Saturday, August 28, 2010

泪流了, 心痛了。
试着很多的理由让自己好过点 。
但到最后 ,还是一样 。

Friday, August 13, 2010

by the day you came down , stopped everything .
and if you realised something is gone, dont regret .
cos its all started from you .
something that you once cherish , you once LOVED and even NOW doubt do you ?
something that STILL cherish you more than you cherish it , something it once LOVE(without -ED) you and no doubt , even now .
something you once WANT to see , hoping to see every seconds and now throwing it aside alone and you went off to do something you CLAIMED THAT YOU LIKE it .
something that it still (not used to) see , hoping to see you almost every seconds , but been left aside .
something that you USED to talk to it gently like you wont want to lose it .
something that it still looking forward to that way of treatment towards it .
something that it heart was once broken that you USED to heal it .
something that it healed just for you , and just shattered into pieces for you too .
something that you USED to promise , and wont be broken .
something that know bout the fact , and still trying to move on .
something that you wont let it tear , and you claimed that when you see it , thats when your heartache .
something that tear , not wanting you to know cos it dun want you to have a heartache.

must it come to a point that it have to take a rest ?
my question to you is : "What if the something is gone ? Are you going to find it back ? Or just leave it ? "
the love you are giving , is lack of feeling

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

baby edit de (:

long time no chat bout my life nowadays ! ;D
okay , what i can remember now is bout last saturday 070810 !
alex jinyu birthday !

so , 070810
its a saturday , as usual ! went to school for dnt , touch up ! whatever i needa do ! after dnt , met up with baby at woodlands mart . went slack slack under his block , till like 3 plus in the afternoon . baby ,alex and kheng yuan went to cine and i went home .
feel bored , so called up cousin emma jio her out ! so me and second sister went to dhoby ghuat to meet emma ! me and sister reac first , so we went to but movie ticket 'old cow vs tender grass'. after that , we went to eat subway !
shopshop around ! jiu 720 , then go watch movie tilll 9 plus . went to daiso , bought lots of stuff but DAMN cheap ! after that , went secret recipe to have some cake cake ! hehe! then after that , baby called say he at kfc . ask me go down cos want cut cake for alex so go down meet baby first . met up , went outsie plaza sing , cut cake .
cousin emma and sister came over and join us ! after cutting of cake , alex ask us to join them in drinking ! then off we go , drink , drank , NOT DRUNK . then went home at bout 1 plus . reached home , bathe and sleep !

made sushi & jelly for my babyLOVE !
NATIONAL day ! me and emma was having national day mood at home , so crazily !
ive forgotten =x

today !
woke up at 0550 ,only get to sleep for like an hour plus in the night -.-
did necessary stuff ,met up with baby . did final rrevision as i ask baby to bring down my maths file ! till 0700 , went to school . ate popiah , after that morning assembly . and then , went up to hall . PAPER StART !
school end , went back home . bathe & then went out to meet baby , and clique . till 6 , went back home to sleep and then after mummy cook finish . had dinner with mummy and sister , went to meet up with baby , alex and yongkiat !
on the way to alex house , baby and i is just like a crazy couple ! we punch each other hand , like painless liddat ! baby la , hit me so hard somemore at the sameplace lorhh ): then i punch him like nothing liddat one lorhh ! KNS !
we hit each other all the way from my house there till alex block ! so pain la ! wanted to act angry but then dunno why will laugh out damn loud , cannt tahan !
then baby say he see me , want angry cannt angry he very happy ! *pervert!
then we slacked at alex house till 10 . and then homoe sweet home !

LOVE baby *hearts

Monday, August 9, 2010

baby ,
thanks for everything you did for me .
im glad to have you with me whenever i needed someone by my side .
this relationship has lots of obstacles , we have gone through much .
i think there's quite alot much for us .
lets make it through alright ?
i swear to be there for you when you needed someone just like you did for me .
iloveyou , babyEDSEL !

okay great ! dnt theory is coming , next few days !
i got the notes ,but im so lazy to take a look at it !
im still at the LALA mood !
motivation please !
my mind is telling me , STUDY STUDY STUDY ! its already the crucial time !
but my heart say this : ' come on its just prelim , relax one corner nia la ! one more month then study ! '
devil is tempting me , and im going towards devil , leaving far from the good !
how ?!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

baby is sucha sweetie today ;D
made sushi & jelly for hubby;D


Friday, August 6, 2010

i saw these in twitter , and i totally agree about it .
- TheLoveStories Some people are just like mineral water. It tastes nothing, but we can't live without. -@wilzkanadi #TLS

TheLoveStories When I give you my TIME, means I'm giving you a portion of my life that I'll NEVER get back. -@TirzaRoemokoy #TLS

yes, im feeling really down now ):

Thursday, August 5, 2010

fuck today ! -.-
cb day !
so nonsense , school is nonsense .
i thought after school will be better but NO !
nevermindd , i think just forget bout the every friday stuff .
im sick and tired of looking forward to friday's afternoon ,
cos there will always have something cropped out .
and no time for our own time !

readers , if you dun understand it . dun need to try understanding it .

pissed off !
its always Bs time more important Gs time .
Bs is always first then Gs -.-

sister told me this , "he is the one you chose . "
my question is ,"but after days goes by , what happen to his attitude ? "

we were sweet , we were irritating , we were annoyed whatever is it ...

one minutes ago , we were okay .
next minute , we were not okay .

this is US .
this is what you see ,
but im crying in the night , hoping that we were okay .
i already dunno still got what way to change back your attitude before ,
in front of everyone , its me , they would say im picking on you .
but is it me who really want all this ?
maybe sometimes it started from me ..

nevermindd , its no longer the same .
something's wrong .
i'll try to fix it , hopefully i can .

TheLoveStories In relationships the motto should be: "I can't hear you, SHOW me what you're talking about." -@youngwonder #TLS


"Love, something unexplainable"

when life gets harder each day.

As survival is the key of life.

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