Thursday, April 29, 2010

back to post !
using big jiejie lappy now (:
hmmm , so went to school with cliques as per normal . saw shiling darling at woodlands mart (: at first say haoo is i send her go home . after that , is she send miie to school ! hehe .
ps arhh , darling .
so studied whole day today , especially social studies ! cos tml social studies paper le , until now im still unable to rmb the factors and linking statement . ohh god ,please help miie ):

and opps ! i attituded my babyEDSEL today ): i was really in the bad mood and i dunno why .

sorry baby , iloveyou . im waiting for you to online , babyLOVE ! faster uh !

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

okay , had broken the promise of after n level .
im officially attached to my babyEDSEL ! hopefully , babyEDSEL would make this r/s wonderful for miie .
everything started on 26042010 .
he treats miie well and i think that i've shouldnt make him wait so long . and thats what everyone says !
babyEDSEL try his best to make everything nice for miie .
he try his best to space out time for miie .
he would just give in when we quarrel (:
we had went through lots of obstacles before we being tgt .
i was the one who doesnt cherish him in the past , and now we promise each other to cherish .
babyEDSEL watch miie through all the pain i had last time , he pull miie up when i was down .
we know each other for 2 years plus .
from stranger to friends ,
from friends to korhhkorhh&meimei ,
from korhhkorhh&meimei to baobeii ,
from baobeii to lover ,
i din put a fullstop above , as i hope that this r/s would not have a fullstop .

i love it when you make the effort to send miie goodnite msg ,
i love it when you give in to miie when im unresonable ,
i love it when you actually try to understand miie
i love it when you make the effort to do smth when i asked you to do ,
i love it when you make miie smile when im having moodswing ,
i love it when you try to get stuff that i want ,
i love it when you say 'iloveyou' to miie .

babyEDSEL ,
i know i've made you waited for so long . im sorry baby . but see , 260410 is our day . we went through roller coaster ride before we can be tgt , so baby i would not let you go and you're MINE ! iloveyou baby !

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

wow wow !!
im back uh . currently at bball court again ! they just end their 5 vs 5 match , won . but baobeiiEDSEL kena push by one opponent sia . so pain sia , jitao stun man ! OMG !
okay , shall start from today stuff .
hmmm , let miie see . woke up , at 0615 called my baobeiiEDSEL . but he just cant answer his bum bum phone . sleeping pig ! LOL . called for like another 15 mins and finally he answered ! so get off my BED and then went for necessary stuff uh . after that , went to baobeiiEDSEL house down stair . waited for him and off to school (: hees .
assembly , after that reading . so bored ~~ skipskip to SS period , had notes writing . and yasirBIRDBIRD says that he is so happy , cos it was his first time to stay so attentive and copy all notes . LOL .
after SS , was english . had cloze passage excerise (: tgt with shannne , rafiq buddy and yasir BIRDBIRD .
finally recess , ate with my baobeiiEDSEL . had maths . one thing i can just say , ' I SUCKS AT ALGEBRA ! ' ohh mann . having a hard time lorhh . next physic , had revision . discussed with BUDDY (: for that two period man . im so hardworking larhh . hahaha
had geog after physics , revision for the first period and test for second period lehh . tried to do for the test hopefully i can score uh . LOL . finally school ends , first thing in my mind . "FINALLY I SURVIVED IN TUESDAY SCHOOLDAY !" marvelous !
met up with baobeiiEDSEL and co . after that , went home . and then here i am , at bball court ! LOL .

so ... hmmm,
what should i say ? hmm, i done ?


Monday, April 26, 2010


nowadays , im so easily pissed off if things dunn go like what i want .

i dunno ? even a tiny minny linny stuff , would actually piss miie off like f*** . ohh yeahh , even webcam-ing sesion was ruined . okay , actually i doesnt blame baobeiiEDSEL , but i felt so uneasy ? aiya , i dunno larhh . something is very wrong with miie now ...


Saturday, April 24, 2010

im back !! wee ~
came back from bball (:
lets talk bout my day today okay ?(:
hmmm ,
woke up at 10 plus , by the starhub . thay called regarding my plan (: after that went wash up and everything . watch tv with second sis and played with miki ! hees . ohh yarhh , miki is my new dog who just came over with my house to days back . (:

okayy , basically we were just watching tv all the way till like 12 plus in the noon . and then after that , the NOVENA furniture delivery came , t0 deliver sister and my bed ;D after that ., shijie came over with miie & sisters lunch ! woots ~ after that , had lunch .

see the delivery man do stuff , after they left . sisters and i went to arrange the bed uh (: arrange till all sot sia . then big sister move the cabinet with shijie like strong lorhh . then i keep laughing. end up with keep bumping into each other . change bedsheet got plastic plastic andd all .
ohh , i mean theres alot of plastic yeahh . ahahaha . then i went to throw all the plastic , but too much so took abit to throw first then wenjun help miie take ! WEE~ besta ! lol .

after that , went to bathe . so damn sweaty larhh ! LOL . after that , went to sleep on my new bed till 7 liddat . baobeiiEDSEL came over to my house to pei miie (: we watched MONGA ! wee~ nice nice . so touching and so sad ! LOL !

watch finish jiu went down to bball court to findd ahh gong , hongmin , yongkiat , tutu . they played bball . after that , baobeiiEDSEL had match , so tutu pei miie go woodlands mart eat ! he use bicycle to zhai miie to woodlands mart . on the way there , so funny lorhh . keep laughing all the way ! then ate at woodlands mart , after eating , dabao for baobeiiEDSEL and hongmin . went back to bball court ! they ate , and i watch them eat . play play then bout 10 plus , went home ! DADDY&MUMMY IS HOME !! omg omg omg .

but they din say much yeahh . now finding people to pei miie webcam lorhh . so sian sia !!
ahahaha . final;y post haoo le .
bye people ! loves !

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

hello ! haahhaha
guess where i am now ? im at 755 bball court ! using baobeiiEDSEL's lappy to post , ahaha .
now baobeiiEDSEL and co . is playing bball , lots of joke okay !
LOL. everyone is so sweaty lorhh .
sadly i cant watch monga on baobeiiEDSEL's ;appy , something wrong with the pptv -.- hees. school today was suck . badd mood all the way , but lucky i got GM the shorty to pei miie man (:
love her to the max yeahh .

now ahh yuan and baobeiiEDSEL is talking about bball ? and i dunn even understand a shit yeahh (: ahahahha .

ohh yarhh , back to topic : cab home alone , bathe , and then sleep . wake up , wash up and stuff . went out to eat with family . dinner was delicious *thumbs up ! hees , crab was duper nice (: mummy gave miie the claw? i dunno what we call that . its so nice yeahh .

fortunately , mummy allow miie to meet baobeiiEDSEL at bball court . so here i am (: hees .
and now , 4 half naked guy is infront of miie , having fun with the ball ! LOL hees . tml having 5 station test ! die die die , my standing broad jump sia !!! gonna die soon (:

i've done with blogging ! and bye guys ..

iloveyou !

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop.

im back again yo !! (: same , now using baobeiiEDSEL's lappy ! and same , he is bballing with yongkiat and co . LOL . i was too lazy to go down and meet them yeah , so im here to use his lappy (: how great of him bringing his lappy to my house !

asshole him , dota dota again -.-

lets talk about school today ! (:
went school with baobeiiEDSEL today , and then assemble at parade square . when weather become bad , we were told to go back to classroom le. first lesson , reading period . i've finish my story book , getting a new one soon .
after reading , had mt . went to sleep , as i was having a headache yarhh . after mt was social studies , notes and everything ! omg , notes is so lots man ! LOL
skip skip ,
ended school. had sst lorhh . both period sst , tml have maths test on probability ! omg , cos die de lrhh . only understand a shit nia larhh . had fun during sst with Ong Gek Min , miss shorty . saw something in ava ! im like WOW WOW WOW !!! so unbelievable ! okayy ,
i think im done for blogging (:

byebye people !


Monday, April 19, 2010

hello hello !
im back in blogger again ! currently using baobeiiEDSEL's lappy !
he left his lappy at my house for miie to play as my com is kinda crazy and he went to play his bball with hongmin and co .
went to school today as per normal ! needa wear tie again ! SUPER HOT DE LORHH!! ):been called out by mr teo for smth . but nothing much yeahh . also not my problem , still have to write statement tml uh . LOL . hopefully nothing after tml !
no time for those things larhh ! LOL !
now my baobeiiER is here to collect his lappy ): as he has finish his bloody bball le ! no more blogging ! im off !! BYEBYE !!!

loves loves!

Friday, April 16, 2010

ohh yes !

its speech day today ;D
hopefully i was able to join in the squad again , but i almost screwed up everything . im sorry guys . i've tried my best but ... it doesnt seems right . ;x im really sorry if its affect the whole squad .

dance from the speech day concert was marvellous . be it the Malay dance or the contemporary dance ! its totally *thumbs up !

you sow what you reap . i attended just a few reheaarsal and so i screwed up everything

things cropped out this few days .
people nowadays is so nonsense , she did it and accuse people doing it . so lame ? right ? nothing to do sia this kind of people . ridiculous !
seriously , keep that eye of yours to yourself ! before saying anyone staring at you ! and dunn drop those tears infront of your parent , and make the whole situation like its HER fault okay ? you even stare at people's mum and that was such a GREAT manner isnt it ?

and to the school :
no offence , please get the facts rights uh . im not saying anything , but i dunn think its HER fault . someone is twisting the story but its definitely not us , its the final year for us , who is so stupidd to create troubles now ? not every situation of bullying or what , is the older one do to the younger ones . things can always be the other way round .

Monday, April 12, 2010

after all ,
i stil felt weird . i dunno why too . seriously i think i need more time .

istillmissyou boy . are i wrong ?
you seems happy , dare you ?
do takecare ...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

xiaoFEN's back ! (:
school is fun , hopefully .
some story to share ,
went to school one day as per normal , study as per normal , play per normal (:
also , go recess as per normal .
but when i reach the first floor , erzii came to miie and say that SOMEONE say i bitch !
marvellous uh .

to that someone :
you get the facts right larhh , who is the one scolding YOUR FRIEND bitch ? hello ?! which ear of yours hear that i scold her bitch . want tag , tag with name larhh . i would appreciate it damn much uh (: go ask your friend before accuse someone yo . get the facts right , before you start coming to my blog and start all those nonsense .

back to topic , and yes .
i got accused -.- nowadays youngster is crazy . accusing people without getting the facts right -.-


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