Friday, July 30, 2010

fuck you for spoiling my mood , you cb !
fuck you for taking my time off with my baby , you cb !
nb ! _l_

Saturday, July 24, 2010

okay ! im just back from meeting baby ! ;D
woke up at 0900 in the morning , did necessary stuff . take money from daddy but he only gave me 15bucks nia . met up with shane and kexin and then went to mac and meet up with gekmin & fengqing . and had breakfast ;D after that , bought milo for dummy ;D
went to school , have dnt ! dntdntdnt ~ all the way till 12 plus .. called baby but he never answer , so think he still asleep . so met up with jieliang and kokrong ! slack slack till baby wake up , then went to find baby ;D
waited for him under his block . after that , went slack slack with him till 7 ! and homed ! saved pictures in itouch ;D

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

woohoo ~
i enjoyed yesterday school !
oh yes ! the whole school is commemorating racial harmony day ! and ya , the friday before this week , me , kexin , shane and gekmin went to maisarah house to borrow malay costume from her ! thats cool uh !
first time im wearing it , cos its might be the last year in ADSS , might be our last racial harmony . so yes ! so looking forward to school on that day , woke up 0615 , trying to spam call baby ! BUT he never answer lorhh ! and guess what ? he woke up at 7 ! so i immediately go meet him , then cab to school ! luckily not late ;D
photo-taking all the way ! enjoyed ! ;D
cool !

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The 43things a girl wish her boyfriend knew !

1.When you break her heart , the pain will never go way !
2.When she misses you , shes's hurting inside .
3.When she says it over , she stillwants you to be hers forever .
4.When she walk away from you madly , follow her .
5.When she stare at your mouth , kiss her .
6.When she pushes or hit you , grab her tight and dont let her go .
7.When she start cursing you , kiss her and tell her that you love her .
8.When she ignore you , give her your attention .
9.When she pulls away , pull her back .
10.When you see her at her worst , tell her that she's beautiful .
11.When you see her crying , just keep quiet and stay by her side .
12.When you see her walking her , sneak up hug her from her waist.
13.When she's scared , protect her .
14.When she lays her head on your shoulder , tilt her head up and kiss her .
15.When she steals your favourite clothing , let her have it .
16.When she teases you , tease her back .
17.When she doesnt answer you for long , reassure that she's okay .
18.When she looks at you with doubt , back yourself up with the truth .
19.When she says that she likes you , you means it more than you understand .
20.When she grab your hand , play with her fingers ,
21.When she bump into you , bump back into her and make her laugh .
22.When she tells you a secret , keep it safe and untold .
23.When she looks into your eyes , dont look away until she do .
24.Stay on phone with her even if she didnt say anything .
25.Dont let her have the last word .
26.Dont call her hot , gorgeoous or beautiful is much better .
27.Say you love her more that she could ever love you .
28.Argue that she is the best gf ever .
29.When she's mad , hold her tight and dont let go .
30.When she says that she's okay , dont believe it , talk to her about it becos she will rmb for a lifetime .
31.When you are talking to a female friend , pull her closer .
32.Call her at 0000 at any special occasion and tell her you love her .
33.Call her before you sleep and after you wake up .
34.Treat her like she's all matters to you .
35.Dont ignore her when she's out with you and your friends .
36.When she's bored and sad , hang out with her .
37.Let her know that she's important .
38.Be honest to her ,
39.After she reads this , she hopes that you will read it one day .

was google-ing aimlessly , saw this !

Friday, July 9, 2010

was blog hopping around aimlessly ,
until i came to zoey' blog !
i saw a few point that i totally agree and love it ! so i copied !
& now , pasted !
see ~

-If a girl is clearly upset , dont just ignore it and hopes it go away . Talk to her and ask her about it . If she said , "nothing , imm fine . " Its obvious that its not . Never say "okay " , keep saying becos thats what they want .
-When she runs up to you crying , the first thing you should say is , "WHICH ARSSHH AM I KICKING TODAY ? "
-Treat her like she's all that matters to you .
- Call her before you sleep and after you wake up .
- Tease her and let her tease you back .
- Stay up all night with her when she's sick .
- Watch her favourite movie with her even if the movie is real stupid .
- Give her your world .
- Let her wear your clothing .
- Kiss her in the pouring rain .
-If you're watching a movie , let her lay on your chest and put your arms around her .
-Leave her a cute text or note , especially when she's sad . This shows that you really care .
- If you are witha groups of other girls , make it seems like she's the only one you are interested in taking to .
-Girls is pretty but YOURS is PRETTIEST !

Thursday, July 8, 2010

its now 1036 already !
lets talk bout today okay ?
met up with baby to go to school , went to his block there ! i pass me a ' jiu chen gao ' nice nice to eat ! hees !

went to school , in class . study all the way uh ! cool right ? but still got sleep uh ! awhile nia lehh ! next next , sst did ss work with haolian , and ahhlye ! sst teacher is calvin ong -.- thot is casey ng , can listen song but no !! its calvin ong ! sian halfway lorhh .
had physics remedial ! did worksheet ;D very fast jiu 430 liaoo !

went to GO meet hongmin & co . chitchat there , then move to canteen ! so did continue doing physics worksheet while waiting for baby to finish his art at art room !
hongmin & co . went out to buy stuff ? i think , so i went up to findd buddy at the other table ! did worksheet tgt with lesile and buddy !

baby came out at bout 6 plus ! went to crescent , baby went bball and i staed in side shelter cos very hot ! home at 7 plus , bathe and then go have dinner with family ! and home at 950 liddat !
brought miki down ! go 755 meet baby ;D till bout 1020 liddat , baby send me and miki home ! and he went off to his block to meet up with hongmin & yongkiat ;D
so kiss goodbye baby , and im home !

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wee ~ I'm at bball Court now (: baby is chatting with friends now , I'm here sitting alone using my itouch to blog lorhh ! Kns -.- Now they talking bout maple , I dun even understand a shit sia

|<%^*+#@)&$?/! So tired can ! Haha . Tml no school , becos got the youth day on lieu ! (: Cool man (: So currently , finding for bball . My house de dunno fly where lorhh ! WTF ? Haha ! Stop here Liao ! Byebye


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