Saturday, February 27, 2010

im back !
removed tagboard -.- thanks to those no life ass . but well , i dunn give a shit too uh (:
currently at home , mummy catered buffet ! having so much guest at my house now yarhh , and ahh girl jiejie is sleeping in room while im posting here !
ohh yarhh , common test ended . sometime to relax man ! wonderful ! school life is rather happening , having so much fun in school still . but gonna chiong for coursework , cos liddat further down the year i can just concentrate on books and forget bout coursework yarhh . (:

now looking forward for baby kenji to my house . he's so cute !

i'll stop here ! byebye dude ! (:

Sunday, February 21, 2010

so ...
i have no idea what am i doing now on this 21st .
fucking hell .
im having a fucking bad mood

Sunday, February 14, 2010

hello hello . its second day of chinese new year eh (:
currently at home , cousins and jiejie's friends is at home , now playing poker . just now , there's lion dance at home . mummy hired it . took video of it , make my hand so tired larhh , babi .
ahahhahaha .
woke up at like 8 plus today ? bathe and everything , get changed and mummy's gan nu er & the hubby came , bell & rocky . so super cute de can ! right after , aunyty nanny came tgt with cousin . after that , cousin emma , kenji and alex came too . chatted awhile , jiejie friend reached too .
chatted around and stuff .
lion dance arrived at 11 plus eh . the whole thing took bout half an hour . but i only video-ed like 20mins lo . (: after they left , im here using com , friends playing poker and stuff uh (:

now going makan le . byebye (:

i'm back to blogger again !
firstly thing ,


its has been a long time since i post yeahh ? now i'll start .

friday , went to school as per norma, but on the way to school saw dorisa GFjie . okay , she startled miie cos i was walking to school and suddenly she tapped on my shoulder . and i was pretty shocked that its her you know . damn miss her de larhh ;D muacks you GFjie (: so GFjie and her friend send miie to school all the way to school gate uh . after that , i suppose she went home or smth eh ?
reached school , settled down with the normal procedures . like national anthem all eh ? after that , went back to class and tried to have the class attention as we goonna have our cheering competition in a few hours time . yarhh , starting class was like in chaos but awhile later , class became more cooperative . except for someone , no idea what happen to her . but luckily during competition she is also participating (:
whole class din go for recess , instead everyone stay in class to actually rehears uh . glad to see 4n2 liddat eh (: bout 930 liddat , we proceed to hall and watch the lower sec class cheer . when its upper sec slot , everyone was like so nervous larhh .
mrs koh is also with us too , but sadly mdm ru is not there . becos her daughter is sick . ): finally , its 4n2 ! yasir BIRDBIRD have stage fright and wanting to escape when we are at the back stage ! funny larhh him . (: ON STAGE !
4n2 indeed did a great job . everyone did their very best to put up this cheer (: and finishes the cheer (: 4n2 you rocks ! after cheer , went back to sitting place . was pretty high by then , miie , shane , kexin and few classmates tgt with 4n3 friends run up to the stage and play . and the next batch wanna come up of the stage we run down ! ahahhaha ! (:
school ended , and went home .
met up with shane at 7. went to cwp ! (:
bought my heels and bags at charles and keith , costed miie $99.80 ! after shopping , we plan to have sushi dinner at sakae but it was a long queue . so we went to try our luck at ichiban , still its long queue even longer then sakae -.- shane wanted to have dinner at pastamania . but in the end we went to pizzahut .
we order lots of stuff : 2 pasta ( including soup of the day) , 6pcs drumlets , 1 regular thin crust pizza , followed by drink : 2emerald sparkle , 1 berri sparkle , and a cup of cold drink (: its damn full uh ! (: we finished all except for pizza we left 2 pcs .
and we spend 66+$ there uh . after eating eating , went to face shop to buy nail polish wish is $8.70 . and watsons to buy sister's white nail polish , $3.40 . next , mini bits for my necklace , bracelets and earring and it cost miie $34 !
and for this outing with shane , i spent $211.90 ! *faints after everything , shane came over to my house and she left at 11plus12 .
end on friday .

Saturday .
woke up at 10+ . had last minutes spring cleaning , now house is damn clean . room is also damn clean . after that went to batok to have reunion dinner with aunt . baby kenji was also there . he is just so adorable ! (: and went home at 9 plus . help daddywash car till 11 plus . bathe with pomelo leaves and rest ....

HAPPY NEW YEAR & VALENTINE DAY , people (: now its 450 pm and im still at home . eaiting for daddy to come home and go to grandma house . now jiejie's friend , vickie is at my house playing poker with both jiejie (:
looking forward to meet up with cousins (:


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