Friday, February 27, 2009

people im back! yes !i noe you guys miss miie :D imiss you guys too! haha.
anyway , back to last few days , had common test ! and alright, frankly speaking i din fucking bad for the common test ! gosh! especially for my chinese it flunk like shit yo! its totally CMI! sec 3 work is totally cant cope , i dunno why , starting of it , its like steady steady but steady days went off ; everythiing went haywire man! gosh! im crazy soon yeah . but still ,
ATTIUDE + EFFORT = SUCCESS . when can i get that attitude of mine lehh? *no motivation man* forget it !

and yes , slimming in progress ! WAKAKAKA . my tummy is coming out , i dunn like ! haha:D jiayou THIEN - CHAN YU FEN! ♥ you can do it ! yes ! i can do it ! swee swee ! hahas.
okays ,past is already past ! lets talk bout present ! TODAY!

! PE , im like crazy , too energetic ! got many energy to use on , had class jogging , run all the way around the school , outside school and crescent ! WEE~ so fun! first time man! after class jogging , we had captainball! yes!! participate in it , its my love okay! yarhh , i had super fun! iskandar is so passionate today ! everythiing is HIM! people in my 3N2 class would understand what im saying ! its totally a joke even though he got injure ! get well soon yo . haha.
skipskipskip !

after school , le min , yijin and efa acc miie home ! haha . so walk home , change while the 3 girls wait for miie outside my house cos they are lazy to take off their shoes ! so i went in , change and went out . efa bought fries and we head-ed back to school for NPCC! four of us is crazy bout NPCC yeah! hahas. sot in the head, slacked awhile and girls get to change and i waited for them like so long luhs:D

times up ! CCA starts ! yay-ness ! hahas:D so high ! had drills , tough but fun ! love it ! drill bout for hours , and went to class1T1 for test , gosh ! make miie crazy sia ! walaoo! i want operation larhh dey ! sec 4s put miie in operation lehh ! hahas. after having test , got some discussion of cheers and stuff:D after some discussion , sec 3 s and sec 2s went to parade square for PT , actually sec 1s is joining us , but somehow they have something to do ! so sec 2 and 3 tgt with sec4s had PT! haha. same tiring but fun! jumpingjack and stuff and last one ! run around the school one round nia :D okayy , i saw baby larhh . so happy , got the mood to run liaoo , haha . but too tire so no choice , walk walk walk , run run run! hehe ! till the end , RUN back into school !:D had flag lower - ing ceremony , and dismissal ! take bag and run to main gate to findd baby !:D chatted awhile and went back to school ! the toilet miss miie luhs:S urgent ! haha!

after toile-ing , went back to findd baby!:D and went to woodlands mart , bought mac back and baby sent miie home :D wee~ love him! :D so sweet of him , still thinking to piggyback miie home ! lols. nono ! heavy heavy !:D love him!

PS : // people who asked miie , tgt with baby will not happy not ? lol! okayy answer back , without any threaten ! IM HAPPY :D he is the reason behind my smiley smile ! yes , we both respect each other !:D ILOVETANGDINGJIE!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Slimming in progress !

will update more maybe tml ? alright?
sorry readers ! but i'll be good . i'll reply tags today , cos its seems like it has been long that i reply taggs!!!
and readers, keep my tagboard alive! tag! alright!


24 Feb 09, 21:20
Sharonn ♥: aiaisx , im sorry k ? dont angry w/ me yah ? (: tkcares ! lots of loves <3
23 Feb 09, 23:37
rong: hello nu er! tag~~:D
-hi daddyTAN!
23 Feb 09, 22:13
Dingjie: love ya mama bear (:
-loveya too papa bear! ♥muacks
23 Feb 09, 21:24
♥shane: woa fen at ur precious there kukunehneh onli got one ♥ lah sua nvm
-okok. i go put now kayy
23 Feb 09, 19:40
anonymous: my name is anonymous
- i dunn give a shit to noobies! thanks and sorry not to entertain you ! :D BYE! way to death!
22 Feb 09, 23:05
joachim: aizaii..npcc got gold.
-haha . yea :D takecare bro!
22 Feb 09, 22:21
QIHUI: Hello Yufen (: Relink me yeahs, (Luv) ya.
-haha. okayy . relinked!
22 Feb 09, 20:37
cynnnthiaa♥.: LOVER<3>
22 Feb 09, 17:09
Sharonn ♥: imiss my aiaisx ! hahas , see you soon , go out tgt okayokay ? (=

22 Feb 09, 16:01
Dingjie: love you (: happy 11month mama bear :X
-happy 11 month too! PAPABEAR!
22 Feb 09, 15:15
{♥} YUJING: ;O Rainbow (L) LOL , dont care that passerby la ;B

to end this post!


Saturday, February 21, 2009

posting again!! this is then for my dearest baby!

baby baby!
happy 11 month anniversary! well , i noe there's many unpleasant things we had gone through . break and patch. quarrel and quarrel and quarrel , people around us see till sian liaoo . people thot we cant last that long but we can!! yay! they underestimate us ! and we goonna show them what we are now!! hahahaha!

yupp , people outside might think that babyTHIEN you is bad , talk to miie in those shit way . but thats outside of the love of us , both of us understand :D you showered miie with manymany love , you show the love that i never had , you shine the light when im in the dark just as im alone and no one to turn to!

baby did so much for miie and beeBEE miie din really did much , but still giving much attitude to you , throw temper on you , staring at you and hitting you when im fuck-ed up and sad , while you standing still , letting miie to hit you just like a punching bag . after that , you still think of ways to make miie smile and stuff.

you are just the reason behind my smiley smile! you make my life just so worthwhile! woaini! impossible to fall in love with anoher guys , expect for you! :D

THANKS & SORRY BABY! i shall award you a 'best hubby award! ' muacks!

love story will last forever and ever !

Friday, February 20, 2009

chose to use blue for the font colour is becos im here to post bout NPCC again!

yay !!!

admiralty NPCC got gold award again!! hahaha!! loves ! got the news ytd from nizam blog. but doesnt really believe , so went to NPCC website just now , to confirm and ITS CONFIRM!! I SAW IT WITH MY OWN EYE MAN! so happy can!!! we got gold unit 2 years in a row man!!!
gosh! i want it forever man! NPCC rox yo! :D

Gold Award Winners- 47 Units
Admiralty Secondary School
Anderson Secondary School
Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) (Land)
Bartley Secondary School
Bowen Secondary School
Bukit Panjang Government High School
Catholic High School
Cedar Girls' Secondary School
Chai Chee Secondary School
CHIJ St Joseph's Convent
Crescent Girls' School
Deyi Secondary School
Dunearn Secondary School
Dunman High School
Dunman Secondary School
Gan Eng Seng School
Greenridge Secondary School
Hong Kah Secondary School
Hougang Secondary School
Hwa Chong Institution
Jurong Secondary School
Jurong West Secondary School
Jurongville Secondary School
Maris Stella High School
Marsiling Secondary School
Montfort Secondary School
Nan Chiau High School
New Town Secondary School
North View Secondary School
North Vista Secondary School
Orchid Park Secondary School
Pasir Ris Secondary School
Queensway Secondary School
Regent Secondary School
River Valley High School
Riverside Secondary School
Serangoon Garden Secondary School
St Joseph's Institution
Swiss Cottage Secondary School
Victoria Secondary School
Tanjong Katong Secondary School
Woodlands Ring Secondary School
Yishun Town Secondary School
Yuan Ching Secondary School
Yuhua Secondary School
Yusof Ishak Secondary School
Zhonghua Secondary School

work , play , train , rest ! NPCC the best!

chat bout ytd . met up with baby in the morning as per normal . was feeling unwell since morning , but thot its fine in a while . but din noe that i get worse when baby and i reach school . i can see the worry face on my baby face . i din feel good when see his face liddat luhs. plus my sickness and making baby worry , makes miie feel awful & feel like crying luhs..

baby keep calling miie to go hom e, and finally went to GO and tried to ask for permission to go home . but the staff in there gave miie medicated oil! -.- hahas. but okay larhh . no use to my giddiness lol! applied liaoo , den vivian and mdm ng accompany miie to canteen to buy some stuff for miie to eat as mdm ng says that i maybe lack of sugar in body! wow!! im like a princess ! lol. no larhh , kidding . thanks vivian and mdm ng! LOVES !

after that , went back to class for reading! LAME den DNT lesson!! CMI! do courseowrk till very dizzy so request to go home! and mr soh sent miie down! on the way down saw mrs annie koh so mr annie koh sent miie down! lol , and daddy came to bring miie home, reach home , slept! till 2 plus den wake up , doing nothing till 4. went to 786c wait for shane all , and went to cwp le!.

guys , woke up late , so met up with baby in school. everyone asked miie whether im fine or not! okatim fine thanks for the concern! school as per normal . pe tiring , shag sia . but baby one more jialat! hahaa! had volleyball so high larhh miiE! gosh! after pe , somth happen , my precious mdm ng cried)= i duno what happen luhs. omFg! dunn talk bout school hour thing . after school , went home to change and cab-ed to school for NPCC! WOOO! loves!

starting was updating the NPCC activities thingy , trying to recall what had we done since sec 1 in npcc! everyone is cracking the brain as it hs been a long time yea? hahas. but we manage to remember quite a number of activities, and followed by the CL course ! after that was campcraft, quite okay and had drills!!!!!!!!!!!! tiring but fun!!! command was given out by squadmates but different at different time ! and i was one of it ! lol! hahas . but its fun lehh! after tiring drills , had cheers with sec1 but no life arhh! dunn like! nehneh! and eventually npcc end for the day , rush to meet baby outside the gate , but congcong tell miie baby at bball court so i went to bball court lo! hehe.

and something bad happen! dunn wish to say! much at a time , and quarrelled with babyTHIEN!sorry babyTHIEN attitude-ed you! even though , we are okay noe but flash back makes miie guilty luhs D: no more next time!! cherish you muchmuch! sorry my dear ! end of day!

i miss you , aiaisx!

but i miss my baby more!!


tml 11month anniversary!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

baby baby!
sorry for making you worry in the morning . see your worry worry face , head pain pain man!! gosh ! sorry baby ! love you you!
I LoVe ♥

Monday, February 16, 2009

i got a new school bag like finally! baby acc miie go cwp buy! so happy ! yay ! just a short post!
had common test ! quite okay ! still can do it! baby too! jiayou hoh! baby! woaini!
hmmmm. nothing much ! hahas:D just i had a great day today! im so freaking in love with my babyTHIEN! :D he is the reason to make miie smile!

baby! thanks for everythiing :D you would never fail to make miie smile ! you noe miie inside out . you noe who i feel , you noe what i goonna do , you noe what im going to say , everythiing! you know miie best le :D you understand everythiing that im going through , yupp EVERYTHIING! . you are the forever hubby in my life! i dunn care what others say , cos i only care for you! sarang haeyo! :D


Saturday, February 14, 2009

okay okay its the third post today ! back from outing with baby! hahas. went out with baby , cong, shawn , jorrence and tee yuan . hahas. had fun! went to bugis . on the way to bugis keep eating sweet . asked everyone expect for tee yuan! cos he like fierce liddat de lorhh! den dunn dare to talk to him , and dunn dare to ask him want to eat sweet not . den bo ask him ,, like bad lorhh ; ask everyone but him! hahas.

reached bugis, went to eat ! yummy ! baby pay for miie ! thanks baby! iloveyou :D after eating , went to shop , went to baibai . and back to junction , baby bought couple tee ! so nice ! hahas. iloveit! :D but everyone is laughing , like baby abit xiasuey lehh. aiyoyo ! i dunno lehh. yea.. forget it.
after buying , shopped awhile more den trained back to admiralty le. baby and cong send miie home:D loves!

people asking miie , "why your boyfriend bo give you rose?" lol ! and i replied : " cos flower will witted after a few days , i dunn wann my love to be liddat marhh. plus i dunno really like flower! :D " hahas. so baby! dunn think you are a little not sweet ! you are alright!
people thought that only baby and i go out nia , but nope ! with friends . outsiders might think that eeyer! not sweet . but people valentine day is also friendship day yo . so we are celebrating both tgt ! isn't it cool? hahas.

end for today!

baby! thanks for everythiing today ! i've had fun! hope you had fun too ! :D yes, this year at lest we can go out more freely than last year . yea? hees. still much more outing tgt you ! iloveyou! like i said , no matter how had is the road down tgt with you , i would not give up! alright? we had gone through much to be like now! i will cherish it! and also , again! no doubt for loving you! muacks! ♥TDJ

Sharonn ♥: hey aiaisx , tagged uhs ! Loves yah . happy valentine anw . (:
-haha! happy valentine too!
14 Feb 09, 17:36
RACHEL: erh mind cominq to my bloq and look at th post its for you , lynette ,chee poh and those ppl who is anqry with lina (=
14 Feb 09, 17:11
Gwendolynnn♥: yufen, happy valentine! tagged. stay chio!
-happy valentine too!
14 Feb 09, 15:03
joachim: taged!!
-thanks bro!


okay . stop bout that fucking ass who doesnt know how to think . lol. hahas. firstly!


hahaha. i noe people is asking miie why bo go out why bo go out? reason being .
NOT SO EARLY! aiyoyoyo. meet a little late marhh (= hahas. let talk bout ytd first .
yesterday! 130209!

had school as per normal , morning mood wasn't good after listening to my i dunno should i say her caring , concern or an fool fool (no offence) mdm ng , omg. the whole class felt heartache i suppose , that mdm ng seriously concern bout her when she doesnt apperciate it! gosh . yes , pe one round run but i din run , so walk with fina and tikus ;lovethem . talk bout mdm ng , hais , dunno what she's thinking.

after one round of walk , no mood for volleyball , later hand painpain. hees(= after pe , had maths but free period . cos mr chng gave nothing to mr zul to teach! so relax larhh . for 1 period den english! gosh ! hate it , i wonder why .... and my bestie uzairee(forget how spell) defiant toward to that .... i know why, i know how its feel larhh . who call her talk like she like very clever only human! lols. and if im not wrong , my bestie kena canning ! )= hope he's fine luhs :D

recess , nothing to say . somethiing happen ! -.- after recess , geog ! attitude to miss clara ! roar ! den sit at the back of the class ,to relax my anger ! hahas :D but awhile jiu okay le ! still do miss clara work okay! see i so guaii! muhahahah :D and finally school end! went to find baby awhile , and went to ICT course tgt with 3n1 for make up session cos thursday din attend with valid reson , npcc! hahas . loves :D went to ICT , did the stuff there , after ICT course is bout 3 plus liddat , den went to bball court with congcong to finndd baby and ranny ! :D they were play bball ofcos ! cos they are at bball court ! :D alright. school seriously did a right choice to open the bball court ! cos liddat can excerise and baby play in school , and i can be like not worry much! hhaha.
after baby play finish , went to baby house wait for baby to bath haoo . after baby bath haoo , baby sent miie home! :D when i reach home , realise that xiaopang at my house ! lols.
entertain him awhile nia ; den wanted to sleep le , but my michelle girlfriend called . pei her chat , well something happen . GIRLFRIEND CHEER UP ALRIGHT ? iloveyou!

after chatting with girlfriend , called shane kukunehneh up asked whether she;s done and she told miie she going to be okay le ! so we met up ! went to cwp again! hahas. went to have dinner at toastbox , when eating there got a feeling at we went back to the old singapore! haaha , the tables&chairs, the songs there in short , atmosphere there is really ..... hmm how should i say . errr. retro ! yarhh retro! haha. after eating , went to shop for valentine present for my baby! went to many shops to see , and finally bought at gift a name !

after buying , went to more than words and thats when i saw jazreel jie! hahas(= haha. shane went to buy valentine present for the 7 sisters! hahas(= adviced to buy the same things before conflicts starts! hahas (= after buying , went to basement one just to waste time ! but we saw shawn and alson! haha . so bus-ed with them to somewhere ! but they went somewhere while miie and shane went to bball court to findd my dearest baby ! gave him the present . he look shock!! hope he like it ! hees :D chatted awhile den jiu off le ! byebye to baby and jorrence! and took 912 to adm mrt bought screen protector for my phone and bus-ed to woodlands mart and walked home with kukunehneh shane.

kukunehneh came to my house and watch hotshot ! hahas. and i went to bath and do some housework ! hahas . till 11 , sent kukunehneh to busstop there , and she walked home! lol. and i walked home back too :D after reaching home , clean the house like clean can! hahas. hope it wont get destroy my family members! hahas. see i so guaii can! xD

end of ytd !
the start of today will post in the night when im back luhs :D bye readers !

nizam: i must agree on ure latest post! hahahha. eventhough we're not in the same class this yr. :D
-yarhh lorhh , see outsider can see ! poor mdm ng! )=
13 Feb 09, 21:36
тherisaa: lax lax dasao. don't be so angry cause of lina.
- im chilled! hahas! takecare!
13 Feb 09, 18:54
{♥} YUJING: HIHIHIHIHIHIHI! , :BB i want to tuo pai you!!! :B hahah
- yarhh lorhh , bian tai! pervert ! hahas :Dloveyou!

to my baby : baby iloveyou manymany kay! happy valentine day! meeting you later !muakcs! hope you love the present i gave to you luhs :D

to my michelle girlfriend : girlfriend! you takecare kay !cheer up ! boyfriend is here for you! anythiing can just text miie or call miie de ! yufenBOYFRIEND love michelleGIRLFRIEND! muacks! :D

to L :
L ! cheer up !! at least you tried! :P

Friday, February 13, 2009

this post for my baby ! :D second post of the day! happy valentine day baby! hees! first valentine day with you! we still got many valentine day with you right! i noe! hees(= yes , going out with you later on! hees! it gonna be a fun one yea? hees. iloveyou manymanymany muchmuchmuch larhh! wakakakakkaka. yupp , this few day having some crazy attitude !
sorry if i've make you angry and stuff kay . dui bu qi hoh! but seriously , no doubts that i love you haoo marhh :D next sat will be our 11 month le ! i cant make sure that i can come out , but i'll try to alright?
iloveyou , no matter what ! muahhaha.

ohh yarhh . i now i realise that i knew a bitch since sec 1 yo ! what the fuck ! such an ass luhs. seriously i really wish that she just quit the fucking school and stop making mdm ng worry bout her . motherfucker! i seriously dunn understand .
whats so big fuck of smoking that she needa go around asking people wants to smoke or go around for cigg. what the fuck can ! want smoke den keep wanting to take cigg from people ! ownselve no money den mai smoke larhh . ccb . step one got smoke one , step lian ! please larhh , want smoke dunn smoke infront of miie larhh hor , the face dunno like what liddat ! seriously nothing can describe how you look luhs . omg !
please hor , dunn want come school den dunn come larhh ! make mdm ng like an idiot *no offence* worry for you , when you dunn even fucking care for her ! and not a single of your bloody classmate think that its fucking worthwhile for you ! and you bloody hell , come school de hua , mai so kp larhh ! and ps hor please re-phrase bloddy sentence to MY daddyTAN can ! say i diao you first arhh ? ps hor . once again , i dunn diao people unless people diao miie can ! and also once again , i so lucky to see you diao miie / gin miie alright ! so please dunn tell people that , i diao you first larhh . and back to what i've said , want come back school dunn run around de school larhh. makes you look like a stray dog who doesn't belong to anywhere can ! and let mdm ng to findd for you when you seriously dunn fucking care larhh. and while your classmate thinks that mdm ng is just wasting her time on you . you fucking reflect yourself can .
you seriously look more like a bitch den a lian can . mai step lian larhh . even if you want , you motherfucker dunn appear in front of miie . you are just making yourself like a clown when you are infront of miie .
LINA AW EE TING ! you are seriously nothing in our class yo! so dunn in class step one big one larhh hor .

Thursday, February 12, 2009

woke up at 6.00 today ! did everythiing , left house at 6.30! but on the way to baby house . remembered that i forget to take beret! so go back home take. omg! rush like fuck! search for beret! and run out of house , run to baby house . thot he's done , but he wasn't ! my baby is haing a terrible stomache . waited for him luhs , called baby's dad up telling him that we go school by ourselves.
after baby is done , realise baby's key lost! alamak! baby's mum like so angry! omg! haaha. end up key is with korhhkorhh! lol. went to school! lATE! reached school , saw ben and his dad! hahas. did all the procedure that we needa do ! -.- after that , went back to class! lesson lesson!
fun! but fell asleep in english lesson . hahas. skipskip .
afternoon 1.15! mt lesson end , saw xueqi out of class le. den tell teacher i needa go and permission granted! went to change to NPCC uniform! hahas. went to had lunch , put bags in npcc room and up to third floor gave baby my hoodie! chatted with him! so sweet can . meantime xueqi talk to tobias!
after chatting, rush down to fall in . we were late! hahas. okay , waited for bus ! and off to HTA! march in! tiring but fun! but i fail my marksmanship! )= sadded sia. now needa see whthere oc want promote us le not. hais. i want promote larhh sia ! )= no matter what , NPCC really rox ! people ask miie why i like npcc so much , i oso dunno why . maybe its just becos , i get along with almost all the ADSS npcc family members? yes , i lovethem luhs. make my life so high! hahas(=
after npcc, went to change le . den miie and xueqi went bbal court to findd our baby! haha. after that bball , went to baby house and baby fathere call miie to join in with the dinner! omg . so ps! hahas. okayy, so join in! ate and baby sent miie home! love him

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

today was a lame day for miie. school as per normal . lalas. had sst , revise maths , sst teacher , mr chng! yay! asked him for maths thiingy . lol . and yes , finally understand. and well, failed chemistry test )= by 1 mark yeah? haishais .
forget it . yes , somethiing happen , kinda worry but there's nothing i can do . well, still cant contact someone. waiting for that person to contact miie . hais,

11 Feb 09, 19:33
Sharonn ♥: aiaisx ~ im inviting you into my blog ~ wheeeeeeets :x , hahas :D
-yarhh , i noe (=
11 Feb 09, 17:30
тherisaa: Weeeee. I saw you! :D
- i saw you too (=
10 Feb 09, 21:53
alex: thankyou very much elephant ! hahas thanks for helping the picture thingy larhs lols !

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

alright alright ! hmmmmm, shall talk bout today but not ytd ! hahaa. why ? just no why? i just feel like luhs! wakakakaka . let start now!! WEE~~~~
and have go and buy , so went down to buy , but sadly , no stock! first lesson , had reading period! fell asleep! =xopps. den mdm ng woke miie up ! so continue-ed reading , yawns tiretire! after that , had lights! BORED! skip! maths lesson , do some exceriseohh shit , i fell asleep again! woke up le , jiu continue with my work! haha. mr zul talk like ant liddat siol! :D but he is a good teacher , i suppose. and social studies! slack larhh . that teacher wants us to go down to but file , bout half of the class went down . as she said , those who dunnlol! was made to sit outside of the classroom , will just obey what she said . sit outside lorhh chatted with joan , gekmin & vivianLYE! hees (=
went for recess , oh that was a bored recess? lol . after recess , had chemistry! had test , oh mum ! i din know bout it . but okay larhh . test kinda easy! done within 5 mins. and everyone is looking at miie like im a monster eh? hahas. okayy . chemistry is totally bored yeah? everyone start screaming and shouting like no body business! hahas .=D
yes . after chemistry , had geog . played tic tae toe with yasir! omg! 5 for 1 and 10 for 2 . and i lose like 2plus to him larhh ! wtf! but okay , its fun luhs :D and after a period of geog , the last lesson we goonna have is physic ! holyshit uh. we got test and i din noe how to read the reading on venier caplier & micrometer , so anyhow do lorhh fot the reading . hopefully , i will fail like no shit eh! after having test , we had to continue with lesson , as we are lack behind , my class is a little bit slow , or should i say much nore slow to get the poiint that mr chua is trying to say ? haha. okayy. 3n2 is racing with the time for physic . buckup 3n2! love you guys uh!
after school , saw baby! chatted with him . skipskipskip! had sst ! so fun! kinda relax . at least can discuss a little larhh ! hahas. lesser people , more cooling , not so stuffy ! hees. so fun! after sst , saw baby again! hahas. walk with baby to his house , wait for him to bath and eat . met up with cong , den baby and ocng sent miie back home! and home sweet home !
end of today!! byebye!

10 Feb 09, 20:45
jamieee: relink and takecare k (:
-see first .
10 Feb 09, 20:24
jianhua: yo
- hello ! you which jianhua !
10 Feb 09, 12:21
Dingjie: bee , u talk always hor , la , knn , ccb , purbor . ahahaha ! u talk like so noob sia :X
- hey baby! what noob man! )=
10 Feb 09, 12:15
Dingjie: wad sup beebee chan :D i will ride around to find vinboy :D love ya !
- okay! deal! woaini!
9 Feb 09, 21:13
Zen: Woah ! You patched With TK (: , anyway didn't know my link got heart de, so touched xD
9 Feb 09, 18:50
Nana: Girl, dun qet anqry with lina arh, later your face old old. where's is my tanqyufen ? the keep smilesmile like crazy qirl that one ?
-somewhere in my ass? LMAO!
9 Feb 09, 04:03
Louis: Wah Yufen, so good arh you. i can see my name in your blog. haha no more blogshop ler arh ?
-lol! dunno!
8 Feb 09, 11:38
shawn: Wah lao! I damn ugly la! i din`t even know you took my picture~!
- haha. so funny sia!
8 Feb 09, 02:32
alex: wtf .chill nor . relax larhs easy come east go ,
-okayokays! (=


Sunday, February 8, 2009

im chatting with baby thien , ilovehim!♥

well well , i really got nothing to post larhh . im sick of the life im having now , i suppose? so freaking bored , nothing i can do . hais. yarhh . nothing make miie smile this 3 days, from friday evening til now? ohh yarhh.
mum and i hear some dogs barking , one sound like my baby vinboy . so went out to check it out, but it failed . it wasn't , its a jack russel . hais . miss him damn fucking much.

yes , this is how he look luhs.
its has been like weeks since i last see him . )= people who looking at my bloody blog uh ,
if you guys happen to see my dog ,
breed : shih tzu
colour : black&white
alright? thanks guys. whatever , saw a dog which is something liddat , call miie uh! 90273483! immediately matter what time , just call luhs. but dunn prank larhh . alright? he really meant lots to miie.

yupp, that one of the reason thats make miie serious down . and i miss baby boy aka baby thien freaking much too , he doesn't contact miie. hais.

plus one , my dorisa jie is down . while i can only see her feeling down , feeling hurt and angry , and i just cant do anything. hais , see her liddat xintong sia. )= hais hais hais. but still , shes trying to listening to my problem too. love baobei jie muchmuch!

fuck the life yeah? hais .

ohh yarhh, much of sad and angry stuff , thanks jazreel jiejie for making miie smile ! hahas love her . same as dorisa jie , sweetie jie oso listen to my problem and troubles. love my sweetie jiejie!

they both rock my life yeah? tgt with my baby barhh . =D

yufen feat. dorisa - 111108♥
yufen feat. jazreel - 300109♥

Saturday, February 7, 2009

ytd went to cwp with kukunehneh shane . hahas(= both of us like crazy . hees. went shopping and had dinner! and i saw aiaisx! the way we saw each other is fucking funny can! hahas.:D love her .
went home at 9 plus. kukunehneh came to my house til 12 plus den go home.
today .
nite relatives came to my house , order-ed buffet . played blackjack won money. this suppose to be a long post , but dunn have the mood to make it long, so summarize to duper short post!

i duper miss baby , i has been 2 night not chatting with him le , afternoon missed him , cried . i dunno . just something happen luhs. haiz

8 Feb 09, 02:06
joachim: yo sis!tagatg
-yo bro!!
7 Feb 09, 20:49
Sharonn ♥: OMG , aiaisx . you all so sweet worrr :D hahas . lastlonq hor ! upload more picts ! hehes :DD
-haha. thanks aiaisx! loves .
7 Feb 09, 19:30
Gwendolynnn♥: hellos, err, tagged!
7 Feb 09, 19:29
chiyagn: err.. rachel.. your face look dam small compare to the guy face.. :D
-do you have a problem. but thanks.
7 Feb 09, 11:13
JunHong: hihi! tagggg :D
6 Feb 09, 10:23
jessica: mommy ;D nice taking uhs ! <3 loves !
-mum love you kay!
6 Feb 09, 02:35
therisaa (:: Dasao. :D. Takecares.
-takecare too:D

alright, this few day was pretty dulan with a fucking bitch. i seriously fucked up with her , ccb.
dare to say dunn dare to admit arhh? ccb , if you bo say , teacher will say to miie larhh? tell daddy what , you bo say . knn , den now means i ka you jiao wei larhh. ccb . or you saying teacher ka jiao wei . dunn come school , den blame all push miie hor . knn , why not , you go slash a person , den put my fingerprint on it , push all the blame to miie larhh . ccb .

den tell my jazreel jie i and you good friend arhh? please larhh hor , from that morning onwards that i dunn want help you take homework , THAT MORNING! im already not even your friend! mai bhb hor! and please hor , dunn anyhow say hor , since when i have school work must do with you! knn! what ? going to say you din say again is it? knn . ka people jiaowei you li hai larhh hor , den mai admit arhh? knn, dog arhh? knn pubor .

please larhh , like what jazreel jie say larhh hor , now not liu xing ahh lian liaoo larhh hor . want be ahh lian dunn tell people you from adss 3n2 or adss 2n2/08 , 1n2 /07 de hor , dunn xiasuey my class hor . dunn throw my beloved class face hor. knn .
thot what you my daddyTAN girlfriend , you big fuck arhh ? thot you got smoke big fuck arhh ? when i started smoking , dunno where the fuck you are larhh hor , even though i offically QUITT! thot smoke makes you look like lian arhh? den you carry on barhh .

and you think being a lian , not going to schoool can make you look zai , please kindly quit the school and you wont be an absentees and drag my class down by not taking the best class award . you think you can face the society in the future , by not coming to school , not having any education , by all means fuck off luhs! ccb .

not happy , call miie out talk larhh hor , say i give you faces den mai come school is it? ask the bloody fucking yourself , bout you diao-ing miie not larhh hor . dunno why lehh , my eye jiu shi so lucky till saw you diao miie , so i fucking hell care whether you like being diao by miie not , i jiu shi yao diao you lehh!

LINA AW EE TING! you fucking hell , got thing talk infront of miie larhh h0r , i wont be like so hum till go talk to you must call people pei miie or call people down larhh hor . you try talking behind miie again . knn .ccb . purbor

Thursday, February 5, 2009

heee. ytd after sst , rush back home , saw mummy at home , stunned haha! so funny lorhh . went straight to bath! after bathing , dry my hair using hair dryer, ofcos ! den pack stuff and out of house , went to meet my baby and off to meet shawn and went to bugis , something happenin between , lazy say , but funny! only 3 of us noe!
reach bugis junction , met out with two nuer (xiqing and jessica) , leon and zhaowei! haha. its jes birthday! went seoul garden to have dinner , with them . baby service-ed miie , haha. so sweet! haha. eat till very full.
left seoul garden at 7 plus 8 , went to take neo . but shawn din , hope he doesn't felt left out =x after taking , when both nu er decorating the photo ,baby and i went to see the couple tee . so nice ! oMg! haha. din buy , due to some reason ; after that they went to play the mini arcade upstair, so funny ! alot of fun started there . haha. till 8.45 den train-ed back to admiralty . ohh , that was lots of fun . just HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY GIRL!

photos taken!

yes , shawn and baby , 10years brothership between them!

xiqing nuer is trying to warm her hand!

both sweet nu er decorating the neo!


i love doraemon!

reflection of baby and miie

shawn is crazy for the jackpot game!

and oso the rubber ducky game!

baby(their daddy) and nu er , is crazzy for the ball game!

baby is crazy bout the rubber ducky ame too!

this is how they play!

baby and shawn playing the game very SERIOUSLY!!

i love baby no matter what!

he's my love , girls out there , wanting to snatch away! go a corner and continue dreaming!

he's my boy!

opps , shawn sorry its a candid!

nuer so agitated!

shawn is happy!

nuers' table!

see this two lovely couple ! the borthday girl and her boy (=

baby , is peeling the prawn shell away , for miie . SWEETS!

my table!

nu er xiqing is busy eating! and 'bbq -ing'.

no comment (=

they are so happy!

same as them!

PS:// baby , its finally im out , so happy to be out with you and the sweeties, beeBEE has much fun , hope you too! iloveyou!

5 Feb 09, 21:47
Sylvester: Hellos! Tagged !
4 Feb 09, 17:50
♥shane: ku ku neh neh ni hao
-kukunehneh ni haoo! misses! <3
4 Feb 09, 09:26
Dingjie: sup beebee chan :D
-sup baBY thien!
3 Feb 09, 22:34
Sharonn ♥: anw , i done le . love yah many . thankks ! :DD
3 Feb 09, 21:55
Sharonn ♥: aiaisx , you th best lahs ! woaini nah ! :D i'll cheerup deh . and will do my best in th 3rd game ! yeah , waiting for it too ! iloveyouus too ! :DD
- alright! JIAYOU! loves!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

okayys, ytd din really had time to with baby , as baby has to do his stuff :D but baby cooked can! and we shared! so sweet! :D omg! hahas. hahas. love baby thien muchmuch! :D went home at 5 plus, den bath and necessary stuff , went to study , said in previous post , study till 12 + 1 liddat . den go sleep.

woke up late today!! woke up at 6.30! WTF! den rushrushrush , do everythiing veryvery fast! went out of house like 6.38 liddat barhh , ran to baby house there so tiring . den met up with baby and uncle , and went to school , continue with my ss notes! OMG! so difficult to memorise can! so many thiings , want miie sot sia !
skipskipskip for lessons , dunn wan to say . geog test , ss test and thiings! OMG!

after remedial , met up with shane , sit at 786 there awhile , saw baby! hahas. chatted with baby! hahas awhile nia , den part-ed with baby and off to cwp with shane! reach le cwp , met up with dorisa jie ; hahas . so cute sia her , but just to take stuff and byebye to her and she's off with her boyfriend! haas! i saw smth larhh! so nice sia , omg!

after parting with dorisa jie , went to buy someone present ! that particular person dunno bout it! hahas. surprise? hahas. after buying , jiu bus-ed to woodlands mart!!! I SAW MY BABY THIEN AGAIN! weee!! chatted with him awhile again ! and saw daddyTAN they all too , hahas(= but eventually someone diao miie larhH! ccb , knn , thot i dunno liddat. someone saw larhh . stupidd got people big fuck! NOOB!

and went home :D
lovee baby thien much much!

beeBEE chan love baBY thien FOREVER♥♥♥!!!

PS:// sharon aiaisx , mai sadsad kay? its okay de larhh. research must relax relax do de , if not cfm all messed up de :D and i noe you've lost but , at least you did your best and at least you win in your pride right? cheer up girl! iloveyou! our second month is here in 3days time! CHEERS!

to my baby :
yes!! we shared! so duper sweet!! i wan to eat your cooking everyday!! hahas:D i love you! muacks!!!!!
to julia :
you are loved too! :D

Monday, February 2, 2009

okayys, short post for today nia , oging back to study awhile more. well, this week is rather busy , tiring and stress luhs D: having many test in just a week , SST started , no time to rest , i suppose . lol .
after sst its like 4.30 , no time for baby ? after going home , bath , eat , rest awhile , ITS REALLY AWHILE YO! not even 30mins, the worse school days i have man D: totally stress out! okayy , after abit of rest! here comes the hardwork! study for test and revision! much notes to take , physics memories like siaoo , social studies tons and tons of notes to memorise too! omg , im going crazy pretty soon.
hais. tml haing remedial instead of sst , lets hope its a little bit more relax huh. lalas. going to my work now :D JIAYOU!
ohh yarhh , highlight of the day :D
baby cook for miie!



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