Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

okay ,
see this dumby idiot up there !
Name : Lynette Chen Hui Min
Nickname : nana
Yufen's xinganBFsista
okay ,
know this girl for like 2years7months&19days ! on this girl's birthday (:
was quite close with her when we first know each other , right idiot ? haha
then , when day goes by , we drifted !
but i still love her as before okay !
whenever we see each other , we will molest each other !
we will kp each other ! thats for sure (:
i dont know why ? but its our style !
for only some of the people know , we do have conflict .
but till the end of the day , we are still back (:
*sounds like couple right ?
this girl has been there when i needed someone to talk to .
she was the one who i can talk till i cry =x
she was the one who edited "IF I WERE A BOY" song , just for me !
to summarise , she is my damn best never regret sista i ever had !
not to forget , her cats' eyes can scare the hell out of me when we were sharing bout ghost stories !
we seldom talk , but when we start talking !
we will be like those people who talk like they never talk for years :D

iloveyou ;D
no matter what , xinganGFsista is here for you !
muacks !

Friday, October 15, 2010

its complicated ~

Thursday, October 14, 2010

now ,
im in your older post in your fb . thatt was how sweet you were , to 'like' every of my spamming post saying ily ..
and all the quiz that show my name as the answer ..
just like :
-Who do you love?
RACHELCHANYUFEN , it may not be stable yet , but the love would be forever . (11may , 11.25pm)
-OMG . Baby waited for me for 4hours while i'm dota-ing . SORRY . (16MAY , 5.21am)
-If you could marry anyone in the world who would it be ?
Yufen! (26may , 12.57am)
-i spammed your fb with 'imissyou baby !!'
and you replied ' i miss you too :) '
-you posted :' ILOVECHANPOKPOK ! '24 JUNE , 3.36AM )
are we gonna be like the past , when you would mind what i like & dislike ?
waiting for your changes..

you know what , boy .
you remember that day ? that day you confessed to me ? yes , that disappointing day to you . imissthatday . that day , you showed me how important i am to you . that day , you showed me how much i have been cherished by you . that day , you showed me there is still you for me to rely on . that day , you showed me you love me & me ,
i miss those day that i can feel your love , i miss those days when you think of my feeling in whatever you're doing , i miss those days when you tell me how much you miss me & how much you love me , i miss those days when you make an effort to wake up in the morning just to meet me , i miss those sweet surprise you had for me , i miss those sweet goodnight message from you .
i'll never forget that day we were tgt , but unofficially . we were so happy , finally we have no more problem being tgt . the sweet smile on our face .
but now ?
i will leave it to you to think . if you think what you're doing now is cool , baby . let me tell you : no , its not cool at all . turn around & im still here ...
imissyou ,

now even i tried to talk to you nicely , you still treat me like a thrash . you might not think so , but i do

& suddenly ,
it hurts alot

it aint gonna be the same unless you get rid of that shity

you are the one who broke the promise .
but why am i the one crying down here ?
must i really say something out that i really dont want to ?
and why are you the one who you think you did nothing wrong ?
stop being such a da nan ren ?
all you know is what you want , but you have never thought bout how i feel .
you have never thought bout all those consequences .
and i dont get it ,
you asked me , i say no . and you say okayy .
next moment ?
you did it .
you apologised ,
my question to you is ' WHAT FOR APOLOGISING WHEN YOU DID IT ON PURPOSELY?' , are you telling me that my words meant nothing to you ? or you are trying to pick a fight ? HUH?!
i had enough , from your laziness to your attitude , from your attitude to your broken promises . so can you tell me whats coming up next ?
i keep to all our promises , and you ? break our promises . so what do you want from me ?
you said i am more important than that thing , but you just refuse to take it out . it doesnt make any sense !
its different fromm what you told me in the past , its not i've change . you make it change ,
you are the one who make this so complicated . and now , i feel so insecure

i dont know , you just got got me into the past .
& i hate this feeling

Saturday, October 9, 2010

post for my babyLOVE !
baby , time for each other will become lesser . do takecare of yourself when you're not in woodlands . but as promised , you gonna come back everyday to meet me ! right ? okay , i kinda miss you alot now ):
from today on , honey cant ask mummy to wake you up le . you gonna learn how to wake up on your own okay ? working life might be tough for you , but do remember honey is always here to support you . when you're tired , i'll help you massage . when you're upset , honey will be here to listen to you . when you're hungry , honey will try to get something for you to eat .
baby ,
honey do miss you . and you also promised that , you gonna sms me everytime ! whenever you are unable to meet me in woodlands , honey will go there and meet you .
dont keep playing , must work okay ? baby gonna move back asap , so that we wont be so far apart okay ?
honey gonna wait for baby to move back and meet baby everyday ! honey's heart gonna be with baby wherever you are . i know yours too right ? even though its a torture for me , but there's no way out already .
ohh ya , you still owe me lots of movies , shopping , trip to waterfront and stairway to heaven . i'll wait for you to bring me there .
remember ,
do takecare of yourself , sleep in the night not MIDNIGHT ! drink plenty of water . rest whenever you can , dont always eat heaty and junk food .
also ,
remember ,
honey is here for you , no matter what . honey gonna support you when there is any setback . honey gonna love you forvever , honey gonna miss you every seconds , honey's heart is yours already .

iloveyou babyLOVE !


"Love, something unexplainable"

when life gets harder each day.

As survival is the key of life.

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