Monday, June 29, 2009

school reopen ! suppose to be happy or sad ?
yarhh yarhh , attitude-ed teacher whole day long . im just bored~
physic sux big time !
din even prepare a shit today !
starting of the school was duper hyper .
met up with edsel baobeii , fengqing TUTU , yang xianganbaobeiiERZII , vernon , yuan cheng ahhgongg .
aiya !
i also dunno what to say ! FUCKING SIAN !


Sunday, June 28, 2009

school reopening le !.

WEE~~ work and assignment is still UNTOUCHED ;DD
im gonna face the consequences .
wahahaha .
mummy knows my conduct in school , daddy told her EVERYTHING teacher told him . well , mummy only call miie not to be late .
whatever .

im gonna slack slack , maybe gonna study . but you guys listen jiu haoo , WHATEVER~~~
i hate someone . she's totally a bitch , a fucking twitter ! LOL .
step one close with zenZEN! omFg . step cute ! you gonna step on my tail , im gonna give you hell . im not like the past yufen le . whatever . such a bitch .

school reopen le , you coming back right ?
watch where you stepping eh .

whatever , im going to bring little things to school . BYEBYE

im gonna face them.
hope that i can take it .

Saturday, June 27, 2009

im so bored .
im so fucked up .
im so angry .
im so happy .
im so sad .
im so hyper .
im so emo .
im so bitchy .
im so glam .
im so unglam .
im so lame .
im so mature .
im so immature .
im so stupidd .
im so clever .
im so idiot .
im so idiotic .
im so moron .
im so TOOT .
im so full .
im so hungry .
im so crazy .
im so siao .
im so LOL .

okayy , im fucking bored now .
i cant get to sleep . im watching an idiot eating cereals with milo ! claiming that she is very hungry .
whatever , next time cfm become fatty like 200pounds beauty liddat ! LOL .
nevermindd , can be understandd , she's till having her puberty . i should not say who is she , cos i have to respect her PRIVACY ! ;DDDD
now she's laughing like siao , saying i very act ! FUCK HER !!!!
ahahahahaha .
okayy , but some people who have sms-ed miie just now should know who is she barhh . maybe ..
if zen , you saw this ..


okayy guys . maybe i'll be back abit later , im thinking what to post ! ;DDD

okay i got the news that michael jackson is dead ytd . ]
well , was so shock yeahh !! so saddening can !
super love his songs and his moonwalk .
the death is still unsolved , some people told miie its becos of skin cancer . but i read the articles in yahoo , no its not . its still unknown and its suspect to be overdose of drugs .
i also dunno lehh .
well well,

Michael Jackson
1958 - 2009
he is 50 years old le man ! ;DD
but sadly he's deaddd . )=

okayy , should post later or tml

Friday, June 26, 2009

currently chatting with kennyWAWA , caveman and SOONtutu!
so the bored .
sms-ing with shazwan sayang and james huan ren.
yufen is currently missing ,

jazreel SWEETIEjie
joceline AH PIAO
yanna darling
fengqing TUTU
yuancheng AHHGONGG
alex JINYU
khengyuan CAVEMAN
shazwan SAYANG

and him

PS:// name not in sequence ;DDD those who has stead de , dunn jealous just gans and friend miss! :DDD
looking forward to school rreopen

Thursday, June 25, 2009

ytd night , totally sux !
only miie and huai ren knows about it .

for everythiing i've done , you wont know .
every night , sux . you wont know how im feeling .
its hurt more , when everyday goes by .
i needed you , but you aint there already .
and now , what i can do is not to interrupt your life ,
to hope you be happy , troubles and problem free and then
wish you all the best

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

last post is on sunday !! like very long never post le .
its like 3 days !! LOL

lets say bout 220609
zen birthday !
ahahahha .
woke up at 9plus10 , get prepared and everythiing . went to amk hub at 11 plus . went to fairprice to buy things , tgt with cousin alex , second jiejie and cousin meina .
cousin alex misplace his handphone , BLACKBERRY BOLD . ahahaha . so funny . din realise till we went to the cashier to pay for the things we bought .
called to his phone , and the electronic department people answer , and say that he did broadcast it , but haha . we din get back to them !
so after the patment went back to electronic department to get the phone back . so lucky uh ;DD and we spent 200$+ in fairprice ! LOL .
after that , went back car to put stuff . and went to eat , had cheese baked rice with chicken chop. big quantity ! din finish it . LOL
after eating . went back to grandma house and put stuff . put stuff liaoo , went back to car , and went to cousin meina house . washed car there , super tiring , but fun ! and then , fetch cousin meina to tuition . and went back to grandma house again! LOL.

on 230609 tuesday
woke up at 8 plus ! went to downtown east subway for breakfast with cousin alex and second jiejie .
three of us eat to cry sia !! LOL . guess what happen .
the people inside the kitchen doing the onion thing thing . den the kitchen no door de , so we have the onion tears ! LOL . fucking funny ! den we look inside , the person inside doing the onion , also crying ! LOL . laugh like siao sia three of us !
after having our breakfast , went to watson to buy a small first aid kit . after buying , cousin alex bring us to pasir ris park to see horse and pony ! so cute sia .
but there is this horse , which has a very bad temper . but its very cute ! took photo of it , when i go back woodlands den i upload cos forget to bring usb cable here.
after the horse trip , its the DOGS !
went to pasir ris farmway 2 to see puppies and dogs !
omFg , so cute can ! ahahhaaha . bright up my day larhh . all like so cute lorhh . took much photo lorhh , den after we took finish photos le , the uncle say no photo please . im like , 'WOW ! you are slow . im done with my photos! " ahahahaha .
played with the puppies , they are so cute man ! till 12 plus . we left there , and off to defu lane , to meet up with cousin alex's girlfriend , stephanie . at her workplace . transcab service pte ltd !
accompany cousin alex's girlfriend to eat , chat and everythiing . after she eat finish , she went back to work and we went to somewhere . but cannt say here . after that place we went to Plaza Singapura .
wanted to buy beads but the beads all heavy de, so din buy lo ! when to shop around , went to carls' jr to eat , had beef fries . LOL . think bout stuff again ! lala . after eating , went to shop again . remembered that tank top for cousin alex's girlfriend haven buy ! so went to buy lo ! hahaha .
spend quite a much money there again! after that , went back grandma house .
nid night do pancake for next day breakfast , do till like 3 plus
240609 , wednesday .
woke up at 12 plus . went to tampines GIANT to shop .
bought things and spent 200$ plus there .
after that went to COURT ! but awhile nia , cos there dunn have cousin alex want de things .
went to two - three place to findd grandma de century egg porridge . LOL ! and then ! went back to grandma house lo !

Sunday, June 21, 2009

second post of the day dedicate to dorisa girlfriendJIE!

WEE~~~ claps
ahdor arhh ! iloveyou many many kay ! thanks to be there when i need someone alright ? i swear i love you than i love my precious baby hamster !! ahahaha ! thats many love kay !
know what ?
i seriously miss you man ! i dunn care we gonna meet out when school reopen ! cos the remaining days of school holiday i will be at hougang ! so maybe school reopen de weekend or what uh !
deal ? iloveyou ! (many hearts for you !)

takecare uh ! i know you're coming back le ! TEXT MIIE , i'll be waiting for you .
i know you want me ! ;D

today is a bored day , thats the only word i can describe today / its totally a bored day for miie uh .

sms-ed with huai ren and XINGANbfsista ! LOL . XINGANbfsista is totally out of her mind ! keep talking sot sot thing with miie , ahahha . reason being she's mad : she misses miie too much ! LOL .

and on the other hand , huai ren keep tellling miie bout dota , he lose and everythiing . im like ... DOTA sux uh ! to most of the girls , i suppose ?and now , he's asking when is his huai rens' day ! as today is father's day ! LOL .

call-ed hokit dad and xinrong daddyTAN in the afternoon , wanted to say happen father;s day to them . but they din give miie a chance to say out from my mouth ! cos they din even answer the call ! _l_ so no choice , sms-ed them . hokit dad replied my msg at 4 plus , but xinrong daddyTAN din even reply , so a bad dad i have UH ! and such a WUXIM nu er both have ! ;DD they must be very glad to have miie ! LOL . bhb !!!

ohh yarhh .
was playing restaurant city on facebook . profit wasnt that good , badbad ! so i went to re-deco the furniture in my restaurant to make the profit and popularity high ! but after much re-deco , the profit and popularity when lower and lower ! and i decided to re-deco it , to how it used to but facing the other direction !

and YAY !! my profit and popularity went high high ! ahahahhaha . so crazy ! lalalalalala.

going amk hub later on with aunty tina to collect her things , i think ! LOL .

its 21st for this month already . so fast ! we were seperated for 1 month and 18 days . cool , i still cant let it go .
i dont want much , just want you to be trouble-free , problem-free , happy . and im finee with everythiing .
i promised myself to not cry for you anymre , not slit for you anymore , and to let go that relationship . but its was all crap . simply just becos of a reason , i still love you .
but at least , im glad we once loved each other before . ;D
takecare ! let this day be a normal dayto you and some other day to be special for you and her .

我最幸福的事 当过你的天使

quized not done ! by cousin meina for weeks!

List 15 human names
1. Lynette
2. Cynthia
3. Yang xianbaobeiierzii
4. edsel baobeii
5. alex jinyu
6. Si en dabiann korhh
7. james huai ren
8 yujing rainbow
9. Dorisa gfJIE
10. rachael JIE
11. zenZEN
12. xinrong daddyTAN
13. emma
14. kenn
15. Liyan

1. What will you do if 13 and 7 is steading ? [Emma&james]
Ans : i dunno

2. Will 1 ever stead ? [Lynette]
Ans : ofcos

3. Who is 10 de sweetheart ? [Rachael]
Ans : i dunno , maybe miie ? LOL

4. Will 3 ever stead ? [yang]
Ans : i dunno

5. Is there a possible for 8 and 12 to stead ? [yujing&xinrong]
Ans :NO !!!!!!! dad is attached

6. What is 5 related to 9 ? [alex and dorisa]
Ans : i dunno . they just met once , i think ? becos of miie ;D

7. What am I related to 2 ? [cynthia]

8. When did you last seen 4 ? [edsel]
Ans :3005! stupidd

9. How is 7 related to 15 ? [james&liyan]

10. 13 and 14 is relation good mah ? [emma&kenn]
Ans : yarhh

Alright, choose 10 humans to do this quiz.
-the rest , up to you !

1. Last beverage: Green Tea
2. Last phone call:Yang xinganbaobeiiERZII
3. Last text message:lynette XINGANbfSISTA
4. Last song you listened to: ke bu ke yi ai wo
5. Last time you cried: few hours ago

6. Dated someone twice: yarhh .
7. Been cheated on: yes / no ? i dunno
8. Kissed someone & regretted it: no
9. Lost someone special: yes .D:
10. Been depressed:Yes
11. Been drunk and threw up: no ;D

12. Black
13. White
14. Purple

15. Made a new friend: yupp ;D
16. Fallen out of love: yes D:
17. Laughed until you cried: i think so ?
18. Met someone who changed you: Yes
19. Found out who your true friends were: Yes
20. Found out someone was talking about you: yes
21. Kissed anyone on your friend's list: counted in gans ? yes . michelle girlfriend
22. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life: ALL
23. How many kids do you want? i shall see first
24. Do you have any pets: Yes, 6 hamster
25. Do you want to change your name: no barhh .
26. What did you do for your last birthday: went out with the loved ones
27. What time did you wake up today: 12noon
28. What were you doing at midnight last night: smsing , watching ghost show . eating maggie
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for: school reopen ! and everythiing will happen in school ! WEE~ and my nose piercing D:
30. Last time you saw your Mother: Few days back
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: i know it myself
32. What are you listening to right now: Better in times
33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: nope
34. What's getting on your nerves right now: no ?
35. Most visited webpage:
36. Whats your real name: Chan Yu Fen
37. Nicknames: xiaoFEN
38. Relationship Status: Single
39. Zodiac sign: for miie to know , for you to findd out
40. Male or female?: FEMALE !
41. Primary School?: Princess Elizabeth Primary School !
42. Secondary School?:ADmiralty Secondary School
43. High school/college?: -.- LOL?
44. Hair colour: alittle black ? a little brown ? a little blonde ?
45. Long or short: not too long nor too short
46. Height: i dunnno . din take height this year
47. Do you have a crush on someone?: i know it myself ;D
48: What do you like about yourself?:everythiing
49. Piercings:5
50. Tattoos: wanting to have
51. Righty or lefty: Righty(:

52. First surgery: No
53. First piercing: When im very young ! even before primary school starts
54. First best friend: SECRET !
55. First sport you joined: i dunno
56. First vacation: Malaysia , dad and mum favourite place , genting ! LOL
58. First pair of trainers: No?
59. Eating: nothing.
60. Drinking: Breezer! :D
61. I'm about to: sms
62. Listening to: you're not sorry
63. Waiting for: something and xinganbaobeiiERZII's call

64. Want kids?: no really
65. Get Married?: maybe ?
66. Career?: nothing in mindd

67. Lips or eyes: Eyes
68. Hugs or kisses: Hugs
69. Shorter or taller: Taller
70. Older or Younger: Younger
71. Romantic or spontaneous:Romantic
72. Nice stomach or nice arms: Nice stomach
73. Sensitive or loud: Sensitive
74. Hook-up or relationship: Relationship
75. Trouble maker or hesitant: Troouble maker

76. Kissed a stranger: No larhh !
77. Drank hard liquor: how hard is your hard ? LOL
78. Lost glasses/contacts: No
79. Sex on first date: no . -.-
80. Broken someone's heart: probably ?
82. Been arrested: i shall try ! LOL -.-
83. Turned someone down: Yes
84. Cried when someone died: yess , for those i know
85. Fallen for a friend?: dunno

86. Yourself: maybe ?
87. Miracles: YES
88. Love at first sight: no .
89. Heaven: YES
90. Santa Claus: no
91. Kiss on the first date: yes
92. Angels: no

94. Had more than 1 girlfriend/boyfriend at a time?: no
95. Did you sing today?: yarhh
96. Ever cheated on somebody?: cheated as in ?
97. If you could go back in time, how far would you go?: last year and we shall time shall stop there
98. The moment you would choose to relive?: dunno
99. Are you afraid of falling in love?: yes even since
100. Posting this as 100 truths?: like duh !!! -.-lll

Saturday, June 20, 2009

This quiz is tagged by XUEQI =D

1) What is your full name?
chan yu fen
2) Do you like your name?
okok lo
3) How long have you like the person you currently like?
4) Have you kiss anyone before?
5) Did you cry today?
yarhh , uncontrollable
6) What were you doing at 8am this morning?
7) What were you doing an hour ago?
posting the precious post
8) What are you currently doing now?
doing quiz , smsing with huai ren , chatting with pigpig on msn
9) Who last texted you a message?
huai ren ofcos
10) Have you told anyone i love you today?
11) Are you missing anyone now?
12) Any plans for tomorrow?
13) What was the reason the last time you cried?
for miie to know , for you to findd out
14) Anyone you wanna be with right now?
i dunno
15) Have you kiss anyone whose name started with an "s" ?
awww, he sux to core now !
16) Name someone who make you smile & why?
james huai ren cos he cheer miie up just now !
17) Name someone whose name start with a "z".
18) Which friend of yours stay near you?
daddyTAN counted as ? he stay my house de upstair
upstair upstair upstair upstair upstair upstair upstair upstair upstair the beside!
19) Do you prefer to call or text?
text ! i say everything freely
20) Do you prefer today or yesterday?
21) Can you leave a day without handphone or television?
television larhh!
22) Are you mad at anything now?
23) Do you think relationships are worth it?
yes , if you are the one you love him , and he love you
24) Who was th last person you visited in hospital?
myself! jikjk
25) Who was th last & second last hug from?
26) What does th last message in your handphone say?
alright , bye . takecare
27) Define life?
28) Do you hate anyone?
29) Who was th last person you called?
Si en korhh
30) Who usually send the most text messages in a month
maybe huai ren , maybe xianganbaobeiierzii
31) Tag people to do this quiz.
just , anyone ! who wish to do !

went to cousin a movie ytd , with cousin alex , his girlfriend , second jiejie .
watched ghosts of girlfriend;s past ! its nice , but the endind sux . so i rate that 4 star ! LOL
ended movie at 11 plus , was sms-ing with huai ren all the way . LOL ! after movie , sent cousin's girlfriend back home . and off-ed back to hougang !
watch-ed tv , chatted on phone with yang xinganbaobeiierzii till mac delivery is here . by then , it was 01580 of 200609 ! new days starts .
had mac for dinner/supper !
after mac , waited for erzii to called back . when he call back he told miie ,he is tired so he went to sleep . use-ed laptop , chatted with pigpig and zen til laptop no batt . cant findd charger . and NICE , the laptop shut down ! wee~
sms-ed with pigpig and huai ren until both fall asleep!
and i slept at 0400 .

today i woke up at 10 plus , woken up by cousin alex ! dumb him . keep disiao miie ! LOL . get prepared and everythiing , went to compass point for breakfast , had burger king . SUPER FULL . after eating , jiejie and i went to pets' station while cousin alex went to home fix ! LOL . bought a hamster cage . after that , couusin alex came to findd us . and he bought vitamin and smth for baby hamster !

after everything , came back to grandma house . and now , im posting . not in good mood ! so people , carry on tagging ! soon to reply yeahh !

another 21 is here again !

am i suppose to wear that fake smile everywhere i go , everyone i meet , everyone i speak to ?
i SUPER tired of all this . is it that i cant be sad and everythiing ?
or when i sad , i cant talk to people ? no one to confide ? fuck all those yo .
im seriously tired.

i still miss him ,
i still love him .
i still cant get over it .
its heart .
he left , tgt with my heart .
but boy , you're not with miie anymore .

Thursday, June 18, 2009

currently chatting xinganbaobeiierzii yang and si en korhhkorhh on phone , conferencing , they keep singing so funny .


woke up at 1 plus in the morning , 4-5 msg from someone ! -.- went on to wash up and everythiing . sms-ed with james huai ren . after awhile , went to bath and watch boys over flower with jiejie . so normal that show dunno why my jiejie like siao liddat !! stupidd.

until 3 plus , went out to meet si en korhhkorhh , james huai ren and jieliang ! and then , went to alex jinyu house , to meet up with him and weihao nephew ! LOL . got another two girls , unknown ! ahahahaha.

slacked at jinyu house , so long bo go liaoo . LOL !

bout 4 + 5 , went off . seperated with jinyu and nephew , went to woodlands mart to makan . miie only ! den korhhkorhh and huai ren pei miie larhh ,saw smiley's mum . chatted with her awhile and she's off ! LOL .

after eating , they came to my house .
play-ed poker ! stupidd , i lose twice -.-
they left my house at bout 6+ .

and here i am blogging !
tml im going back to hougang , to help uncle to takecare of his pet , bird ! LOL
i dunno how to takecare . so i'll be at hougang till school reopen !
woodlands friend ! miss miie yeahh ! ;D anythiing , call or text miie !

HAPPY BIRTHDAY , si en korhh !
happy belated birthday , HPYsmiley !

last year , of ytd 1706 im with you . celebrating your birthday tgt with you and friends .
this year , you are with her .
i watched the video we took last year . i cried , when the part you say your wish is to last long with miie .
but no , your wish din come true .
i wish it come true . as that was my birthday wish also .
but boy , seeing you happy , i think its enough .
that would be the last present i would give you. i hope you like it .
and hope you would be problem-free . dunn wanna see you in trouble again !

picture above is that time when i webcam with rachael jiejie .
funny right?
cheer up okay !! RACHAEL TAY JIEJIE ! ;DDD
iloveyou many many many kay !
xiaoFEN always for you ;D

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

hahahaha .
now using cousin melissa laptop ! chatting and webcam-ing with rachael jie !
both of us like siao can.
doing fun pose ! so cute of her .
aha !
misses her lots too . long time bo see her le .
if im not wrong , the last time i see her is like last month le sia !
see so long le !
ahahaha .
okayy ,

lets talk about today!
woke up at 10 plus today . wash up and went to downstair to bring ah ma up !skipskipskipskip

get prepared !
went to old airport road to eat , tgt with uncle , cousins and sister .
after that , went back to hougang , ahma house .
bout half an hour later .
cousins and i went to have our hair cut !!

i dunno what to say le .
bye guys .

Monday, June 15, 2009

okay .
currently chatting with lionel jiaomaomao and dorisa girlfriendjie~
new nick for myself

xiaoFEN !!


named by girlfriendJIE ! thanks to her . first person to know this name is jiaomaomao !!

anyway ,
he super sweet kay !! pei miie chat ! ahahahah . chatted with him with my trouble !! 100stars for him! ahhaha! love jiaomaomao many many ! he gave miie some lil jokes , but make miie smile yeahh !

share with you , readers !

I want to feel your sweet embrace;
But don't take that paper bag off your face.

I love your smile, your face, and your eyes --
Damn, I'm good at telling lies!

My feelings for you no words can tell,
Except for maybe 'Go to hell.'

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you.
But the roses are wilting, the violets are dead, the sugar bowl's empty
and so is your head.

super funny right , especially the last one !! ahahahahah . jiaomaomao never fail to make miie laugh yeahh !! ahahah
ILY larhh ! tohmaomao love jiaomaomao many many !

okayy , before ahhdor get jealous !!
thanks to her , i got my new nickname !!
i super love her !!!
girlfriendjiejie ! maybe you are hiding your sadness or what ?
but no matter what , im still here for you alright (=

ohh yarhh people ,
dorisa want to fuck miie !! she say that she gonna buya dick and fuck miie ! LOL . i think she misses miie too much that , she want miie ! LOL . ahahahahaha !

before i end ,

xiaoFEN love ahhdor & lionel jiaomaomao !!

loveyouguys yeahh , you guys rocks my life yo !

short post i think ,
moodswing again . fuck

went to watch drag me to hell in the evening . tgt with cousin emma , second jiejie and uncle willie .

the show is kinda scary . i got scare by both the show and cousin . stupidd her , whenever she got scare , she jump out of her seat . hahaha. make miie laugh and scare off larhh . LOL
but the ending of the show is fucking lamee . got ending like no ending liddat de sia . waste my time , got so fucked up when i finished the show .

was smsing with james huai ren all the way . LOL .
after movie , went to jalanjalan awhile and waited for cousin alex . he so long larhh , make us wait for like an hour larhh . kukubirdd .

he drive-ed us to bishan for dinner , as uncle willie suggested to go there . yeahh , recommendation passeD! its super nice yeahh . beef hor fun ;DD ahahahhaha .

after dinner , jiu came back to cousin house . watched incredible tales on channel 8 . huai ren act cute saying that he's scare ! LOL ! make miie laugh like siaoo ! WEE~~~

had some problem with my XinganBaobeiiErzii, attituded him . yes , my fault ! IM SORRY yeahhh ..

fucking attitude . fuck shit . fuck you chanyufen

im now looking back again . im sorry , but i seriously cant

Sunday, June 14, 2009

currently chatting with dorisa GirlfriendJie and shazwan SAYANG !
ahahahaha . super miss them uh , super long time no see them uh .
one at thailand another at home i think.
okayy , now at ah ma house .

overnight since ytd . went to watch terminator with uncle and cousin ytd , so came over to stay . since woodlands has nothing much for miie to do , no much people to slack . so yeahh , maybe at hougang something to accompany yeahh .

moodswing this few days , dunno whats wrong with miie again . yarhh yarhh , totally screw up . ahahahahaha . broke le , no money now . spend on A , and i nelgect on B ! wtf , gulity .

gonna take money from daddy again ! i think , duno take from him how much le . lol . had ear piercing last friday , now got a little pain . ohh yarhh , thanks xinganbaobeiierzii to acc to pierce uh . make him so dulan that day ...

lalalala. gonna have a nose piercing yarhh , i think so . much people object ! wtf ! ahahahahaha . so im thinking now .. people , suggestion please?
tag miie yeahh .

went to chinatown for dinner . and chatted with xinganbaobeiierzii on phone just now .

currently missing


Thursday, June 11, 2009

就因为爱没有规则 所以心痛了死了回不去了
离开我的时候 却没舍不得

It's hard to deal with the pain of losing you everywhere I go
But I'm doin' It
It's hard to force that smile when I see our old friends and I'm alone
Still Harder
Getting up, getting dressed, livin' with this regret
But I know if I could do it over
I would trade give away all the words that I saved in my heart
That I left unspoken
只想要 再拥有一秒

im sorry . i promised to wont this but .. but , im still sorry

wow wow wow !
this two days has been going for Leadership & Mentoring Skills Course .
its tiring yarhh . SUPER .
not talk bout ytd , ytd was really SUX ! ahhahaha .
today !
woke up at 620 get everythiing done and left house . off to mac to meet up with xiaopingDI and yijin . ate breakfast and off to school .

we were like too early , as we reach school bout 720 nia ! LOL. till 745 , did admin stuff . and bus-ed to ACSI .
had course , lecture by our dear LIYANA mam bout LEADERSHIP . but unfortunately , the ADSS-ian was so jealous~~~ wooo. AS !!! she eventually say other schools students CUTE ! lol .

okayy , we are lamee . but thats only a joke that we are jealous larhh, not sure if someone really jealous bout this .

had lunch ~~~~
skipskipskip .

had team building games . had much fun , got super duper HYPER HIGH ! everyone was like shouting for cheers , and everythiing . jumping here and there , im like wow ! even miie myself got influence by my squadmates yeahh . yarhh , it has been a long time since i got like so high larhh ! AHAHAHHAHAA

after the debrief of the course , my squad 8 , which consist of ADSS (my school , ofcos) , SEMBAWANG sec , KENT RIDGE sec , SPRINGFIELD) yarhh i think liddat nia , cant rmb ! we did a super LOUD 3-CHEERS of the HOs . yeahh , we are like real hyper and we did it in the auditorium larhh . ahahahahaha .

bus-ed back to woodlands . and blahblahblah ! met up with shane kukunehneh , kexin haolianpo and vernon ! lol . went to findd si en dabiann korhhkorhh . till 7 plus and im home-ed .

time to reply my tag! its has been a long time since i reply them !

but before that ,
some wont be replied like those who asked miie to link or relinked ! cos I'VE DID IT

11 Jun 09, 18:45
Joceline: Link me , thanks .

11 Jun 09, 17:13
kenn: update lehhs!! if nt i everyday nth to read lehhs)=
-update le larhh !! takecare ;D seeya soon! e
11 Jun 09, 13:52
☆ YUJING! :D: Love rainbow much :D
-loveya too
10 Jun 09, 19:43
♥ Sharon: Aiaisxz , miss you bodohs . haha . relink me horr . luvsxz die you . ^^

10 Jun 09, 19:30
-imfengqing-™: takecares!!
10 Jun 09, 19:30
-imfengqing-™: Tutu! Link me! =D
10 Jun 09, 10:38
kexin: link . thanks
9 Jun 09, 21:19
Meina-♥: Heyya . Yufennnnnnnnnn <3>
9 Jun 09, 19:21
C0ng~: Not Fair ! Link me LehS ! =(.
9 Jun 09, 17:30
kenn: link up k?? i link u le(=

9 Jun 09, 16:40
Zen: Yimin say you not Princess ._. Gan her faster ! Cat fight, cat fight ! :P
-ahahahha ! fight liaoo ! lOL
9 Jun 09, 02:57
EMOrock3r: haha fish powder xD
- ahhahahaah ! takecare yo ! ;D
8 Jun 09, 12:58
Joan: YO!!!! YUFEN! i miss you all!!!! =D
-ahahahah . sure bo?
8 Jun 09, 10:02
YUJING! :D: nice , k ? :D
8 Jun 09, 10:02
YUJING! :D: Hmm , , read le , tag me whether its
-no badd
7 Jun 09, 23:38
Zen: All hail ! Princess Yufen, ALL HAIL !
-thank you ;D had fun with you that day
7 Jun 09, 14:53
Le-Amour Closet: Hey girls, looking for cheap and affordable apparels. Do drop-by and support us! Many thanks!
6 Jun 09, 13:56
Rach`: mei ! relink kays (: love ya!
5 Jun 09, 03:14
-Alex: hello there ! hahas heres your tag ! take care uhs ~
-JINYU ! ahhaahahah . takecare too. missya
4 Jun 09, 12:57
C0ng~: hellows !
3 Jun 09, 11:28
♥ Sharon: Aiaisx , tagged ! Thanks so much . Loves you lah . (L)
2 Jun 09, 21:21
MICHELLEgirlf: take care . miss ya ...
2 Jun 09, 21:21
MICHELLEgirlf: boyf . imissyoo alot ... wish will meet up soon ... and must ask edsel and alex and FQ out too worhh
-okay , no problem ! ILY !
2 Jun 09, 15:39
2 Jun 09, 15:39
Emma♥: IVITED!
2 Jun 09, 15:24
YUJING! :D: Luvluvluv rainbow ! (:
1 Jun 09, 21:45
Cheehao .: TAG ! (:
-ahahhaahahah ! ty!
31 May 09, 20:29
Jasmine: MEI(: stay happy ok! smile always(: love!
-jiejie !! ahahaha . takecaree
31 May 09, 19:52
-ahahaha . i know le ! TAKECARE , seeya soon!
31 May 09, 16:43
YUJING! :D: Aww ! Imyt (!) Saw you today :B
31 May 09, 14:54
Naa`: Love you ! Dont get sad. Need me, im alway there for you (: Im done w/f what i have to say to them.
-ahahhahahaha ! ily larh !
31 May 09, 12:29
♥ Sharon: Aiaisx , text me when you see this okay ? I want a heart t heart talk w/ you ):
-called you long time ago ! ILY

Sunday, June 7, 2009

with jiejie.


ADSS NPCC cadet having break in HTA stadium

time heals almost everythiing .

we drifted apart . yes , we did . ever since that day , we last quarreled outside school .
we no longer slack with each other , seldom chat and everythiing .
im sorry i sent a dumb ass heartbreaking msg to you in the midnight .
i expect you to reply miie . but no , you din .
maybe you got her , and dun wish to talk bout gans anniversary in case she get the wrong idea .
i dunn mindd , you can say .
cos i felt that , i've already lost you , as PTS , as PRECIOUSbb .
im not pushing all the blame to you .
i agree im ridiculous , attitude and have a fucking attitude .
maybe its also a cause of this.
but still ,
and lastly ,
last long with her .

met up with zen EVIL MAN today under my block (=
dunno where to go , so went to cwp . zen pay for my bus fare cos i dunn have COIN ! ahahhaa .
slack around in cwp , walk around , joke around like siao .
and he treat miie bubble tea , thank you yo !
after slacking around in cwp , we walked back to my house downstair .
went to playgroundd , and chatted .
about miie !
ANd Zen , we did talk bout you yo .
the ex ..
lol .
dumb you .
so we chatted , long time no meet up le .
ahahaha .
say gonna treat him bao , end up i replied a "OH YARHH HOR"
ahahahaha .
and i love this sentence from zen's blog ,
' all hail princess yufen '
wonderful day , home-ed at 2039 (=

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

cleared with things with him . im gonnna live free now !

woke up at 6 today which im suppose to wake up at 545 !! chiong everythiing and went out at bout 650 . met up with lemin at mac , she's late too so proceed on to our breakfast . and then , yijin came along !

after eating , went to school . reached school at 720 ! omFg , we are late . faster rush to toilet and change to NPCC uniform and went back to foyer to fall in , waited for admin stuff to be done yeahh . til like 810 we went off to HTA which is the NPCC headquarter .

had our PK course ,
quite a dry course for miie . so tiring somemore , the course just carry on from bout 930 all the way to 1230 , and we had our lunch . at bout 230 we had our second part of the course !! and we ended it at 430 liddat .

it was pretty tired yeahh . after the course , off we back to schoool , took belonging and went to take our new uniform . after taking , we to change .

lemin and i went out of the school and daddyhokit came to fetch her . so miie , i went to 786 to meet erzii , walaoo . when reach traffic realised there was lots of people .
daddyTAN , erzii , pigpig , kheng li , kheng yuan , huai ren ! lol .
slacked around for awhile , and went home . erzii helped miie with my stuff ! which is like duper heavy uh! omFg ! ahahahaha .

and now , im still thinking whether to go bbq or not . baobeii havenn reply miie . shit him ;D

bye guys !

Monday, June 1, 2009

today morning totally sux .
at 630 in the morning , mum wake miie up and ask miie to call bigjiejie as she have not come home for the whole night . so i call ! but who knows she bo answer , den mummy ask miie to call until she answer , im like WTF im sleeping yo . continue-ed calling , still never answer so i smsher , she did reply . by the time . i wanna tell mummy , i already knock out liaoo ! LOL .

then at bout 730 , one hour after my sleep , DAD WAKE MIIE UP !! and asked miie to set smth bout his phone , so help him set . but with my blur-ness , i get it done like long for 20 mintues ! FUCK ! after setting , i went back to sleep with dad's murmuring and nagging .

and at 8 ! baobeii called miie and wake miie up AGAIN ! omFg ! spend sometime talking to baobeii , missed him damn much yeahh . for like awhile , we ended the call . went back to my lalaland !!! till 11 plus ,

baobeiierzii sms-ed miie and wake miie up AGAIN AGAIN ! replied him , im tired and put silent mode on my phone . finally went back to lalaland but for bout 20 mintues i jiu wake up liaoo . just so fucked up with my sleep , and cant get to sleep .

so after that . bath , wash up and everythiing . contacted erzii and pigpig , went out at bout 1230 . met up with pigpig first and off to 777 and meet erzii . off-ed to woodlands mart mac to meet up with zhiwei blurblur and gabriel daxiong , after that went to fork and spoon to had our lunch . duper full , and erzii was so fucked up with my sms ringtone that he confiscated my phone until i eat finish . ;D

after eating , went to slack around .
went to mac again , saw xinganSISTER and korhhkorhh (= chatted and everythiing . so long bo see them liaoo sia . omFg

ohh yarhh , and weihao nephew came along too ! went to daddyTAN house , watch them play dota _l_ ! rotting larhh , till banana came in the room at least got people to talk to . and then bout 5plus , she acc miie back to woodlands mart to buy thiings for mummy ! LOL . went back home , while banana was with daddyTAN . smth happened , BAD but forget it .

mum&dad came home at bout 6 plus ! and thats bad , spoil my day .
whatever .

i saw her today , both of are obviously awkward .
she turned away immediately , in that seconds i feel that maybe i should not be dwelling on to it anymore . and also in that seconds , i feel that theres some harted in miie . i dunno whats wrong with miie anymore . i feel that i ain't the yufen that i used to be .
he changed miie to be a better person and he also changed miie to be a badd-er person .
so whats really wrong with miie , i also dunno .



"Love, something unexplainable"

when life gets harder each day.

As survival is the key of life.

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