Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Title of QUIZ : Be honest no matter what!
sabo by emma baobeii!

♥Who was your last text from?
- yang erzii

♥Where was your default pic taken?
- Changi Village

♥Your relationship status?
- Freaking attach with my baby!♥

♥Have you ever lost a close friend?
- yes. she know who is she.

♥What is your current mood?
- missing baby tons

♥What's your sister's name?
- yiling&yimin . any problem?

♥What's your favorite color(s)?
- any colour will do, but black is always LOVED! :D

♥Who do you wish you were right now?

♥Have a crazy side?
- YES!! people who know miie will know! wakakaka.

♥Ever had a near death experience?
- yea? jay-walk and nearly knock down by a taxi!

♥Angry at anyone?
- mummy?

♥What's stopping you from going for the person you like?
- nothing? but wait.. i dunno.haha. nothing gonna stop miis from loving him!

♥When was the last time you cried?
- last few days!

♥Is there anyone you would do anything for?
- YES! my baby , dearDEAR , hubby

♥Love your girlfriend (or you mean boyfriend)?
-hahas. yes. girlfriend , michelle iloveher!

-yes, boyfriend , thien tin kiat i freaking love her! ♥ muacks

♥Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
- my real dad!

♥What are your favorite songs?
- With you , closer and i miss you like crazy and many!

♥What are you doing right now?
- doing this quiz larhh! stupidd!

♥Who do you trust right now?
- my baby! xingan SISTER , binkiat korhh ,baobeii , elder jie , xinrong daddy barhh.

♥Where did you get the shirt you are wearing?
- my cabinet larhh! nonsense

♥Have you kissed someone in the past week?
- my baby!

♥What is your lucky number?
- 19 and 21

♥Who are your friends that are closest to you?
- hmmm, dun wan tell you! i know can le!

♥Describe your life in one word?
- FUCK ( with family)? or maybe GREAT(with baby)?

♥Have you ever kissed in the rain?
- OFCOS! baby!

♥Who are you thinking of right now?
-baby THIEN

♥What should you be doing right now?
- how would i know?

♥If you could wish for something over a birthday cake right now what would it be?
- forever with baby !

♥What are you listening to?
-i dunn want to miss a thing by areosmith.

♥Who was the last person who gave you a hug?
- my annoying baby cousin

♥Who was the last person who yelled at you?
- my annoying baby cousin , who is trying to guaii lan miie, but din success end up screaming at miie like crazy boy!

♥Do you act differently around the person you like?
- NO! i am who i am!

♥What is your natural hair color?
a little bit of brown? black ? i dunno!

♥Who was the last person to make you laugh?
- my baby! joking with miie! :E)

♥Who's gonna be the 5 unlucky person to do this quiz?
- zhengfu pigpig
- shawn
- Dorisa jie
- Therisa
- Zen

woke up at 11 plus 12, wash up stuff, do necessary stuff! and off to checkpoint with cousin and jiejie , bought my school shoe at $32.90 . lol , after buying , went to eat ; ate mee rebus so full can! plus so spicy larhh!! lol.

after eating , went to buy erzii present! but seems to miie is like too big for him? even though its free size! i dunno hope he like it!! gonna pass it to him , when i see him in school on the first day of school! when he first come in! hahas.

buy liaoo , jiu go home liaoo. skipskipskip! much of my time today , was spending time in my room , clearing up my cupboard. throw alot of my shirts! bigbig difference between last time de cabinet and current de larhh! last time , alots of clothes folded den like moutain liddat! now a little nia , the rest jiu hang up le ! hahas. (=

tml going to clear my tables and bags! hahas. currently at couisn house! at bukit panjang!! ahaha!

im missing baby now!! wakakakkaa! baby baby! im going to see you sooN! woaini! muackssssssssssssss!

yang: hahas! okayY! thanks erzii! seeya soon!
emma: later go do alright? lols.
meina: fuck you larhh. so lame man! hahas (= i now at your house!
jinyu : for? hahas

Monday, December 29, 2008

okayy okayy , slept at 6 in the morning ; cos cant get into sleep! lol! wake up at 12 plus , wash up and stuff . ate chicken rice that uncle bought . after eating, help to clean grandma house!! was very high! till 3 plus in the afternoon, everythiing is done ; went to bath!

after bathing, pack stuff and went to wait for cousin alex and uncle when they came , board uncle car went to amk hub , bought tickets for ip men for5pm de , den went to fairprice xtra , bought 2 fbts shorts!!! hahas! so happy! which cost miie around $20 kay!! hahas.

after buying, went to cinema and just nice ,it nices kay!! so fucking funny man for some parts! hahas. make miie laugh like crazy!the show end at 6.50. hahas, was cold cann! hahas! skipskip , train-ed back to woodlands!

reply of my lovely tags!
♥มืนา: 你够了horhh ! 我忍你忍很久了horhh,你不要欺人太甚horhh!
- mai copy wo larhh! stupidd you! lols!
♥มืนา: Heyyos,.Taggedd & Takkairs okay.Though you're just behind me now,LOL. -.-
-fucking lame you!
EMMA♥: to tagg your blog(: Finally have tagboard liao...
EMMA♥: CHAN YUFEN! ii'm here...
-lol! continue tagging luhs!
YITING: YUFEN!!! i found your blogggg.. muahaha.. remember me?? we meet @ ATC.. link me ya~ http://guiguilovestitch.blogspot.com
-hahas! okay! linked!
passer: hey nice blog u have, so many colours

baby! im back yo! im missing you like crazy all days long ya! hahas , im going to see you soon! woaini!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

alright, today im fucking dulan, i dunno why . ahahas, just got fucking fed up easily lehh. lalas, was feeding my cousin , well, he's 12 this year, but somehow he's a special person yupp, eat fucking slow! he like eat finish ,no shit to come out liddat .
kip bullying my baby cousin! den later my baby cousin beat him , he cry again! den by telling him nicely , after disturb baby cousin le. baby cousin beat him, and he cry . WTF! den he bloody hell cry lorhh. ccb. so scolded him , and walk off , dunn wann feed him le! lol.

den aunty keep calling miie to do this and that , like she no hand no leg liddat! ccb! thot i dog mehh! smelly turtur! _l_ okayys, trying to cool off down! (=

imissthientinkiat!rah!!! hahas (= baby!! loves!

spammer: you think you writing poem ah ?!
- what writing poem? my blog , i happy cann. any comment? please write down your name, and i shall listen to your comment! (= thank you very much!xP
28 Dec 08, 14:20
tobias: wussup dude ! dropping by :D hahas ! last long with tk
-yo! hahas. last long with xueqi too! (=
28 Dec 08, 09:56
Zoyiwang;zuer: Laughts* wah so bored ahs?Laughts((= School going reopen soon.See you soon narhs!
-alright!! seeya soon yo ! muhahahaha.
28 Dec 08, 02:21
Nanaa: wo ai de nu ren, dun sad. im here to cheer you up. i tried my best already. muacks think of me bah. hope you wont feel like vomittinq cos thinkinq of me. iloveyous
-iloveyoou too!! hahas, shoopinng soon for us!
28 Dec 08, 01:23
jinyu !: heyhey da xiang tagged [: hees tc
-hahas. takecare too!
28 Dec 08, 01:13
xueqi: hello yufen ;PP
-hello xueqi! =P
28 Dec 08, 01:08
xin=rong: hello nuer! tagged~ tc..
-DADDDY!!! hahahs, takecare too! (=
28 Dec 08, 01:06
shawn: First to tag! (: Takecare!
-hahs. okayy. thanks! (= takecare dude!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

well, i think im going to stop viewing her and her blog anymore. its really makes miie crazy. feel like im freaking useless? yarhh , tinkiat here , tinkiat there in people's blog. hais. forget it . )= crying in progress, im gonna be fine soon? i suppose.


hohoho! dunn care bout the ytd post. woke up at 12plus today. wash up and stuff! hahas, den wait for mummy to come back for my lunch! hee (=
had lunch! skipskipskip!

mummy frenz came to help to change the light of living room and kitchen! cos mummy wanna change , so no more orange like for all the lights in living room, left one which is the crystal light. hees, they needa take out screw and stuff , den need to drill hole! walaoo, make the whole house so noisy!! after doing everythiings, uncle went off, den miie and mummy start cleaning the floor and things. so many many dust lorhh! haahs, den mummy sweep floor, i mop floor! lol! make my hand painpain! after ,mopping and stuff, finally house is clean!

after that , went to playground with cousin slack-ed! so sian. walkwalk here , walk walk there. till 7 plus, saw xinrong daddy and banana! lol . chatted awhile jiu byebye! after that , while waiting for jiejie , saw zhengfu pigpig! hahas. chatted awhile jiu go liaoo. =P
skipskipskip, had dinner. skipskipskip!

sms-ed with baby! ♥ hahas, he make miie so high larhh! till now 0102 in the midnight! stil very high! lol! school reopening soon! hees (=
ended , maybe going hougang tml! depends.

Friday, December 26, 2008

jealousy came again? seeing people blog , containing his name. i dunno what to do . became jealous? and start thinking this and that , letting imagination runs FUCKING WILD! no confident in miie or maybe him? feelings come and fro .
as his girl , when he needs people im not with him. but i cant do anything? suddenly felt that im somehow a useless girlfriend? jiejie , cousins and friends keep asking miie" where's your boyfriend? dunn need pei him arhh?"
I DUNNO! i want to ! but i cant! number of message of us , became lesser and lesser . communication became a problem? time to time ,people sms miie, telling miie he disturbing a girl? what can i do? replying , orh. nothing but heartache and jealousy.
forget it!
ilovehimstill. =\

well, nightmares comes and goes. i really dunno whats happening. something gonna happen like soon?
i really dunno, everything is going wrong? or am i losing something? what i dreamt of was something , i ever hate to see. seems to miie that , things is changing.
whatever , just hope it wont happen so fast?or not happen.
still, i cant be the one who decide fate. lets wait and see.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

hahas.christmas eve night , went to church at 8 . settle down and stuff, and it start at 9. when it starts , i became sleepy , and when the pastor is talking i fell asleep! lol! no offence to catholics and christian , for being rude? haha, left church at 9plus? called baby up luhs, chatted awhile! and hang , went back to grandma house , and start to play blackjack! starting , kip losing lorhh !

bout $20 plus, after that, was complaing to baby and baby said that kip playing cos after that , jiu will win le! haha. so continue playing and eventually i win! bout $20 plus? hahas. but was fed up becos , when its 10plus, message cant be sent out! wtf! till 12 midnight , christmas, its totally cant send , den fengqing , sms - ed miie a merry christmas , i cant reply so call and say lorhh. and how would i noe that he is tgt with baby and gans and frenz larhh! and i kip saying merry christmas to everyone lorhh! hahas. but okay larhh , at least i said out to them! hahas(= and slept at bout 3plus.

woke up , today at 10 plus ; wash up and stuff den cousin melissa and her boyfriend henry came back . so get prepared going to mama house , for christmas lunch? i suppose ! lol! change into the dress that cousin melissa gave , and clip up my hair before the wind comes and i become like a crazy girl! hahas.

after changing , went to have breakfast as aunties has prepare ; after eating watch incredible tales and awhile cousin melissa jiu help miie up with make up! its has been a long time since i make up! as i dunn really make up larhh . (=

after everything is settled , we went down to mama house and start calling uncle here , and aunties there! hahas , had lunch there and chatted awhile and we are off! back to grandma house , relax awhile den uncle willie ask whether wann go see bird not , den im why not? so tag along , went to teck whye there , harrison korhh hang his birdy bird there to chat and sing with the other bird there . and we sit there for 1 - 2 hours , after bringing the bird out , went back to hougang and bought some stuff , back to grandma house .

wow im like so tire larhh . hahas. had dinner watch tv bout 8 plus, uncle beng sent miie and jiejie home! bath , and mummy is back. hmmmmm, smsing with my dearest baby! hahas. ilovehim yea! hahas (=

christmas eve!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

slept at 6 plus larhh! walaoo!! dunno how to say! den woke up at 10 plus ; wash up and stuff and the weather is freaking cold yo!!! haha.
bout 11 plus, went to hougang mall , with cousin meina , aunty tina and aunty nan.went to eat , den aunty nan wann to see handphone , so went to see lorhh. lol. and went to see heels, as im lazy to go back take, so. went to U.R.S to see , well, spend lots of time there can! haha. bought a pair of heels and a small bag!. which cost 40plus i think , cos cousin oso bought pair of heels! totl is $76 plus! mand aunty tina pay for us! tHANKS AUNTY! muhahaha, after buying went to fairprice for tinight dinner, while aunty nan andd cousin went to finndd dress for cousin! haha! and i have it le!! (= so tonight , dress and heels with blingbling bag! haha.
after buying everything, went back to grandma house, skipskipskip!
and finally i've done uploading those photo , in the previous post!
and im feeling down even its chrisstmas eve! hais..
forget it...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

okayys, this are photos that i took went im out for , suzuki cup and the zoo trip! (=


"Love, something unexplainable"

when life gets harder each day.

As survival is the key of life.

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