed off ! hahaha !
so all the way at crescent until 6 ? i think ? then we left , proceed to woodlands mart . met up with yuan on the way (: rain gets heavier when we were reaching block 722 , so baby and i RUN !!! run a little only =x hahahaha !
so sit at dont know what block downstair awhile , then clique went to lan while baby & i go and grab our dinner (: after our dinner , we went up to lan and find them ! saw yang xinganbaobeiiERZII all :D slacked at lan until 745 , baby♥ sent me home cause i have to meet sister at 8 for dinner at grandma hosue !
cab down to grandma house , this year was pretty bored (: but with some conversation with baby , its so great (: drinking session with godma , fun fun .
but everyone think that im drunk , but im not ! just that im very red ! LOL ! skipskipskip ! overnight at grandma house ! :D

met up with baby♥&co . at around 8 plus outside bubble tea shop (: slack slack slack . i forget what happen -.-
highlight of the day ,
mummy say im grounded !
but ..
she say this time she forgive me , so ..
am i grounded now or not ? LOL .
oh , and mummy saw baby & i ?
this is so confusing ? hahahahaha !
whatever ~

today !
was rotting at home all the way !!!!
pizza for dinner , SISTER's TREAT ! (Y)
met up with baby for awhile (:
then , he sent me home like everyday ! til my doorstep ! until i lock my door , then he leave (: sweets (:
now ,
im waiting for him to call me ! <3

tomorrow having interview for my course , hope everything goes well huh !

Thursday, December 23, 2010

woke up at 1000 in the morning , morning call yasir ! get prepared for classouting :D left home at around 1120 , met up with haolian & kukunehneh at the bus stop . bus-ed to admiralty , met up with the guys . went to shop & save to get snacks for picnic ! & it costed us like around $50.50 ! after that , train-ed to marina bay and met joan at the marina bay shuttle bus (:
reached marina barrage , some went to buy drinks & kite . while my side , we went up and get ourselves a space :D put the mat and everyone settled down there . flying of kite , chit chat , running everything ! so fun! oh yes , taking of picture (: memories kept !
so the weather become cloudy so we went down ! we played poker , murderer with the whole group ! so fun :D and then , we ordered 6 pizza ! no la , cause its 1for1 ! its costed LIKE AROUND $114 ? then eat eat !
group photo alr ! then went off with shaik meimei , jahangir & zamri ! D: feeling so bad to leave the rest so early D:
so ..
i train-ed to hougang , and then cab down to ehub ! met up with LOHWEIHAO ! then we went to buy shampoo for chalet and after that accompany him to eat at popeye (: then go to the chalet ! :D

wake vernon up cause almost everyone wake up , preparing to check out le ! then wait for LOHWEIHAO to wake up also . left aranda at 1000 , went to eat then cab back admiralty . reached admiralty , then vernon went to meet yongkiat . so LOHWEIHAO send me home , shun bian play with miki (: then he went home .
went to bathe then train down to amk ! meet cousin melissa at macdonald , babyKENJI was there too (: accompany eat mac , then went to get my pedicure done with cousin melissa(: super like it ! 3D flower !! spend 2 hours there , it costed us $140 for both ! mine is only $30 but cousin melissa's is $110 (:
haha .
after pedicure ,
went to cousin melissa's house for dinner ! stay at there until 9 , went to amk hub . shop shop at ntuc then cab!
drop cousin melissa first . then drop myself at my house then sister & cousin meina went to bukit panjang ! (:
went home , sleep ! (:

23dec2010 ,
woke up at 3 plus ! met up with LOHWEIHAO at 4 plus under my block , went to grab our lunch at koufu (: bernard at the newpapers shop there , then we meet vernon outside bubble teashop . went up to second floor to slack ! left woodlands mart around 6 ? then go 715 bball court , watch them play bball . slack slack ! until 1050 , LOHWEIHAO send me home . then pei me bring miki go downstair walk walk (: then after that , send me home again !

end of post !

Monday, December 20, 2010

telling myself umpteen times that you ain't mine anymore,
telling myself umpteen times that i shouldn't love you anymore ,
telling myself umpteen times that i shouldn't miss you anymore ,
telling myself umpteen times that we dont belong to each other ,
telling myself umpteen times that everything cant be changed ,
telling myself umpteen times that everything is over ,
telling myself umpteen times we cant start afresh anymore .
i've tell myself all this ,
i've been telling myself .
but you just cant get out of my mind ,
everything about us just cant get out of my mind .
i think of our past , i smiled . i thought i've get over you . but no , i was wrong .
please tell me that you are doing fine ,
so i will be fine too .
imissyou ..

im back from town with tansien !
met up at around 4plus at his house , and then train to orchard . went to lucky plaza to change money first , then go walk around in town ! :D
i get my express pedicure done with only the cost of 18bucks at fareast ! and tansien get his agnes B tshirt at the price of 106bucks with 15% discount at wisma ! cool or what ? made alot of joke today , MUCH LAUGHTER whenever we meet up :D best korhhkorhh EVER <3
oh yes , we dine in at xinwang hk cafe at ion ! super full ! went out of the cafe with a bloated tummy , nearly vomit out ! haha !
left town at around 1030 , home at 11plus ! tired max ! D:

tomorrow gonna wake up early at around 10 , gonna morning call yasir & shane up ! AS WE ARE HAVING OUR CLASSOUTING ! baik ! :D haolian & kukunehneh gonna meet me at my house , and then off to admiralty to meet up with the guys . then buy tibits, snacks & drink for picnic , cause i dont think anyone has the time to prepare food for the picnic ! LOL . so we gonna buy at shop & save or even prime mart , lets see how !
then train down to marina bay and bus to marina barrage ! and have fun at marina barrage , slack slack , chitchat gnna have as much fun as possible ! :D 4n2 (: maybe not the whole 4n2 , but with those who are free ! especially my loves ones who will be coming :D yay yay ! alkaline bud , yasir , shane , kexin , naqib and many many more ! hee ! gonna take many picture since we might not know when will we meet up again .
and after having picnic , i will be rushing down to chalet to meet up with vernon and co . overnight there , and coming home on wednesday ! if im able to meet up with emma , and im off to malaysia ! :D shall see how with the malaysia , still not confirm !
hee !

seeya readers

Saturday, December 18, 2010

this gonna be a emo post ,
you can just skip today post alr .
im just here to rant everything out .

yea , we have broke up . for like almost 2 months , you have move on & enjoying alr. you have already put a fullstop in our love story and putting a Capital letter in another . I hope you are doing fine now , since i would not be able to contact you . No idea , what happen . But since you have already make the choice , i dont blame you .
Maybe this is what i get after it , & you have gone through it . Now i know how it feels , im not going to say im going to holding neither will i say im letting go . As long as my love stand strong , i'll be here .
If you are looking at this : precious , do takecare of yourself . remember what i've said to you in the past .

Basically i'm stuck at home for the whole day, cause i have a deal with CPP to stay at home with only two of us !
So , i woke up at around 3 plus ! and then use lappy for the whole day ! from 3 plus till now 9 plus , still continue using ! Dont know what to do liao , so damn fucking bored !
im so freaking bored now D:
how ?

Friday, December 17, 2010

alright !
i think i should update a proper post instead :D

so so so !
i woke up at 1230 sharp ! without LOHWEIHAO's morning call :D *proud . and then proceed on with necessary stuff , after that watch show while waiting for my haolian & kukunehneh to reach my house !
when they reached together with XIAOMAYI ,
talk cock awhile and then haolian help me & kukunehneh to spray our hair ! really JOKE just now :D keep laughing when spraying hair , cause its so damn itchy la ! & that dumb dumb XIAOMAYI stand one side and laugh at us ! *punch her ! oh yes , before i forget OR-LING ONG came under my block to meet us too :D
hee hee !
so happy to see them !
went to school ALR ! see many many many friends :D so duper happy !
okay , went to hall .
then stupid briefing make me & ballball so sleepy lorhh , but managed to stay awake & listen to all the important stuff eh . after much briefing , then announcing the top students in our school ! great ! :D * claps for them ! so cool lorhh ! hahaha !
one of it is jessica , okay ! *3cheers for her :D
releasing of n level result !
make my heart pound like 10000000000000000 times faster than normal . even though i have already prepared for the worst ! LOL im the first to take the result in my class (: when i get my result , im like WOW ! happy max , better than i've expected. even some people may think that 'EMB3 - 19' is just a pass , but to me its good enough :D
didnt expect to pass my maths ! surprised ! but didnt managed to go back sec 5 , principal dont want me , she say not advisable to go sec 5 & i didnt attend bridging lesson , so NONO sec5 for me D: okay then ..
so classmates keep asking bout my result since im the first one , not only me , classmates too didnt expect me to get such grade cause i didnt really study hard for my N level . so went chitchat around with friends , then the whole sec 4N not in their line le . all walk around , using phone and all this . friends asking around bout result . told LWH , DADDY , CPP & KEITH bout my result !
seeing friends around me crying because of their result isnt that great , makes me so sad . yes , sad ! you know , you can see them studying so hard for n level , holding such a big hope that they will pass n level . but unfortunately , they didnt . well , FRIENDS ! CHEER UP ! MAYBE ITE IS EVEN BETTER THAN SEC5 OK ?!
oh yes , back to the topic .
after leaving school ,
slack at woodlands mart awhile , went up to fann salon . but they were busy , so i tell them i will go back later on in the night & they say they will wait for me but i didnt turn up =x opps ! went home after that , bathe & then sit down , took out all my admission booklet & everything . writing every course that im eglible for , then discuss with haolian . but awhile only lorhh D: cause she is busy ! then while writing down what course im eglible for , LWH call me , and then we talk bout course course thing!
until 7 plus ,
vernon ring me up , and say he reached my house downstair ! so hang call with LWH , then then rush down to meet VERNON . he accompany me to have dinner at woodlands mart , ate just a little ! no appetite D: then dabao food for CPP , went home to give her .
went to meet LWH after that with VERNON , chitchat & slacked near circle green . and then LWH need to go off le , so me & vernon went to 883 shop n save to take some money from shop n save . but somehow , i dont know what ? vernon is unable to get back his money , so no choice , left shop n save.
went to meet KHENGYUAN ! :DDD
so long never see him liao sia :D slacked with him until 1040 liddat , and then VERNON send me home .
reached home ,
stressing what course to go ! ARGH !
but i would definately take service skill (tourism) but the other choice lehh ?
oh man !

and and ,
now talking crap with JAMES SEAH ! he want me to blog bout him , so i put this tiny minni space for him ! LOL!

i saw you and her today , i know i have to face both of you today ,
i hope you are doing fine now .
cause i'll be praying that you are doing fine in your life .

im going to crack my brain tomorrow & decide what course by tomorrow when CHAN MIMI is home! (: & then register online alr ,
if not i'll be busy the next few days .
sunday , should be slacking day ?
monday will be going to malaysia ! :D
tuesday , chalet :D
wednesday then come back from chalet ! & wednesday is the deadline for registration , so just get it done by monday !

so ,
i went to take my n level result today !
yes ,
so unexpectedly , i got 19 points for mt EMB3 .
decided to go to ite nitec ,
tourism !!
but ,
i dont know lehh !
howhowhow ?
stress !

Thursday, December 16, 2010


stop being so bhb okay okay okay !
hate you !
i know whats uincorn okay ! and there is REAL unicorn just that they have no wings ! noob ! :D
okay ,
getaway plan 2011 ! LOL !
my eye also not pain liao !


im back to post again !
realised something new in my blog ? yeah man , i've changed a new blogskin :D think too long never change blogskin le , starting when i see the code im like , " omFg , whats all this ?!"
haha !
but after that , im okay alr , manage to finish the whole thing ! :D
okay ! so what i did today ?
oh ya ! woke up at 9 to meet that stupidd OYSTER loh wei hao to help him buy thing ! then slacked awhile , then he send me home ! & he went for his sentosa trip .
reached home , went back to sleep at around 10 plus . and wake up at 2 plus called my LIMHAOLIAN for tomorrow meetup :D so looking forward to tomorrow (:
okay , so basically im staying at home the whole day . my aim today is to clean up the house ! BUT ITS 630 in the evening , & I STILL DIN DO ANYTHING TO THE HOUSE ! maybe a bit later eh ? haha ! im so lazy now ! =x
the end of my post today !
will try to post more from today on ! hahahaha


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