Friday, May 28, 2010

im now watching king kong @ channel 5 . its the second time i've watch it . its so wonderful ;D okay , my mood is so down down down .

im sorry to raise my voice at you , baby . ;'( iloveyou

Thursday, May 27, 2010

fucked up !
knn . ccb .

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

so what now ?! blog la ! LOL .
went to school with my babyEDSEL ! ;D so happy to meet him . its our first month and wow wow , when i reach school . GMshorty is the first one to wish us , so sweet of her uh ;D lesson as per normal , before recess .

after recess , got 'use - our - hand campaign ' .
ball and i was assigned to clean the mt room . but i was separated with ballball , partner was a sec3 guy -.- he dun even know how to clean a table -.- i clean two row liaoo , he still at first row ! -.- wth man.
skipskip ,
got back report book , so nervous lorhh .cos mdm ruhaizah arranged the result slip from bad to good . make everyone so nervous uh . i got 7th in the class , quite happy . but not really , cos still not that good uh . stupidd hell , my combine humanities really sucks to the core lorhh . forever wont pass de ):
but if this result can remain , im happy enough . after that , watched youtube videos . all sorts of funny videos . makes everyone laugh like HaHA ! oh ya , mr bird ; yasir is feeling so low becos of his conduct . hope he's fine .same for buddy , but he scored well !!!

hmmm, went home and bout 4 plus , baby came over to my house . he gave miie a 'compo' haha . he write by his own okay , can see by the handwriting . so sweet of my babyEDSEL . its kinda long man . after that , baby want miie to close my eyes . then stretch out my hand , so he put the ring in my finger ~~ hees , happy la . I got a sweety baby . iloveyou .

and then , i passed him his present . cos for past few days , i lie to him that i only have one present for him ,which is the handmade keychain by miie . bought him teo spade tees , hope him like it uh . hees (:
baby left my house at 7 plus , he needa go home . so i ordered mac , something unbelievable i finished my double mcspicy by my own kay ! but i cant finish my fries=x hahaha . so now , im chatting with my baby online (:
yay !

ILOVEYOU , my baby baby .
happy one month !

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

wee wee ~~~
im back . okay , im so fucking tired now lorhh . ytd night , slept at 2 plus . and todqay i woke up and 7 in the morning. shijie called miie and then he went back to sleep-.-
call him at 730 , he then wake up . so went to do my stuff . and went to meet him lorhh . both of us spam call baby like omFg , i called for like 30 calls . but he answered none !!! asshole , so we slacked under baby's block . hoping that he would wake up , but NO ): so we proceed to woodlands mart mac to have breakfast (: chit chat and everything .
after that , went back home cause both of us need the toilet urgently . and then, went to block 743 . he went to buy cigg , and went back to my house . ass him , conquer my bed liaoo , then pull away my blanket , dun allow miie to sleep . damn ass la !
baby came to my house at bout12 plus , and finally i can sleep but awhile nia . cos baby , jiejie and shijie talk until very loud ! baby went off at 3 , so i went to sleep . blahblah .
evening , mummy came back -.-
and the night is without my love love baby ):
still got 9 more mintues to our first month , but baby is asleep cos he is tired ):
so sad , prepared the msg at bout 2330 . when it reaches 2359 , i will read the msg again . and 0000 , i will send !!! wee ~~~

iloveyou , EDSEL ER JUN DE !!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

lets talk bout ytd and today okay okay ?
deal deal !!!

ytd ,
cabbed to school again with my babyEDSEL , lessons and blahblah . hmmm , okay . thankfully , i survvived through thursday without any troubles ! ;D so after school , went home to change and met up with KUKUNEHNEH at my house . we went to cwp and bought stuffs , eat and watch Shrek 4 , 3D de . quite nice . and shane is so asss that she realise FIONA' s ear looks like a spoon ! yarhh , and its true okay .maybe your can take a look at Shrek's wife ! hees (:
after movie , we continued our shopping and things is tempting miie like fuck man !i spend like 60 plus dollar that day . hahaa . went back to meet baby , but only for awhile . and byebye to baby le !

and today , went to school with baby again . cabbed again ! smack him , ohh yaarhh din attend POP today cos my NPCC shoe went missing ): so din go le . went to amk hub with ahh lye and kukunehneh again . shopping shopping and shopping bought quite a number of thinggs . ohh yarhh , i also bought my iTOUCH !! soo happy . it currently charging . 2 more hours to go lorhh (: hees . ok , im so tired now . din reallyy meet up with baby today , and im missing him so much now larhh ! howhow ???


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

yo im back people !
im currently watching autumnn concerto ! the male lead is so handsome sia !! OMfG ! LOL . then the boy so cute lorhh . okay , back to today !
so as per normal , wake baby up . went to school with him , ohh yarhh. we cabbed to school , as it was raining in the morning .
lesson and blahblahblah . FT preiod , teacher gave out a dedication to family members . instead of miie dedicate to my family members , i dedicate to babyEDSEL , OGM shorty and also many friends (: so fun okay !

had fun in school today , MT lesson combine . watch show with my baby , soo nice until no one wants to go home when the bell ring .
after school , went to home to bathe . and then went out . blahblahblah ! this two days , baby have been accompanying me to bring MIKI down to pee and SHIT !! so sweet of him . hees (:

baby is at 755 now , im so bored now . im rotting now , im dying now ! LOL !!!!
byebye people!

Monday, May 17, 2010

hey ho !!
im back . exam ended , normal lesson today lehh !
enjoyed lesson today (: catch up with friends and classmates , also get back certain subject's paper . correction and stuff . result was quite okay for miie . hopefully , that goes to the rest of my paper . i really hope so ...
starting of the day , met up with babyEDSEL . he's late :@ went to school , slacked in hall awhile before morning assembly starts . mdm koh had quite a number of stuff to tell the school . one is bout the Dr Goh Keng Swee things . kinda sad ya ..
hmmm, so after assembly had maths lessons . expected , get back maths paper ; surprising , i passed my maths paper 1 ! 49 / 80 im kinda shocked when i was told that i've passed my paper 1 . but im still happy larhh , ofcos . who wont be happy , when self pass its exam .
done correction , salam is the joker of the day . ass him . he make the class laugh like nobosy business larhh . hahahaa . only my class knows what happen .
after maths , had english lesson .
got back english paper 2 , also i din expect i would pass . i got 45/80 , ever since last year . i haven pass my english anymore . i also dunno what to say , but ya , i din expect so much for my MYW also . cos i din really study for it .
next , geog .
din recieve geog paper , instead we recieved geog class test -.- i got 10/15 for that . and then did correction while chatting with my haolianpo ! so fun so fun .
recess with my babyEDSEL ..
after recess , is DNT lesson !
got back paper again! mr soh split paper into 2 section 'pass' and'fail' . im in the pass section . and i got into the top second . its 57 / 70 (: haolianpo got 62/70 !! *claps .
she says that she feel like a pervert cos like she score too high . she's crazy ~~ LOL LOL LOL . again , we did correction . but have a lot of fun tgt with classmates and mr soh (: all the way till 1240 , we make our way to hall for assembly !
assembly is bout RoboPreneur 2010 . while there's robopreneur ongoing in school , students who are not involve will not go to school and stay at home to do our home based learning ! YAY*
ahhahahaha .
so happy . and the date so weird . 24/5, 25/5 , 27/5 . guess what ? 26/5 is anniversary with baby , BUT we have to go back to school for 'use - your - hand - campaign ' so funny lorhh !
ahahahhaa .
so after school ,
waited for my baby at the canteen ALONE , thanks to friend's companion at first . finally , hongmin came back to school to pei miie wait for baby . cos baby is doing his art (: after that , went to cresent and wait , while slacking with yongkiat and co .
until6 plus , baby and TUTU finally came out from school . left cresent at 6 plus nearly 7 , had a little quarrel with baby . TUTU accompanied miie , after that baby and i okay liao . i also dunno where tutu went to le =x
went to baby baibai stuff , and then went to minimart with baby . he bought ice cream pencil for miie (: and he send miie home , after that , he went back home .
baby came to findd miie at 9 . until 10 he left -.- one hour nia . im missing him now lorhh ): so bad man ! he haven even text miie lorhh . bitchy baby i have . ):

Saturday, May 15, 2010

hello hello , im back .
today i woke up at 12 plus plus , called babyEDSEL . he was still sleeping like a pig , so i carried on with my bathing and all . sister and cousin get ready , and off to meet up with xiaopang . and to cwp to ask for sakae prices today (:
after that , met up with joseph at interchange . train-ed to bishan , circle line to serangoon and purple line to kovan . met up with emma at kovan bus stop , and then have lunch at sakae . baby was still sleeping like a pig by then .
proceed on to kovan melody , kenn BEAR keep disturbing miie . and xiaopang jumped into the pool for several times , and he splash the water at us . -.- put our legs in the pool but when the security guard look at us , we took our legs up ;x ahahaha !
pengyam and his friends came over , and baby finally is awake larhh ! ;D misses him . oh yarhh , anyway , pengyam change damn lot lorhh the appearance and all . OMG -.- sms-ed all the way with my baby (; and then si en korhhkorhh , says he is coming down ! yay ! long time no see korhhkorhh (:
after that , went to play pool not miie . baby say want teach miie till now ): and then , play joseph i touch . and when si en reached , played with korhhkorhh iphone (: and then , emma's friend psp . till 9 plus , pei pengyam go makan .
bout 10 , cabbed back to woodlands to meet baby tgt with si en and zhengfu . went to fitness corner nearby baby house , ahh gongg and tutu was there too (: not long after , hongmin , yongkiat and co . came over too (: slacked around . played with korhhkorhh iphone games and played with my baby .
till 1130 , baby send miie go take cab . and then he went back home for his mama birthday , cabbed to 888 then ask taxi driver to wait for miie . so i faster buy , and rush back to cab . cabbed home , bathe . watch show , shijie and co . came over to my house and play mahjong !
and its 0313 now , my baby is still playing his idiot dota ! im so bored now ~~~ currently watching 下一站,幸福 ; autumn concerto ! nice , and sad la . asshole ): im waiting for baby to end his dota match lorhh .

tiring day !
misses baby!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

WA ! long time no post liaoo lehh .
babyEDSEL complain , saying that my blog is rotting . well so is his !
LOL . im going to help him post later . (:
anyway , maths paper CMI ! cfm fail uh . no point studying so damn hard lorhh !

ok , im lazy to post le .
byee !

imissyou , i loveyou

Saturday, May 8, 2010

ohh man ! im finally back at home man (:
have the whole day with my babyEDSEL today (:
slacked at 755 , baby and ah gong played carom with two stranger . so ps man ! ohh yaa , went ahh gong house at 9 plus , carom and movie marathon (:
keep falling asleep at ahh gong house while watching movie ! baby covered miie with blanket
and baby send miie home at 3am !
im so tired , now off to bed . and baby has turned in !

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

hello hello! ;D
went to school as per normal ! studied all the way , throughout the whole school day! every subject okay ! and even chinese okay (: those in my class , its so unblieveable for miie to study uh ! ahahhahaha .bobian , MYE is really round the corner lorhh ! faints !
and now ,
i survived through tuesday and wednesday ! tml is thursday , another long day for the week . will try to liven up the day , hopefully uh =x
after school , went back home to bathe and everything met up with babyEDSEL . met up with ahhgongg and co . at mac to study all the way till 8 .
went to 755 , all play bball . except for miie and douglas lorhh . we chatted , and he only know how to listen to rock songs larhh . no love songs for him de -.- but so sad , my phone dun have those kind of rock songs . so ahahhaa , he gotta listen to my songs .
baby play bball until he damn shag , feeling so unwell , sweat like omFg ! let waterfall liddat sia ! but i still love you baby lorhh !

baby :
i know nowdays , we have much quarrel do to my mense ? my attitude whatever ? im sorry and iloveyou okay ?? you post so slow lorhh . after you read this , faster tag miie okay ? study tml uh !
WoAiNi 260410

Monday, May 3, 2010

FUCK !!!




something really shock miie like hell ! SHANE ACTUALLY SEND MIIE A anniversary msg ! she remembers it ! for the past 1 year plus , she has always forget bout it but today . SHE REMEMBERED IT !

so today , i woke up at 10 ! morning called baby ! and then went to do some stuff ordered by my mummy ! and went to bathe (; after that ,, my babyEDSEL jiu reach my house le. helped him to iron his bloody formal shirt ! and then , he went to change . and then , went down to meet cliques at 755 . proceed to yishun safra , pool-ed all the way till 4 plus 5 .

and then , went to eat laksa . super nice . babyEDSEL's treat ! went back to woodlands , ohh yarhh . have some little quarrel with my babyEDSEL , but iloveyou baby kay . ahahhahaahhahaha .

reached woodlands , slacked at 755 ! and baby sent miie home at 8 plus (: and till now , baby haven text miie . im angry alr ! :@

Sunday, May 2, 2010

i've tried so hard to prove to everyone out there that , i've start a new life and the person i would want now is you .
and now ?
just becos of a wrong msg , you started ...
just becos of a " what for being tgt , with no trust " , you claimed that i wanna a break up ..
but you ever think how i feel when everything you start all this ?
you claim that you love miie , but everytime you like to say bout that .
have i ever say bout you ?
and now , you say you dunn wana text alr .

thanks to you , my tears is free-flow again ...

i found this thing pretty interesting in michelly girlfriend blog .
see uh .

If you argue with him, you're hard-headed. If you're quiet, he don't care.
If you call him, you're too clingy crazy. If he calls you, he says you should be happy.
If you don't love him, he'll try to win you. When you do love him, he leaves.
If you don't fuck him, you're a tease. If you do, you're easy.
You tell him your problems, he says you're irritating. If you don't, he says you don't trust him.
If you lecture him, you just want to argue. If he lectures you, it's because he 'cares'.
If you break a promise, he doesn't trust you anymore. If he breaks it, it's because he had to.
If you cheat, he expects it to be over. If he cheats, he wants another chance.
They're basically the same.
Guys drink to forget about girls; girls drink to think back about the guy.
When guys are in love they become poor; when girls are in love they become pretty.
Guys can forget, but can't forgive; girls can forgive but can't forget.
When guys are heartbroken, they try to forget about the girl by going out with another girl.
When girls are heartbroken, they try to find his characteristics in another guy.
Guys wish to be her first love, girls wish to be his last.

true isnt it ?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

wow wow wow ! im back ! have no time to post ytd yeahh .
okay , lets talk bout ytd first .

after exam in school , everyone went home first and meet up at ahh gongg house ! guess what ? we are celebrating for yongkiat's advanced birthday ! WEE~~~
okay , so bbq started at bout 6 plus . flour time and everything , always lack of water lorhh . then bobian have to keep buying .thanks to have bookchai and birthday boy to help us to buy if not really cmi !
okay , so bbq ends at 12 plus .
ahh gongg , miie , babyEDSEL , yongkiat , hongmin and fengqing TUTU went to 755 slack . had some quarrel with babyEDSEL , im sorry okay ! iloveyou ! went home at bout 1 plus going 2 and then bathe and went to bed !

hahahahaha .

today ,
woke up at 8 plus . reached ah ma house at 9 plus! ITS COUSIN MELISSA wedding ! wonderful ! congrats yeahh . ohh yarhh anyway , we went to the church at bout 10 plu everything started at 11 . the newly weds is so sweet yeahh ! ahahhaa . after the church thingy , cousin melissa actually booked bus for us to go to Four Season Hotel ! and we reached there at bout noon , had buffet lunch and all , had a great time . what i can say is : ITS GRAND THERE ! i really love the ballroom alot kay . cousin melissa also invited the dunno what DJ to the wedding .and they had sonehow a little singing or i should say a mini concert ? haha .overall thumbs up ! ohh yarhh . not to forget ! the strawberry chocolate fondue is nice (: haha .
after that , things end at 5 plus . uncle sun send miie and jiejie home . went to meet up with babyEDSEL and co . at 755 slack and went to ahh gongg house . played and dinner there . and im home at here ! @ 11 pm !

bye people .
and also , best wished to cousin melissa and henry ! (: cheers

* pictures to be update soon


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