Sunday, May 31, 2009

erzii peii miie for like the whole day !! (= so duper happy .
he keep miie entertain like for every seconds (=

i dunno what to write liaoo !

ohh yarhh , before i forget !
i met up with dorisa jiejie/girlfriend today ! so happy . she so funny + cute (=
iloveher .

and i cooked maggie and tea for erzii
& also help him to apply medicine kay !
see what a nice marmie he has .
better treat miie better , MY BAOBEII ERZII (=
marmie lovelove erzii .

i missed you now and then .

Saturday, May 30, 2009

spend days in hougang went to chalet last 2 days .
chalet was emma's and her friends de . yeahh , know quite a number of people down there . they were all joker yeahh (=
that few days was fun , din really think so much luhs ;D quite enjoying , but still , unhappy things still come back again . whenever im alone . drink and tried to forget .
whatever .
ohh yarhh ,

today met up with edsel baobeii as he want to lend textbook for his tuition and we sat at my house downstair for awhile . took two photos of him ;D and he agree to put it in my blog (=

today is also mum birthday ,
i wont i love you , cos i know whenever you make miie piss off , i willl hate you to core . so yarhh , just happy BIRTHDAY (=

temper is getting worse as days goes by .
i even threw my tantrum on daddy for nothing .
i really dunno what is happening to miie yeahh . i only know that im getting from bad to worse . no one can help miie , i suppose . but there is .

yufen's baobeii ! better not snatch him away , if not i will slap your face off till like family dunn recognise you AT ALL!

happy birthday , mummy (=

my lovely nail art

30 May 09, 19:27
kennywawa: im here to taggy! but do u even know who am i ma??(=
-yupp ! KEN
30 May 09, 08:13
♥LIYAN,YANNY<3: style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);">which liyan are you ? hougang de?
29 May 09, 20:17
Vivian: anythinq. can call me up & tok de , : D
29 May 09, 20:17
Vivian: yufen, so lonq din get to see you le ? how you ? dont think negative sutts, must get it over de.
-thank you!
28 May 09, 20:45
♥ Sharon: Aiaisx , misses alot alot . (:
-miss you too
28 May 09, 00:48
zhengfu: piglet !
25 May 09, 22:53
rong: jyjyjyjyjyjyjyjyjyjyjyjy
25 May 09, 22:47
Huai Ren: jyjyjyjyjyjyjyjyjyjyjyjyjyjyjyjyjyjy
25 May 09, 22:47
Huai Ren: woo yeah ! be happy !
25 May 09, 22:13
Meipeng: hello tag you :D
25 May 09, 21:47
Shawn: com*
25 May 09, 21:47
Shawn: relink pls ! @,
25 May 09, 09:30
♥ Sharon: Aiaisx , relink me can . Thankyou uhs . (L)
25 May 09, 00:05
edsel: long long deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

24 May 09, 13:55

shaik: relax
24 May 09, 10:27
Naa`: wow siaosiao, you miss me lei. Mai siaosiao eh. okay, imy too. meet up ! :D
22 May 09, 22:30
Yang^^: Marmie <3 style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);">-now im back
22 May 09, 20:29
♥ YUJING! :D: <3 style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);">yes?
22 May 09, 15:48
C0ng~: hell0w!
21 May 09, 21:34
Yang^^: Yo Marmie . Sorry sms with you keep got bad words come out . diao not in good mood .
-its okay (=
21 May 09, 19:12
Huai Ren: cheerrrrrr upppp . still got forest for you .
- (=
20 May 09, 22:06
SiEn: Mei , (: cheer up .
- (=
20 May 09, 01:38
ahhgong: WTF , same same , i get 32.5 for chem and 2.5 for GEO LOL
- (=
19 May 09, 22:58
BlurBlur: TRy to be happy ! LIKE ME always HAPPy XD
- (=
19 May 09, 21:23
Yang^^: Hahas Erzi miss Marmie too Loves Hugs !! Hahas
-miss erzii too! (=

i thought after this 27 days i've forgotten you and let-ed you go .
i tried to let you go and to forget you .
in many ways , overcoming days being alone , not smsing you , stop thinking all those memories , every place we used to go and days we spent .
you are happy now , that is what i wished for you .
after i know about it , i realise i've not let you go neither do i forget you .
i cried , i tried my best to kick from the temptation of slitting . other than crying , i doubt i can do anythiing .
i smile-ed , when i see you smiling happily in the photo .
i cried , when i saw the photos .
i frown-ed , when i saw that you are in troubles .
takecare , and best wishes.

有一种爱叫做放手 , 可能那就是我因该做的。

放了爱 。

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

yufen is speechless NOW !!
fuck fuck fuck .

suddenly feel that i've no one to talk to liaoo .
dunno how to turn to .
baobeii went MIA . dunno how den can contact dao him .
jinyu , no impossible . i've lost that DAXIANG&JINYUrelationship already , i suppose?
i dunno .
today is no good day for miie . trrying to not think much liaoo
you have let him go .
now you gotta lead a better life !!


Monday, May 25, 2009

it would be the last post bout HIM .
i dunno everythiing seems wrong .
forget it ! friends back .



Sunday, May 24, 2009

chatting with edsel baobeii now .
im lame-ing with him .
okay , he confessed liaoo !!
forgiven !
lala , i miss edsel baobeii now , gonna meet him tml .

but i miss him more .. =x

Day 21 since you left miie .
but still , im missing you .
every now and then , i smile when i see you smile .
im worried when you are in troubles , when you are talking to the VP , when you are not smiling .
i miss you more and more as days passes .
i remembered how we met
how we talk to each other and when it is .
how where we met on 200308 .
i remembered the serious face of yours when you say you love me .
i remembered where we go on our first date .
i remembered whats your first promise to miie .
i remember how hard we try to make daddy and mummy to approve us .
i remember how we stand strong when theres obstacles ahead from us .
from the day i seriously fall for you , till now when i still fall for you .
i remembered everythiing , and to believe in you for your every word .

i talk to weihao on sat dawn , confide him .
he know everythiing of us since day 1 i know you .

when my leg hurts ,
i think of how you care of miie , when im hurt last time .
when im cold in the night ,
i think of how you try to keep miie warm .
when i cried ,
i think how you wipe the tears off my face , when we used to quarrel .

everythiing i do , i think of you .
when hokit dad came to school to fetch lemin the girlfriend of his . its raining .
it let miie think of you , when you came to fetch miie with an umbrella .

but now , we are just like stranger ?
yes , i know the decision is made by miie .
but even i din ? we are just like starnger also ?
we din talk din contact and everythiing?
crying in the night everyday , when you din even know about it ?
seeing you in the morning , at the bus stop waiting for her .
friend said' yufen , when you stead with him , he also never wait for you lorhh . its you to make your way to his house to findd him '
i dunno how to react , i dunn mindd to wake up early findd you every morning . so what im jealous ? no one cares anymore ?
3rd week already , and a week since we officially being stranger .
seeing your PM , so big . you love her .
she replaced miie . and you ? not going to be replaced in miie .
in your blog ,
everything about her . you seems to be happy .
you said pray hard for you ?
you made miie worried once again .
are you in trouble or what ?
no matter what , im still right here waiting .

再坚强的人,在感情路上 ,还是会跌到的。

had camp on friday .
normal school day on friday . pe lesson so lame . discuss bout the cheering competition , class is not bond , all slacking . only some is doing the cheer . well , that doesnt include miie . i dunno whats wrong with miie .
everythiing went wrong , no mood to do this and that . know what ? even in NP , im some how slacking already . but still , NP rock uh . just no motivation ? miie myself also dunno whats happening .
lesson and everythiing , im slacking too . starting to be rebellious . almost every teacher , im defiant towards them , when im not intending to do that , but i just simply cant control my temper ? friends around miie also , im throwing tantrum at them , as and when im not happy . and in indirectly , i offended them . and without knowing , it seems that i lost some ? din contact and everythiing . i used vulgarities more and more than how i used to , i even use on LOUIS sir . that wasnt my intention uh , and he named miie ' typical chao ah lian ' and i call him 'typical chao ah beng ' lol .
whatever ,
NPCC camp .
kinda enjoyed , but my legs hurts .
dunno why . heck care also , who cares yeahh .
in the night time , fun part NIGHT WALK AND OBSTACLES WALK !
obstacle walk ;
sec1s was being blindfolded , so they wouldnt see anythiing , dunno where they are , dunno whats happen and whats infront them ! so we are that BAD , to tell them 'OH theres cockroach , lizard , cat whatever infront ! ' and girls will be like shouting larhh ! so funny ! and then , to trick them and call them to jump and they really jump ! when theres nothing infront of them , since they dunno what happen , so just TRICK THEM !
ahahaha !
after their night walk , they are suppose to lie down in the parade square . sir , mam , we the CLs tried to scare them ! they are still being blindfold , ahahaha . den then , we blow the side of their ear and everythiing to scare them and make them get prepare for their nigth walk !
haha. but some eventually FALL ASLEEP larhh ! so wake them up larhh ! obviously.
a boy & a girl ! gonna hold hand ! thats when i keep repeat my word . like idiot ! lalas .
and then , our school is like haunted house . scream and shout from those sec1s who was being scare by the sec 3s ! so funny!

ton in the night ! weihao nephew came to meet miie till 4 plus we chatted , walk bout him . cried a little . =x thats how i spend my night that day

second day , DRILLS was cancelled off . as everyone is tired ! so ended early ! yang erzii & yuancheng ahh gongg came to fetch miie . went to ahh gongg house , and awhile ! i FELL ALSEEP ! same as erzii . den ahh gongg watch his show ! lol . den 7 pm erzii send miie home and he went home (=

Thursday, May 21, 2009

boy ,
its has been the 18th day since you left miie , and today its the 21st of the month .
i saw you today , suppose to be happy or sad .
i dunno .
we seems so near yet so far ?
seeing you talking to her so nicely , am i suppose to be happy since you are happy ?
i really dunno .
for the past few 21st of the month , i was having it happily but not today .
i remembered , i remembered everythiing .
everythiing we have gone through , every laughter, every tears , every quarrel , every smile , everything !
but you ? do you still remember ?
promises made ? on a year two month back ?
heard that your hand is injured , im worried . but can i do anythiing ?
the distance between us is getting further and further .
but days goes by , the love towards you doesnt seems to fade at all ?
i really miss all the things WE had done .
days without you suck .
hate to see you in trouble , but i cant do anythiing .
i cant advice you how i used to do it , i cant talk sense with you and everythiing .
all i can do now is just see you unbearably into troubles .
im trying , trying to forget . but the more i try to , the more i remember.
to end this ,
imissyou .

happy 1 year 2 month anniversary .

today , a super bad day for miie .
din go school for particular reason . dunn wish to say .
ytd night was difficult to live on . it sux .
woke up at 9 plus 10. watch la bi xiao xin , which gave miie lots of memories .
a day that 'we' discuss bout la bi xiao xin out of the sudden .
i dunno im watching or what . okay , cried awhile and im fine .
after that in the afternoon , went to findd friends and im getting better yeahh .
many things happen .
kena ps-ed by someone . got so pissed off , that i have REALLY nothing to say when he can still ask miie , why i so dulan .
ohh yarhh , whatever . promised are meant to be broken ? yeahh ?
walk-ed off with daddyTAN , banana , ahh gongg and erzii to mac . was super not in the good mood . going around to attitude people .
im so sorry yo .
saw haolianpo , kukunehneh they all at mac , same attiude-ed them . sat there awhile , i dunno whats going on . so ahh gongg they all leave , so i leave larhh . jazreel jie came to findd miie , she wanted to make miie smile . but what i gave her is just a nod and nothing else .
so stuck at 763 awhile , show jiejie the way to bus stop , hughug and byebye . off-ed to ahh gongg house , baobeiierzii did somethiing very funny , that miie LAUGH ! ohh yes , he successfully make miie smile . hmmm , no is laugh . yeahh .
after that , slacked at ahh gongg house , and i started to talk and everythiing . as like usual , erzii sing to miie and i would laugh like nobody business .
slacked and went real crazy which make miie temporary forget of everythiing .sing like dunno what liddat larhh .
till 545 , left ahh gongg house , raining heavily . ahh gongg and erzii send miie home . on the way home , funny things happen once again , got umbrella like no umbrella liddat . okayy , stupidd , all becos that ahh gongg and erzii keep playing and then , i the innocent one kena the rain . stupidd ! haa .
the rest i dunn wish to say anymore . like what happen in home . lala.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

tml will be the 21st of the month .
but its like no special things coming on .
i missed all the past 21st of each month that we have gone through .
every month , equals to how much we have gone through .
but this month ?
i missed you real much .
must i see you from a distant ? in your eye , there's no miie anymore ?
everythiing change?
i fall asleep in class today , when i woke up , friend told miie you walk past.
but i din get a chance to at least take a look at you .
hais .
boy ,
i miss the way when you look at miie the first time .
i miss the way you address miie when we first tgt .
i miss the way we behaved on 220308 .
i miss the way when we got closer and closer when days go by .
i miss the way we first hold hand .
i miss the way when you first introduce your family and friends to miie .
4 months back ,
on 210109 , we patched up at 2340 . 20 minutes before the day ends .
and then , you told miie you wont leave miie .
21 will be the best day of every month .
but this month i doubt so ?
i really miss everythiing from you .
you and her is slacking almost everyday , i think .
distant is closer and closer ?
i dunno .
everythiing change ?
i've not regretted to fall for you .
but i've real regretted for taking your love for granted .
im sorry . i know now no matter how many sorry im gonna say ,
you're not going to care anymore .
and i doubt you would be seeing this post .
if you ever do saw this ,
im really sorry boy . i've really regretted .
imissyou ,
iloveyou , still .

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

day 16 since im alone .
saw you today . seeing you angry / sad , i really wish that i could do something .
but something is stopping to do that . one of it reason , we ain't anythiing now .
makes miie feel real bad .
hearing you saying bout her .
i got nothing to say . but what i was thinking is , do you still rmb where is the place we got to know each other ? do you still rmb where we met after last year sport carnival in the night at bout 8 plus 9 ?
im not sure whether you rmb or not .
but im sure i know where it is and when it happen .
i missed you , as much .
every breath i took in , is how much i missed you .
i used to think that this sentence is so dramatic ,
but till today i realise how real is this quote means .
it hurt to take it as i din see you when actually i saw you , when you are just INFRONT of miie . what i can do is just see you from a distant and not when im near to you .
seeing you back facing miie and leave . step by step , you are further and further from miie . hold on to my tears and just continue like there's nothing happen .
just becos of my stupidd act , i lead this relationship to an end .
if there's one last chance , i will prove that i love you from the start and the feeling never change .
im sorry , i still love you .

today , a super bad day .
to think i even cried in maths lesson . FUCK ~ so xiasuey .
okayy , lets start from the very start of the dAY.
woke up at 6.15 wash up and all necessary things. sms-ed erzii to see whether he has wake up , and yes he has wake up le . lol

tie hair and everythiing . called baobeii ; cool , he has done everythiing le . so we MET UP ! din really talk much yeahh . walk-ed to 786 to meet erzii and off to school , reached school bought water and everythiing uh .

lesson time .
nothing to say bout . saw him , but nothing i can do . continue ! maths , defiant . i dunno what the hell is wrong with miie . just bad mood , bad attitude . miss liu called miie out , so went out to ava room , spend bout 20 mintues plus , but i was saying is only NO ! lol . den shawn and friends walked pass , shawn waved and make miie laugh and miss liu block my view to say hi back ! lol . miss liu knew what happen , so she din blame miie . still give miie a hug ! lol . i shy shy sia . no larhh . just , talked to miie lo! and then i cried . seriously fuck shit , missed him like no business b ut , no one cares . forget it .

SS period .
poor attitude of miie , dunn wanna do test . so teahcer call miie stand up and go to a corner , so i guaii guaii stand at a corner lo . din disturb the class kay. stupidd , SS so difficult to memorise bodohh . so super long like idiot sia . knn . so the difficult .

recess ,
emo-ed . din eat anythiing . no appetite . walk around . saw him again . same , nothing i can do . went to MT room to findd yang erzii . so cute of him .hahaha .

chemistry .
got back paper 34/50 . in class is quite high . but i aint happy at all , this time round no one is sharing my joy with miie . slept the whole period when wake up , run out of the class to the toilet with lina , cos urgent ! lol . chtted with yang awhile before going back to class . saw miss chua !! wee~~~ chatted with her , same she saying the saying things to miie . iloveher kayy . hahaha . and she sent miie the photo that we took tgt with the class.
im so proud to get 2.5 / 50 . nice one . its not TWENTY-FIVE , its TWO AND A HALF . as i've expected . really cant cope with geog and SS . well , forget it .

and finally physic lesson . got back my paper too . i got 38.5 / 50 . same not very happy . hais .
did correction for tikus and miie , myself . and lesson ended !

went to NPCC meeting , fucking dulan due to some reason . left at bout 3.30 liddat , cos baobeii erzii , baobeii all at 786 waiting =x so rush out and slack . he was there too . lala ! slacked till 530 went home .

miie and jinyu seems to drift apart . maybe he found someone better to acc him , that knows him better and can talk to him and make him feel better . well , forget it then . as long as long everyone is happy . i dunn mindd . even though , i've asked a favour from him . yarhh . takecare jinyu , daxiang is always here if you need her .

19 May 09, 20:36
RACHEL: cheer upp!
19 May 09, 09:36
Yang^^: Marmie dun so Sadd kayys ? LoveLoves <3>
-loves loves . ;D
18 May 09, 23:27
ahgongg :D: aiyos , cheer ups alright :D
-try try .(=

Monday, May 18, 2009

i used to have someone for miie to hold on .
i used to have someone to listen to be when i troubled .
i used to have someone to be by my side and be there for any particular reason .
i used to have someone to warmth miie with love , but becos of that much love ,
i took it for granted , i lost everythiing .
and now , im the one who is a the lost state .
im the one who is struggling with life .
im the one who is trying to do everything and adapt myself back to normal life .
1 year plus . i've adapt into an environment that is full of love . its totally something DIFFICULT to change back .
im tired .
tired of everythiing .
tired of living .
only if i cant throw everythiing im having now away .
i sure i would do it .
its really hurt and painful .

就因为我一时的胡闹, 才会落到这个地步。

heartbroken .
i dunno what to do . maybe miie and you doesnt meant to be .
thanks for everythiing .

day 15 since we broke up .
i've make that choice to be nothing .
im sorry , i dunno what to do .
i really cant live in that way .
seen you today , wanted to address you everythiing .
but i cant .
i just can see you from a distant .
you seems happy without miie , with her .
but happy jiu haoo .
you know what , day since you left miie , isnt good at all .
im simply jealous , but i cant do anythiing .
missed you like crazy .
but nothing seems to care .

i know im smiling widely , but inside im not even smiling an inch .
every smile is a lie , every laugh is fake , all because im crying inside and don't want my tears to show .

ISLY , imissyou

Sunday, May 17, 2009

tired of living

it seems that its impossible for us already . seen so much this few days , think so much this few days .
you and her getting closer and closer , steps to be like how you and i used to be .
its has been 14 days after we separated .
we have not been contacting each other ,
you have change or maybe miie?
has now you only have her , maybe we could just not be best best of the friend le .
we doesnt seems to . only if you seen this , contact miie and tell miie your decision .

lets talk bout last friday yeahh .

had last paper , chemistry ! quite okayy larhh , almost all know how to do .
ended school at 9 plus in the morning , slack awhile with baobeii , dummy and bro . after that jiu went home .
ROT ~~~

bath and everythiing , lie down on the sofa and think bout things , expect people call and ask miie out ! and yes , ahh gongg called and asked miie out to slack ! finally ! haha.

ahh gongg came up to my house and waited for miie to change , and im done . off to mac and met up with weihao nephew . slacked while at mac and went to 786 to fetch erzii . but on the way there , rachael jie just nice reach bus stop so , tgt we went to fetch erzii , so dua pai bodohh.

haha . saw lynetter xinganSISTER also !! so super happy , hugged her ! chatted for awhile , den nephew acc erzii home-ed to change and do his necessary stuff, while ahh gongg , jiejie and i went to koufu and eat . somethiing unpleasant happen . slap her off man . cb . jiejie and i super hot de sia . knn .

after eating , erzii and nephew haven reach , so meet them at candy house . lol . when they reach they say they wanna eat . so acc them took the same place where we sit . lol . treat-ed erzii drink , as he bo money liao .

after they ate , saw jinyu , smiley ,cong and friends at mac , went in to say hi , awhile jiu bye le . hmm, should not say much bout that ...

off to ahh gongg house . had fun , tried to not think of anythiing . erzii keep making miie laugh like nobody business . so cute of him . never fail to accompany miie , marmie love erzii kayy (= enjoy-ed myself till 5 and left , actually was leaving at 4.30 but erzii keep calling miie not to leave so early plus its raining , so okayy . i stay till 5 . took quite a number of photos .

erzii damn sweet cann ;D haha .
den jiejie , ahh gonngg , nephew and erzii sent miie to bus stop and byebye to them . and bus-ed to woodlands , and train-ed to cck and lrt-ed to cousin house . many things happen during that trip . hais . not say much .

reached cousin house , waited awhile and train-ed to pasir ris , stand till leh tired sia . haha . finally reached , went to whitesand to eat and met up with aunty tina and bus-ed back to hougang . smth happen again ! aiya !


Saturday, May 16, 2009

its has been 13 days since we were apart.
you might be a leading a happy life , and i wish you to have a happy life.
miss yoou? did you even care ?
asked to findd some subs , but dunn wannaa .
im still waiting no matter.

Friday, May 15, 2009

its has been 12 days since you have left miie .
leaving miie alone to live on ,and left miie breathlessly .
everyone is wanting miie to forget you , i know . i've cried countless of tears for you , but you seems to not know everythiing .
missing you , crying for you seems to be a daily routine for miie . it went so automatically .
saw you today , starting , you din even turned to look at miie , yes thats when i know inside your eye , your heart there is no existence of CHANYUFEN anymore .before i eventually left , steal a glance from you , and saw you turn-ed back , maybe its coincidence , but at least there's a bye from you .
miss-ed you everydaqy . lied to myself , i've stop loving you . but no , im not . my love still stand strong .
jiejie saw my slitted leg , maybe saw my blog, and den spy on my leg whatever , she scolded , she also told miie to forget you .
trying to keep a good impression for you infront of people , talking good out you infront of people , is the only thing i can do now ,
missing you , isnt fun . hurts alot . thoughts much of our past , maybe its nothing to you now , but its memorable to miie.

everythiing is still fresh in mindd .but you ? maybe you did rmb ? mayb you've forgotten ? maybe you din even rmb after 030509 ?

imissyou , boy .

Thursday, May 14, 2009

days nowadays suck to the core .
i dunno what to say . my life totally messed up now , totally confused . lala .

to edsel : baobeii , thank you much much . but im sorry to keep breaking promise made to you , its really difficult for miie to let everythiing go .

to alex jinyu : jinyu , im so sorry kay , attitude you .

to rachael jie : jiejie , thank you cheer miie up yeahh . same , i'll try to smile . ily

to people slacking with miie nowadays ,
im sorry to attitude you people .

din really study today in mac , totally no mood , cried serveral times . everyone was shocked , im sorry kay . im not trying to AA but i just cant control myself . i know i din stupiidd things , pardon miie if i did offend you people .
friends and gans tried very hard to cheer miie up , but i doesnt give a shit to them . im sorry yeahh . this few days , things isnt on my way , its all go opposite makes miie really sot .

boy ,
what if i say i miss you ? what if i say i still love you ?
what if i say im still waiting for you ?
what if i say im crying for you ?
i've tried many things for this r/s , im not saying you din .
but it end in this way?
i dunno how you get over everythiing so fast .
within just a few days , and now , in your heart , you're calling another people 'girl'
girl yarhh , maybe you really forget everythiing .
see you people so close , i dunno how am i suppose to react ,
imagine-ed if both of you really tgt ,
maybe im thinking too far .
but if it really happen , cherish her .
heard from someone saying that i keep sticking with you ,
whatever , im speechless if you;re gonna think in that way , or you feels its that way .
im sorry , just tell miie ,and i'll not be contacting you anymore .
you may meet someone , better than miie , funnier than miie , more beautiful than miie treat you better than miie .
but one thing i want to say to you ,i will always be there for you when everyone leave you .
if you;re gonna forget miie now , im fine .
just when you need someone by your side , can contact miie . but if you are not wanting its miie , den contacting the rest .
takecare of yourself.
still here for you.

14 May 09, 18:20
Huai Ren: tao yan la banana
14 May 09, 14:25
passer-by: cheerupp . no use crying over him when he dun achive your love . tagged
-who the hell are you?
14 May 09, 13:34
RACHEL: cheer up ! dun slit le la.. its bad will be left with scar
13 May 09, 22:35
banana-girl: james you ARE A SICKO!!!
13 May 09, 22:34
banana-girl: GIRL! finally can tagg uu lerhhs! hahaha ;D dun sad lerhhs kay? cheer u
13 May 09, 19:33
Huai Ren: cheer up ! dun write his name . write mine
-lol , bhb
13 May 09, 19:17
xiaoping:D: was so sian, so heres a good luck for your MYE! lol abit too late anyway jiayous!
-you too
13 May 09, 19:05
Meina♥: Cheerups , Yufennn (: Dont sad & cry le . Plus , dont slit . Always here .
12 May 09, 23:30
rong: cheer up nu er.!stay happy hor.dun sad sad one.

12 May 09, 15:24
syaaaf: yufen! link me (:
-re link asap
12 May 09, 13:03
тнεяιsα's: Yufen, cheersup ok? . I know it's hard to go through all this, but take it easy. (:
-thank you . try
11 May 09, 14:21
BlurBlur: Dumbdumb cheer up XD!
-alright . thank you

Monday, May 11, 2009

know what ? my world is totally in chaos . i dunno what to do . dunno how to react , dunno how to face , dunno how to talk .

why ?

thank you . i've eventually lost him for the rest of this life . thank you them for telling miie early , at least i just look like a little idiot , not knowing some particular stuff.

went to mac , planned to study , but it turn out to be a crying session for miie . wanted to study maths , took out foolscape and everythiing . did a few question , and next sentence i wrote is his name ? ridiculous . i know its a little dramatic but its real .
finally broke out into tears . heartache , lost , upset , heart broken , slitted? so ?
you doesnt give a shit isnt it ?

slitted smth on my leg , particular gans had saw . know what ? i felt no pain on my leg at all , numb ? whatever shit you gonna think what feeling i must have , i would not have it . nothing hurts more than my heart .

gave you back that photo , maybe it never meant to be mine . thought for a long time , maybe you should go for her instead ,
she better then miie in any way ,
better attitude , more freedom so more time to acc you . i dunno .whatever .
bye boy .

Sunday, May 10, 2009

being tag-ed by rainbow to do a short quiz .

1. shawn (SABO!)
2. jinyu
3. cheepoh
4. cynthia lover
5. junhong bestfriend
6. shane kukunehneh
7. syakila
8. therisa
9. yang erzii
10. zen

1) Who is 2 having a relationship with?(jinyu)
2) Is 3 a male or a female? (chee poh)

3) If 7 and 10 got together, will that be a good thing? (syakila & zen)
-NO ! syakila is attached
4) Where is 1 studying in? (shawn)
5) Is 4 single? (lover)
-i think!
6) Say something about 2? (jinyu)
-caring , tiongxim , funny , joker
7) What do you think 3 and 6 being together? (chee poh & kukunehneh)
8) Describe number 9. (erzii)
-caring , sweet , and i dunno .
9) What would you do if 6 and 7 fight? (syakila &kukunehneh)
- be a middle girl ! lol
10) Do you like 1? (shawn sabo)
-as good friend ! :D

ytd woke up at 11 plus , bath and get everythiing ready jiu off to hospital with dad and mum to visit granny . reach there , need to fill in the declaration form , take temperature all that took bout 5 mins ! lol , while mum stay inside the car as she's sick ! lol .

went in to visit granny , dad keep chatting with granny !! i dunn understand a shit can , cos they were speak cantonese which i dunno how ! so stand at there and whenever granny look at miie , i just smile to her . hahaha . i know like idiot larhh ! erzii sms-ed miie and says he wanna meet miie to give miie things . but im out ! so i told him that monday give but he say he could wait! omg , so i told him i will get back to woodlands asap , and then i contact him .

after visiting , went to eat ! at aunt house downstair , called aunt down and grandma also at her house ! LOL . ate chicken rice and treat aunt water , as mother day present ! lol ! eat till damn full , after eating , jiu sent aunt and grandma to granduncle house .

then byebye to them already .

off to farrer park , mum's friend house , sit-ed there for awhile den i jiu off to hougang to findd cousin . hahahaha . reach hougang at bout 5 i think . went to playground to meet cousin and went to her house , slack slack .

till 7 plus . uncle , cousin emma and benji , sis and i went to amk to have my wanton noodle and refund something . lol .

everythiing end bout 8plus going 9 i think. uncle and cousins send miie to station and i train-ed back to admiralty ! reached admiralty bought flower for mum !!

and then , went to woodlands mart mac to meet erzii ! BUT HE ISNT THERE ! but jinyu and ahhgongg is there . play dota ! lol . ahh gongg pei miie go buy bigjiejie food and went to meet erzii . after that , pass erzii sushi as he waited for miie for the whole day ! omG . and he passed miie a box of heart and 2 cake , one from erzii another one is from nephew! (= after passing him , jinyu and ahh gongg keep saying i not fair ! WTF !

so went to seven-eleven to buy ferror rocher for them !
and they are happy ! lol . waited for jinyu to end his dota and off the laptop and off back to home ! ahh gongg and erzii send miie home , and they went back to ahh gongg house , erzii ton at his house . was sms-ing with weihao nephew and yang erzii . pei miie chat ! cried like nobody business . urge to do smth but dunn have both i wanted at home ! dulann . hais.

11 May 09, 12:27
YUJING ! :D: Tag to do the quiz at my blog , rainbow , cheer up! im here - waves-
-i'll do it .
11 May 09, 10:17
RACH: relink kAYS ~ love ya <3>
10 May 09, 14:29
Yang: Marmie tagged . diao
-smack you , diao miie ! (=
10 May 09, 04:05
YITING: hey girl,a word for yaa~人生就像摩天轮,没有持久的 巅峰也没有永远的低潮。所以高峰时别骄傲,低潮时别气馁。要明白人生不过是一圈又一圈轮回。重要的是活出真正的自己
-thank you .
9 May 09, 15:45
9 May 09, 14:43
xiaoping:D: haha takecare arhh jie! gort me dhun sad. xD
-alright , thank thank
9 May 09, 13:04
Passerby: Im someone that just passby :)
9 May 09, 13:04
Passerby: Hey, cheerup uh ! but no matter what you must remember that loving someone is no wrong de :)
-no name arhh ? just write out can not ? dulan sia . keep write stuffs den dunn wann write name !! ROAR
9 May 09, 01:09

just for you ..
imissyou ,
i miss your everythiing .
and now you're gone , you expect miie to live well without you ?
thank you , im trying to destroy my life .

Saturday, May 9, 2009

heard from someone you was drunk , you was moody . heard from another someone you vomit under my block the playground . heard much things bout you . heard from someone you hate particular things , i should not say it here . heard from someone you drink , much .
i've heard so much . but i cant do anythiing , i wish i could but i cant ? know what ? i really that chance . i miss you much much and tons tons tons!

saw you this few day , glad to see you recovering . wish to talk to you , how i used to be . but i cant , i dunn have the courage and everythiing .
someone told miie that he thinks that percentage of us getting back is only 40% cos you ain't care for miie . is that true ? boy , is everythiing gonna end ?
and someone someone told miie its impossible for us le ? forgetting you is just like you calling miie recognise someone that i've never met before.

waken up by yang erzii's call !! :@ keep asking miie what time go ahh gongg house to meet them for party !!
went to ahh gongg house at 12plus 1 .

i dunno what to say , the whole party , precious , erzii keep accompany before i got emo again . yes , ahh gongg was being burger-ed instead of bash . and then keep flour and water , guys all go catch den girl all relax one corner ! ate chicken wing bbq-ed by i forgot who its nice , but its dirtied by hand and suddenly think of him , used to do smth for miie D; emo-ed .

after that , no good feeling , feeling very angry plus sad plus i dunno what , just MOODSWING! shout-ed to much people , attitude-ed and stuff . but some was told before im having a moodswing and if i shout-ed at them , im sorry in advance .

slacked at playground instead of the bbq pit there , anti SOCIAL ! think of much things and i dunno what to do . just fuck fuck fuck the world off . tired of living

jeslyn jiejie and weihao nephew sent miie home , and when reached home , jiejie lend toilet and nephew drink water ! lol . and they went back to ahh gongg bbq !

help to take some photos for them cos my phone 3.2megapixels and got flash , best at there le . lol..

ahh gongg and jinyu

ahh gongg is full of chocolate in the body .

ahh gongg and erzii

precious, ahh gongg and erzii .

ahh gongg and miie ! (sunnu)

miie and erzii ! (marmie and son)

Friday, May 8, 2009

edsel precious was hit-ed by birdbird !! hahaaha .
super funny ! end of post !!!

reply of tag!!
8 May 09, 22:39 Shien'
: Cheer up hor, I'm 8 numbers away <:

-haha . okayy ! meet up soon .
8 May 09, 12:42
-loveyou too .
5 May 09, 02:30

Louis: How are you ?

-which louis are you ?
4 May 09, 13:52

Meina♥: HAHAHA !

4 May 09, 01:00
melissa: WAH!!!!!!!!!! liar liar liar.... CABBED down not your dad send?????? omg u got caught lying!!!
3 May 09, 23:00

Cong~: good luck for MYE
-thanks you too !
3 May 09, 10:33

psr: i tink u vry thin lerhs no nis slim down =]
-who you ?
2 May 09, 21:08

Someone(=: Hiiee!Nice pictures @ ur post...stay chio!:)Wish u gd luck for ur upcomin exam!!!
-who you ??
2 May 09, 10:13
♥ Sharon: Aiaisx :D tagged , me miss you , got it ? So ! Better contact me soon ! (:

boy boy boy ,
imissyou muchmuch .

you know how much i cried for you ?
you know how difficult it is to forget you and get over you ?
and its really damn difficult?
is there chance ? iLY , still

Saturday, May 2, 2009

woke up at 2 in the afternoon , to make miie not think of things . hahahahaha. wash up and everythiing , big jiejie cook and we ATE !!!! eat just a little , A LITTLE . after that we watch some taiwan drama show till 4 and went to bath !! we left the house at 4.45 and cabb-ed down to hougang .

the driver very kukubird-ie , he took a fucking and fucking long way to hougang . its like SUPER long you see . reach hougang , grandma house at bout 5plus .watched tv and entertaining cousin benji . after that , he went to sleep . when we wake him up , cousin melissa changed his clothing , and somethiing funny . cousin benji STEAM !!! hahahaa . all of us laughlike fuck uh . but maybe is he wanted to pee ! but he is sleeping so never wake up . okayy , that was so . ehem .

til 745 liddat , henry came and we are off-ed to AMK to pick cousin benji's mum . after picking her we went to changi , old airport road to eat , not nice .. lol. after that , guess who i saw ?

i SAW MY TIKUS AND HER SISTER ! hahaha . ilovetikus larhh ! hahaha. so cute of her cann . haha. chat chat with her and BYEBYE !! went to flea market , lame . but i saw many HELLO KITTY STUFF !

and bout 10++ we go back grandma house !!! now here i am posting.

2 May 09, 21:08? Someone(=: Hiiee!Nice pictures @ ur post...stay chio!:)Wish u gd luck for ur upcomin exam!!!
-who you?
2 May 09, 10:13? Sharon: Aiaisx tagged , me miss you , got it ? So ! Better contact me soon ! (:

30 Apr 09, 20:50shaik: hihi


Friday, May 1, 2009

maybe its time to ? maybe its not ? maybe im just thinking too much ? maybe .. maybe .. maybe .

but something is confirm , yufen is crying . things has change TOTALLY

went to chong pang today with tikus , qikaa , nyssa , efa , tikus's sister and i dunno who . lol . okayy , i waited for tikus , her sister and qikaa for like 15 mins , while waiting i dunno see the police patroling around dunno how many hundred times . lol . saw danish , fira , liyana darling , aqilah so happy (= they are also going to so their class tee but at queensway . lols.

went to eat , order-ed hokkien mee , but din eat really much yeahh , the taste its quite okay , but i dunn have the appetite to eat , keep thinking of stuff , i really going crazy yeahh , if life gonna carry on liddat .

after eating , we slack slack around awhile and bus-ed to chong pang . discuss-ed bout class tee and now we are waiting for the supplier to call us , with that the supplier earned $1000 already . hell that . hahahaha .

went to yishun safra WE TOOK TEMPERATURE ! so exciting . -.- okay , play-ed there , watch people play bowling , ate there . funniest part , i bought espirit passionfriut . its a drink uh . and tikus thot its kind of beer makes miie laugh like hell , share arpund with it . it has been a long time since i drink that , its so nice larhh . hahaha . after that , we went to take photo ! :D wooo! hahaha. till bout 5plus we went off , walked to interchange and took 856 , first , efa and nyssa alight at sembawang . and then after a long distance , tikus , her sister , qikaa alight at marsiling . left miie alone , started to think bout stuff again . )=

took 913 and home-ed .


"Love, something unexplainable"

when life gets harder each day.

As survival is the key of life.

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