Wednesday, March 31, 2010

its a good news or bad news ?
ohh man , exam is coming in few weeks time !

in the beginning it was as good as this .

as day goes by ..
its was just like this ...

and next ,

it became like that !
what a random bitchy post (:

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

To love or not ?
confused .
you said .... yet you prove nothing to miie .
i cant feel that too .
i guess it fading as days goes by .
im no longer expecting for your msg . cos in the past , it hurts to wait for you to contact miie .
and now , i hope i can just let go .
cos i know , it is not going to happen .
and constantly waiting make miie no longer interested in it .
i should have know that nothing gonna change since 10 months back .
maybe im the one backing out , but i think i really had enough of this problem .
maybe im the one who isnt that strong , and thats why i dunn wann to continue .
im sorry .
bye love .
if you saw this post , dunn call miie but text miie . you know i cant talk on the phone , even though talking on the phone is your style .
its not that i dunn love you . but i think i have enough of waiting . and it should have a fullstop already . 2 years will do , finally i started with a HUGE smile and also ended with a HUGE cry .

Sunday, March 14, 2010

feeling very sick now , down with slight fever of 37.9 and a fucking shit headache .

feeling very low , with much tears with much reasons .

feeling very shag now , with all the illness i had for it .

feeling very fucked up , cos you aint proving anything to miie .

feeling very tired of stuff , and hence im off .

feeling damn tired in both physically and mentally , hence , im off-ing the com.
therefore , anything please text or call miie .

im not trying to get some sympathize by anyone , its just a random but a true post ,

Rafiq BUDDY , Shaik BRO , Amin , Zamri , Uzairee and Jahangir♥
miie ?


miie FLU and,Tikus BALL♥


miie without my shoes and socks on !

Rafiq BUDDY and Tikus BALL♥
miie , BALL , KUKUNEHNEH and BUDDY ! ♥


Yasir BIRDBIRD and Rafiq BUDDY♥
Fun Shot 1 ! ♥
BIRDBIRD , Qikaa , BUDDY , BALL and Iskandar !

Fun Shot 2! ♥♥

im back im back to blogger . it has been a long time since i post yeahh? getting more lazy to on com marhh .

plus com is really sot de liaoo can , my account de firefox cant be use-.- so meaning to say , my account cant be used ? fuck right ? okay larhh , my account can use to log in msn nia lorhh . the rest , fuck it uh!

anyway , finally school holiday now . but still a couple of days i have to go back for like , oral and speech day rehearsal . so freaking tired to attend , you know . so bored -.- so fucked up with school nowadays , cant get it why is the student always have to apologise to the teacher when the teacher hurt the student physically and accuse us student that we collaborate with friends and complaint to the other teachers .is this what we call FAIR ?
ohh yarhh , thats was so nonsense larhh .
chinese marks is going CMI , and SHE thought that she could help us . but sorry lorhh , you are NOT ! -.- whatever you say , you do is nothing great to us okay ? becos of you , no one is interested for your lesson . pardon miie for saying this but you really make everyone so PISSED OFF !
i seriously hope that you wouldnt be our chinese teahcer for the next term , cos hopefully this could help us for not only my N level but the whole class N LEVEL RESULT , if this is what you are concern with .

ohh yarhh , back to what i was saying . even though it sound not a lot unpleasant but its much to sucklish school life , it is was good to have friends and classmates all around . as you can see from
the very start of this post , there's is like 16 pictures taken with my loves one ! everyone was like so lovin' it with my new HUGE grey-green umbrella and they had my umbrella as the background of almost all the pictures (:
thats what we call FUN&LAUGHTER (: and almost everyday after school , miie and shane KUKUNEHNEH would just go to woodlands mart and have our hotdog feast! ahhahaha , only miie , her and the aunty there knows about it ! WOW WOW !
next was that ,
CCA is stepping down soon ): SAD ! but i can relax , so it suppose to be like (",)( "_) ahahhaaha . 0.0 but before we step down , there is this major occasion for NPCC ! its our yearly speech day .
this year , NPCC is the GOH (Guard Of Honour ) and we , the sec4s is trying our very best to actually train ourselves , in term of rifle drills yarhh . its pretty tough , but its a matter of pride on that actual day , just ike what our OC said to us .
so ... YOU CAN DO IT , SGT !
last but not least ,
meeting of parent , make miie faints yarhh . hopefully , daddy wouldnt say anything ! wahahahaha (:

yarhh yarhh , a little bit nagging . but this is smth interesting i found in Beryl's Face book , and here you go !
In Ancient England , a person could not have sex unless you had the consent of the king(unless you were in the Royal family ) . When anyone wanted to have a baby , they got the consent of the King , the King gave them a placard that they hung on their door while they were having sex . The placard had F.U.C.K (Fornication Under Consent of the King )
and so now , you know where the word , FUCK came from (:


"Love, something unexplainable"

when life gets harder each day.

As survival is the key of life.

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