Tuesday, March 31, 2009

chatted with chee poh and jazreel jie . tears came out .
finally felt that tears for him doesn't worth it . but i still cant control feeling and tears . heartache expect listening to his sorry .nothing else i've heard .
i doubt there would be a chance of us. like he said to cheepoh , keep break and patch , feeling has fade . maybe im just that one & only idiot thinking of having a chance .
other than broken heart , i haven nothing to say. everythiing is like a dream , wonderful dream dream . till the end , its a sad ending .
maybe at first , i shouldn't have believe. maybe you have fall for other better girl . maybe you have never happy tgt with miie after the last patch .
after the break up , you told miie we will still be the close friend , gans . but i cant feel the close-ness . maybe everythiing had just change ,
same , takecare boy . imy & isly .

to many of friends and gans ;
thanks for eveythiing and im sorry that the things i've done .

i miss you much . i wish i could see you more . wishing you might see miie in somewhere ,
i love you as much , hoping that you would , but i noe its impossible .
boy ,
it isnt easy for miie this few days . crying and crying and crying,
thinking back of us , everythiing just seems to be a sweet dream and a moment , everything vanish .
i really wish we could be back . iloveyou .


Monday, March 30, 2009

as you people can see , some changes to my blog . and its obviously smth happen , yes TDJ and i have broke up .

im smiling ? its very difficult for miie to smile like nothing happen . but some how , in front some particular people , i gotta smile . its very xin ku very xin ku . everynight thinking of the past , cried , looking at photo i and him took on whatever occasion , listening to songs , watching a show no matter is funny or what . tears seems to replace everythiing !

some people know how much he meant to be . but maybe we were just not fated for each other ? my love is there doesnt mean his love is there .

im not pushing blame to him ; once something is missing mostly it wont be back . seeing couple all around , loving ; sweet they look so happy . even people younger than miie is having a sweet relationship ? envy and nothing else i can do ?

i sense smth happening few days back , im just want him by my side so i take it as i din feel anythiing , but its obvious isnt it ? i shouldnt have say that sentence and word 'break' . even though i know its gonna happen but i still regret ?
heart is empty now , simply just bleeding . told myself i gotta be strong but i cant .

boy , you are the one who make miie believe in love again .
you are the one who start to say iloveyou forever to miie .
you are the one who pulls up my life and eventually you are the one who leave miie in the darkness .
you are the one who says that you gotta hold on to miie and never let go .
you are the one who promise that your love wont fade .
things above is what you told miie on 210308 0100 .

from the minute you told miie your feeling fade , yes ; thanks for the answer so that i did not hide it anymore , i already know about it .
sorry i've made that sentence , i gotta say that before you say . i dunn wann you to say out ; at least this time i'll be the bad person to dump you .
and this occur on 290309 1600+

i'll still love you {dunn tell miie not to love you }
i'll still miss you .
i'll still be with you .
i'll still be the one for you .
i'll still be at the bball court to suport you .
i'll still dwell on the past . { the memories you gave miie is too memorable , that i dunn wish to forget }

maybe im the one who doesnt knows how to handle relationship ,
boy , i still love you .
jazreel jie told miie to be strong i want it too . but i just cant , heart was totally dead . nothing to push miie on .
james told miie to forget you . thank you but i cant .

lastly , boy thanks for the memories .

i'll still wait for you ...

iloveyou as before , im waiting for you .
i'll be waiting for your love
wishful thinking , only you'll miss ...


Saturday, March 28, 2009

blog mistressssssss is not in her good mood ! just fuck fuck fuck it man ! omg! i really dunno what to do . im just so freaking bored yeahh. fucking shit , lalalalalaalala.

slept at 6plus in the morning ; during the midnight , was chatting with cousin alex bout lots of things and keep calling him not to sleep and he told miie 'i never sleep . im just lying down and closing my eye 'LOL .

so i keep shaking his pillow , and he got so irritated by miie , and he sit right up and pei miie , jiejie and cousin emma to chat . chatted bout much things , life things , family and relationship thats make miie think back of lots of things .

and sit there and think bout stuff , continued chatting while talking till 0315 cousin alex want to sleep liaoo , cos he goona wake up at 8 in the very morning .

sian . so everyone is asleep expect for miie ; missing him damn much , tears just came down , dunno why got so emotional this few days . while wating for his msg to tell miie he has reach home , i played my handphone game . if not , i just simply cant get to sleep .

at 6 plus inthe morning , finally he sms-ed miie and miie he has reach home . so replied him awhile jiu went to sleep le . and woke up at 10 plus in the morning by cousin boy , stupidd him go and wake the whole family up larhh . haha . but yeahh , even he never wake the family up , i will still wake up cos i cant get to sleep anymore larhh ;D
and its 1317 now , think my baby is still sleeping soundly at home . i just miss him much .
oh yarhh , i've learn this phrase few dyas ago ' as time goes by , people tends to change ' . and yes that applies to smth that meant to miie so much . hopefully it wont get back to last time , and dunn wish to see that day come yeahh .

miss , misses , missing him D:

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yes yes , princess is back ! she is having a muscle ache now . lol . did much exercise and work luhs ;D is so tire lahrh ytd. fall asleep when watching tv . ;D
woke up at 1 plus in the afternoon by mummy spam call . crazy her ! =P woke up , did necessary stuff liao , jiu do some housework ordered by mummy , after that jiu watch tv with jiejie . nice nice , but forget is the title . wahahahah .

sms-ed with baby thien , miss him damn much ; he is my everythiing kay :D hahah . just a call from mummy , she called miie to go bus stop to fetch her , as it is raining . so no choice gotta go fetch her , when i reach bus stop she haven reach -.- she bought kfc for miie and jiejie for lunch , some nagging from her while on the way home , under the umbrella .

reach home , jiejie and i had our kfc for lunch ; while eating baby call miie to help him ordered mac , so helped him to ordered . after ordering , continue with my kfc lunch ; bout 15 mins liddat , baby called and ask miie to help him to cancel order ! omg , so called mac hotline and request for cancellation of order . ORDER SUCCESSFULLY CANCELLED ! haha.
but this mac people is cute , after he told miie order is cancelled , he asked miie this : " am i speaking to mr thien ?"
i was like ermm ofcos not larhh , do i sound like a man , but instead i told him " no , im his girlfriend ."

so funny larhh , obviously im not mr thien ! lol . cancelled order liaoo , jiu sms baby tell him order cancel . but he no reply le lehh , so forget it , maybe my baby thien is just busy . wahahaha .

skipskipskip .

bout 5 plus , went out with emma , mummy , daddy and second jiejie . firstly , went to bukit batok to fetch , aunty / nanny and grandma . and off to Alexandra Hospital to visit granduncle , which is grandma's brother . saw many of the relative , but only recognise a few nia , realised that our family is so big .cos got alot i dunno who is it larhh . wahaha.
visit granduncle for bout an hour , jiu went off le . off for dinner at cambridge road , eat till halfway , daddyTAN sms-ed miie ; he told miie he was doing his facial mask , cant move so he is bored . so sms miie -.- bored then rmb this nu er . ahahaha.

reply him after 15mins , pei him sms . but stupidd him , sms till halfway went MIA ! lol. forget it , so after dinner , jiu went to grandma house le. and im here noW ! overnight here ; i left woodlands that emo place ! lol . no larhh . okayy . imisshim damn much , din reply miie .
miss, missed , missing .

♥ baby thien much much

Friday, March 27, 2009

short post ,
went to school ;;nearly quarrel with someone so kpo dunno she where big -.- ; just nice someone sms miie ask miie bout miie and her so told him ; after school ; went home ; went for cca ; after cca ; went to finddd baby ;things happen ; but fine now ; went to woodlands mart buy dinner ; baby send miie home.
reach home ; bath ; watch tv ; play handphone game ; and now posting ! maybe tml will have captainball . hahaha.
after listening to what he said , i seriously know what to do .

♥ baby always!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Write th names of 21 friends you can think of th top of your head, and then answer th questions . After doing this , tag your 21 friends t do th same .

1. baby thien
2. alex jinyu
3. alson
4. cynthia lover
5. joan
6. julia
7. lynette xingansister
8. nizam randombestie
9. shawn
10. xinrong daddyTAN
11. sylvester
12. therisa
13. vivianTAn
14. vivianLYE
15. xiao ping di
16. xueqi
17. yujing rainbow
18. yuhang
19. zen
20.chee poh
21. junhong best friend

How did you meet 7 ? { lynette }
// through zen i think

What would you do if you and 15 had never met ? { xiaoping }
//liddat lo . hahaha!

What would you do if 20 and 1 dated ? {cheepoh&baby thien }
//hmmm ? hopefully not !

Have you ever seen 17 cry ? {yujing }
// i think so

Would 4 and 16 make a good couple ? { cynthia and xueqi}
// hmmm , maybe . hahaha . depend on them ! lol!

Do you think 11 is attractive ? {sylvester }
//speechless (=

What`s 2`s favourite colour ? {alex jinyu }
// i not sure lehh

When was th last time you talked t 9 ? { shawn }
// i dunno ? today ? ytd ?

What language does 8 speak ? { nizam randombestie}
//malay and english ? some chinese ?

Who is 13 going out with ? { vivianTAn }
//i dunno !

What grade is 16 in ? { xueqi }
// sec 3 !

Would you ever date 17 ? {yujing rainbow }
// yes yes ! lol !

Where does 18 live ? {yuhang }
// somewhere!

What is th best thing about 4 ? { cynthia lover!}
// she's cute!

What would you like t tell 10 right now ? { xinrong daddyTAN }
// dad ! imy ! lol ! im bored!

What is th best thing about 20 ? { chee poh }
//hmmm , idk -.-
Have you ever kissed 2 ? {alex jinyu}
// NO ! hahah . later the girlfriend come kill miie ! im attach to TDJ . lol !

What`s th best memory you have of 5 ? { joan }
// she has a small tiny hand!

When`s th next time you`re going t see 4 ? {cynthia lover}
// TML !

How is 7 different from 6 ? { julia and lynette }
//one starts with 'j' while another one starts with 'l'.

Is 2 pretty ? { alex jinyu }
// HE IS NOT PRETTY AT ALL ! as he isnt a girl ! -.-

What was your first impression of 15 ? { xiaoping di }
// small tiny eye !

How did you meet 3 ? { alson }
// hmmmm, im not sure !

Is 15 your best friends ? { xiaoping di}
// NO ! he is my didi !

Do you hate 12 ? { therisa }
// once but not now;D

Have you seen 18 in th last month ? { yuhang }
// yes !

when was th last time you saw 16 ? {xueqi}
// few hours ago , in the school !

Have you been t 5`s house ? { joan }
// outside her house can ?

When`s th next time you`ll see 10 ? {xinrong daddyTAN }
// anytime? we stay at the same block ! lol . want meet him ? call him out lo . but haven try be4

Are you close t 11 ? { sylvester }
// no . he is just my friend friend !

Have you been t movies with 4? {cynthia lover }
// no )=

Have you gotten into trouble with 8? { nizam randombestie }
//no lehh!

Would you give 19 a hug ? { zen }
// no

When have you lied t 3 ? { alson }
//i dunn think i have !

Is 11 good at socialising ? { sylvester }
// i dunno lehh !

Do you know a secret about 8 ? { nizam randombestie }
//you said its a secret if i say yes , everyone will question miie!

Describe th relationship between 12 & 18 . {therisa & yuhang }
// stranger?

What`s th best thing about your friendship with 9 ? { shawn }
//he makes people laugh

What`s th worst thing about 6 ? { julia}
// i dunno !
Have you ever had a crush on 12 ? { therisa }
// no
How long have you know 2 ? { alex jinyu }
//i dunno ? half year ?
Does 11 have a bf/gf ? { sylvester }
// not sure

Have you ever wanted t punch 1 in th face ? { baby thien }
// YES ! when we are playing ! hahah . naughty him
Has 21 met your mother ?{junhong best friend }
// no!

How did you meet 11 ? { sylvester }
// I&E gift shop

Did you ever accidentally physically hurted 3 ? { alson }
// i forget le!
Do you live close t 7 ? { lynette }
// not too near not too far

What is 8`s favourite food ? { nizam }
// I DUNNO !

What kind of car does 1 have ? { baby thien }
// Bicycle Mrt Walk

Have you travelled anywhere with 9 ? { shawn }
// yes , before valentine day board bus tgt to findd baby while he is with alson goign to alson house im with shane ! !

If you gave 14 $100 , what will they spend it on ? { vivianLYE }
//musical stuff ! lol!

okayy , apology to my readers . i din post this few days , i just tire ! hahaha ;D
this few day , someone came back to school . fucking noisy in class ! she thot that she very cute liddat keep shouting in class ! wtf sia . make miie wanna puke ! omFg ! lol .
and today this particular girl *im polite enough to not call her bitch ehh (= * , hand super itch , during mother tongue lesson , she just take out the tape on the board so what larhh . wtf . she thot that is her house liddat , want take away jiu take away , never ask her people opinion ! fucker . everyone was so frustrated ; maisarah stick that thingy for like long with much effort even though it seems to be easy sticking that thing on board and she just put out ! wtf sia , never think bout how poeple feel . cb sia . classmates and i rather her not come to school ! SUPER wish . think what ? 3n2 hotel arhh ? wann come jiu come , dunn fell like coming den jiu mai come . please larhh , 3n2 doesnt need you larhh . in fact , most of us dunn wann you to be 3n2 and treated you as a fly , flying around in the class larhh , just that this fly knows how to shout , knows how to interupt people when people is talking . please hor , basic manner hor ; when people talk , please kindly shut that fucking mouth of yours up ! nb . hello ! im talking , you shut up larhh . during physic lesson , i bo talk den you mai talk , ; once i open my mouth ask mr chua thing , you must just shout and cut my words off arhh ? eh , go back to kindergarden and learn you basic manner before you step into my class larhh hor .
bloody hell , you think your butt very nice arhh ? dunno how to walk properly need miie teach not ? ass . i din open my mouth and shout at you , dunn think im nice to push around and getting overboard hor . LINA AW EE TING you fucking hell know where is your fucking limit in 3n2 larhh .

Monday, March 23, 2009

Quiz tagged by Sharon aiaisx to do .

1. Besides your lips,where is the favorite spot to get kissed?
2. How do you feel when you woke up this morning ?

3. Who was th last person you took photo with ?
-my baby thien? haha!

4. Would you consider urself to be spoiled?
-yes ! super pampered!

5. Would you ever donate blood?
-nono !

6. Have you ever had a best friend who was the opposite sex?
-yes ! mostly ?

7. Do u want someone dead?
-yes ! super !

8. What does ur last text message says?
-'lmao , . well. its just that i dunn need msg de . want jiu real de. '

9. What are you thinking right now ?
-what is my baby doing?

10. Do you wish someone is beside you now ?
-yes ! baby thien

11.What is th time you go to bed last night ?
-i dunno !
12. Where do you buy the T-shirt you are wearing now?
- i cant remember it larhh !

13. Is someone on your mind right now ?
- yes !

14. Who was th last person who text you ?
-tandingjie ! baby thien!

15. 10 ppl tagged to do this quiz .
1. baby thien
2. shawn
3. shane kukunehneh
4. zen
5. therisa
6. zhengfu pigpig
7. xinrong daddyTAN
8. julia
9. cynthia lover
10. xueqi

16. Who is 2 having a relationship with? (shawn)
-hmmm, i dunn think he has one now? im not sure!
17. Is 3 a male or a female ?
18. If 7 and 10 get together,would it be a good thing?
-i dunno
19. What is 1 studying ?
-my school? what ?

20. When was th last time you chat with them ?
-no long ago

21. Is 4 single ?

22. Say something abt no.2 . .
-funny ,blur!

23. What do you think abt 3 & 6 being together ?

24 . Describe 9

25. What will you do if 6 & 7 fight ?
-i dunno

26. Do you like 8 ?

okay fuck bored day i have ! reply tags !
23 Mar 09, 02:07
melissa: www.henrymelbiz.blogspot.com
-okayys , jiejie will got see ok ? haha .! seeya soon!
23 Mar 09, 00:06
Sharon ♥: aiaisx ! do th quiz at my blog ! :D
22 Mar 09, 15:26
Yang: Marmie link me Tisisyang.blogspot.com
22 Mar 09, 12:10
Sharon ♥: yupps . sure thing yo . Iloveyou too , love die you ahhh ! :D
22 Mar 09, 01:52
rong: hello nu er! tag! last long alright? D
-daddy too! ;D
21 Mar 09, 23:31
julia: takecareeeee, xD
21 Mar 09, 23:30
julia: HI YUFEN. loveeee ah! next ime we'll go search for your hello kitty CDs and toy ok
-OKAY! deal ! loveya!
21 Mar 09, 21:58
weijie: that i drinked..
21 Mar 09, 21:58
weijie: dummy i come tag tag tag .. :P hahaha.. ps lurhss forgive me arhhsss.. :(

Saturday, March 21, 2009

alright ! happy day i suppose . today is miie and baby thien 1 year anniversary ! ;D well , time really flies without miie knowing , 1 year has past . baby and i gone through many things , people around us can see luhs , even baby's mum call us not to quarrel again . hahaha . i believe we will still have much memories ahead . and im loking forward yeahh . hahaha .
woke up at 11 in the morning , bath and everythiing . and called baby's mum up to ask her to help miie wake baby up . hahaha. after that , watch tv awhile , sms-ed with baby awhile den jiu went to baby house le ; pass-ed him the present , hehe . hope he love it . hehehehe.
den baby and i off to cwp le! went to buy ticket for race to witch mountain! bought ticket at 1 plus and show shows at 3.10. haha , so baby and i went shopping but we bought nothing . cos nothing caught my eye luhs ! stupidd . hahaha . and we just keep shop and shop and shop ! lol . and finally , we went to eat ! haha . so super full okay ! even my baby cant finish the food , thats no reason i can finish ! hahaha .
after finshing our lunch , went to cinema . wait-ed for the show to start ! hahaha . so duper cold can . lucky i got bring hoodie but my baby thien never bring jacket ! )= baby thien cold cold , but he diedie wann miie wear hoodie . awww, love him much much ! and the show is damn nice ! 100% worth to watch man ! hahhaaha. after the show , went back to baby house ; slacked , haha . baby and i keep singing larhhh ! so fun , sing very very very loud ; till baby no voice ! DUPER FUNNY ! haha.
after that , jazreel jie and shinying jie join us. haha. chatted awhile at baby house , den baby needa go out le , so we left , went to slack with both jiejie . so funny hahah . and im home at 9 SHARP! haha. missed baby much .lala.
okay , ytd was a wrong thinking i have . nevermindd , haha .

happy one year anniversary ! iloveyou than nothing can describe ; wholeheartedly ! wahoyo !

21 Mar 09, 17:54 Lynette: last lonq with him hor. HAppy 1 year Anniversary, loveya
-thanks! iloveyou sister ! 21 Mar 09, 01:36 Sharonn ♥: aiaisx , imy imy . )):
-imyt! 20 Mar 09, 21:54 Sharon ♥: muahaha , im sorryyyy . i tell you okay ? anw , he told you ah ? or you read my blog ? o.o
-BOTH! haha! 20 Mar 09, 20:48 G-wendolynnn♥: heyhey! tagged tagged! dont angry okay? sacred ur angry. loves. tc. 20 Mar 09, 16:02 yuhang: tag
-hello:D 20 Mar 09, 15:43 RACHEL:LLL: hello =D qo see my very first post =D its smth tat can say abt you bah ? =D hahs
- dun be lame can ? nonsense sia . wann tag jiu tag larhh . see i wann reply not larhh , dunn say till i that bitch can ? ass. 20 Mar 09, 12:25 MeiNa♥: YOYOYOYO . Whats up . Lol lame . Muahahas . Taggedd and takecares huh . Loves♥ 20 Mar 09, 01:58 Cong: Hellows
-CONGCONG! hello! ;D 19 Mar 09, 22:46 xiaoping: yo jie/mei ! tagged.
-you aare now officially my didi ! ! hahah!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

its 0228 in the midnight now, i still cant get to sleep . i dunno why , maybe im just to energetic liaoo . lols. but im so bored kay . wtf . haha
but y8.com is entertaining miie larhh , play till sian ! wth . baby is sleeping now . soundly asleep i think , i miss him damn much alright ! haha. just 21 hour plus more to miie and baby 1 year le ! hahaha. so happy ;D
okay i dunno what to say le ! bye !


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

went RP today for course . its was OMFG for the starting , it was all dead theory for engineering ! gosh ! and i almost fall asleep when the person was talking infront luhs ! hahaha . did quite a few time of hand on , quite fun larhh , especially the fish tank thing !hahaha. went to explore RP during lunch break ! lol . 1 hour 30mins break ! haha . actually nothing to say luhs. bout the RP thingy , its just okay for miie nia!
ohh yarhh , my baby is back le ! omg ! i miss him like fuck sia . hahha . and today went at house downstair , saw papa at there ! im like OMG can ! so happy . papa came for some reason and i also dunno what reason . lol. din plan to ask him , the reason is not becos of miie ; thats what i know ! hahaha;D

picture should do the talk !

reply of tags! ;D
18 Mar 09, 12:59
G-wendolynnn♥: hello, tagged tagged! stay chio. takecares! ily.
17 Mar 09, 23:27
SHINYING (:: Hello, meimei. (:
17 Mar 09, 22:22
- nice to see you here man ! CONG CONG!
17 Mar 09, 14:04
-imfengqing-™: Tutu! Tagged! TakeCares!!
- TUTU ! haha. thanks for tagging ! takecare too ;D
17 Mar 09, 09:34
Sharonn ♥: being lame is good , cause at least i found smth t do . Hahas , lame-inq again . anw , tagged . text you laterrrrr , loves <3
-hahha. whatever ! loves ♥

PS:// papa , my M&M ? how how how? haha.



Tuesday, March 17, 2009

hmmm, princess is at cousin house now. stupidd her , come and attend her 'party ' den she go findd her friend . lol. wakakakakkaka.nevermindd , with her tgt with miie i will sot diaoo . hehehe . like irritating :D
alright , went to school in the morning . today workshop is damn crap , not interesting at all . never caught my attention ;D but the debate time is fun luhs , cos see classmate talk like funny bodohh ;D after the workshop , went home straight .
hahaha , reach home liaoo den go woodlans mart ; blue studio, to cut my hair and jiejie go wash her hair ! got cut like bo cut liddat ;D after that , go home again . bath and everythiing luhs , prepare to go out , and bus-ed to cwp to buy cousin present , studs and band ;D hahaha . after buying , met up with big jiejie and cab-ed to bukit panjang . and here i am now !
miss baby all the way , seriously cant live without him . miss him like nothing can describe. hopefully he is enjoying and playing well now, just hope that he is fine will do ;D
love him to the core !

Monday, March 16, 2009

princess is back again from meeting her michelle girlfriend ! ;D haha. okay(=
today i woke up at 6plus yes, waken up by mummy , as i told her to do so . wake up , while standing up and leave my bed alone there . started to have difficult in breathing , i dunno , so lie on bed again to let body rest awhile . HAHA ! and its fine le :D clever miie . do necessary stuff liaoo , den kukunehneh came up to my house , mummy and her in , and mummy went to work! ;D nice , dunn need hear her nagging .
after doing my stuff , we walk-ed to school yeahh . on the way to school , keep contact drills IC in sec 3 which is involve with speech day . hahaha . everyone is punctual cos its only involve three people , that includes miie :D wakakakakaka .
reached school, chatted awhile with sec4 seniors and started to gather sec 2 cadets le . hahaha . was fun luhs , while im doing my NP stuff , shane was alone in canteen waiting for miie :D thanks kukunehneh . loveyou manymany kay(=
helping out with speech day rehearsal till 10 and rehearsal end . there's many funny things happen , but i cant say it here , later i kena ;D haha . i only can say this , " TT doesnt knows how to do makes things right , and he only knows how to pronounce wrong thing "the ICs will know what i mean yeahh(= haha . after helping out with rehearsal , went back to canteen to findd shane , she was with someone . lol . den when to toilet to tidy my hair , its like so MESSY ! you got the word ? M ... E... S... S....Y ! yes ! haha . after that , keep calling haolian po faster come school . haha . i purposely wait for her liaoo den have my breakfast kay ! even though , im like starving like fuck ! haha .
when haolianpo came , she acc miie go buy food to makan . haha . chit chatting with friends , and joan , jieying and vivian join in too :D hahah . till bout 1050liddat went to class to attend geog remedial , lol ! i wasnt listening at all , wakakaka . im in holiday mood , no mood to study luhs :D chit chatted with classmate ! so fun can . time flies , remedial end .
went to mac , slack AWHILE its really awhile bout 5 mins jiu leave le ;D its was raining , no choice walk in the rain with kukunehneh and haolianpo , so romantic ! lol . im so lame now :D hahah . reach home , bath liaoo , contact baby liaoo . and off to findd my dear-ling baby :D yes , it was still raining by then , but i took umbrella there kay ! okay , people . you people din hear wrongly , i took umbrella kay ! hahahaha . initiative to take umbrella and use it! yes , to not make my baby worry , to meet my baby , to not make myself drench like those asshole out there. hahaha . no offence , im just joking yeahh.
slacked at baby house , get to know baby's jiejie haha. she's pretty kay ! and she cook nicenice de , okay . in short , baby's jiejie is good in everythiing ;D wakaakkaka . im like advertising her sister liddat . but guys out there , 'no chances for you! she is ATTACHED !! hahahahahahah :D you are too slow ! '
slack-ed till 4 , baby and miie went mini mart to buy smth . and after that , baby send to bus stop , want miie to take bus , as my legs hurts . but its fine by then , lol ! we waited for the bus , after i board the bus baby use his bike chiong to the stop which i sill alight and wait for miie . he is so fast kay , and baby sent miie home after that . so fun .
much thing happen at baby house , haha . i mean funny and crazy stuff , baby never fail to make miie smile and laugh like crazy luhs :D wakakakaka. thinking back , im the one who is always attitude-ing baby , im sorry baby . no matter what , you are still the reason behinde my smiley smile :D
alright , thats almost end my day but not ,
i just met up with my michelle girlfriend ! hahaha, tgt with her boyfriend , i mean not miie is the stead yeahh . okay , she really love him damn much . i really can see , i saw it using my own eye , see her smiling and laughing so happily . im seriously happy (= a wide smile on her face makes miie so relieve after all . haha . she came to miie to lend something , and thats the reason i can see her again! chatted with her , her life seems to be not bad from my view , hahaha . okay . she is taking care of her boyfriend now . lets wish that they both really last ;D alright , iloveher lots :D hahaha ;D before we seperate our ways , she gave mie a hug , and a KISS :D haha. love her really lots larhh . muhahhaha , girlfriend , remember no matter what , i'll be always here for you :D

and back to my baby again ! baby is going oversea for a day , im gonna miss him like fuck :( lets hope that princess wont get emo tml . princess is so emotional de can :\ anyway , im off now . tml stil got school .
baby , do takecare of yourself alright ? mama will be waiting for you here ! hahaha. iloveyou ! muacks muacks muacks , mama will takecare of herself de ;D no worries , enjoy!

ilovepapabear ♥

Saturday, March 14, 2009

princess is not her mood now .
her family just sux to the core !
ccb ! nbcb!

Friday, March 13, 2009

its 1152 of 140309 now .
yesterday went to school with hokit dad and teckyong luhs . as baby never come school , last minutes cant jio people so findd them lorhh . went to daddy house there de bus stop and went to school , stupidd sia they all , walk the long long long long way to school make miie so tire larhh . wakakaka . assembly 3n2 friends some are like so dulan , all credits go to 3n3 wtf man . should not elaborate much , say le will dulan !
skip ft preiod , pe lesson so sick can ! do the fitness thingy , haha , but i never do , im sux at that . i noe it myself best luhs. so , dun force miie to do it ; i noe my body best than you people . so just around den pe jiu end liaoo ! lol !
after pe is maths ! ZULFADHLI lesson , might be his last lesson le , he himself oso dunno whether is he last lesson not . dumbdumb him !
skip all that way to after school , after school went to findd ahh gongg to pass message . lols . after that went for ICT course . quite fun luhs.love it lots :D was lucky that , nothing happen to my file for that programme. so went around to help with friends. after course , went to slack den jiu go home liaoo. sms-ed with my baby ; awhile nia . bath ,blahblahblah. bout 6plus i sleep till 10 to morning , its like 16hour can ! first time sleep for such so long hour . :D
today wake up, having a headache!! fucking pain can !!! plus im hungry larhh ; skipped my dinner , skipped my supper . stupidd ass. anyone, wnt buy thing give miie eat now? im fucking hungry !

13 Mar 09, 19:51
-shinying jiejie is loved too:D
13 Mar 09, 15:16
MeiNa♥: Yoyos ! Long time no see manzx . Hahas . Takecares & Last Long and Sweetly okay . Withloves . :D
-lol. meet up soon!
12 Mar 09, 18:42
Sharonn ♥: haha , you here ,ey . thot you somewhere else ! heehs , imyt . lastlonq uhs ((:
-haha. aiaisx so lame ! iloveyou and miss you luhs!
11 Mar 09, 22:30
RACHEL: erh shoulld it be hi or bye ,, nvm erh hii =D
11 Mar 09, 21:56
xiaoping: yo mei/jie! tag.
-haha. omg , you tag miie ?
11 Mar 09, 00:39
Melissa: you and tinkiat is what i call true love (: last long , sounds like both of you patched back ? (:
-yupp. girl cheer up alright :D loves!

i miss papa bear !

Thursday, March 12, 2009

nothing to highlight in school today . nothing much actually , its just that lights lesson the class was so OMFG ! hahah :D after school , kukunehneh pei miie home , put back take stuff den go to her house le . while waiting for haolian po and curry pok mei , kukunehneh cooked maggie mee for both of us . haha. but she lousy de ! :D
bout 3.52 liddat , haolian po and curry pok miie haven done yet , so called them up and say meet in school ! after reaching school , i saw baby at canteen !!! hahahaha ! he is tgt with tobias , lol . went to findd baby and chatted with him awhile , well he is so sweaty luhs :D but i still love him!!! hehehe!
after chatting with baby , went up to hall with kukunehneh listen to the talk ! so long can , wtf and i fall asleep larhh . but stupidd kukunehneh go accidentally bang into miie make miie wake up ! lol . no choice den chatted with 2n1/n2 / 08 gans family . haha . like party liddat , after that talk , went to call dad and call him to attend the MPS ! lol . waited for him like long luhs ; we waited till 7 plus , chatted with mdm ng much on positive things only few negative things , like vulgarities ,defiant , attitude . lol!
thot mummy would like kill miie cos defiant you noe!!! but she just nagnagnag awhile den jiu stop liaoo .haha . after MPS , went tp SSC to buy geog textbook as someone called dad up liaoo , no choice . hahah .:D after buying , went to have dinner ! super full , bloated ! :P and home sweet home . and when reach home its 10 plus. yes , i noe when i write like short ,its becos i summarize it ! if not , readers you all cfm die ! lols .
bath , do some stuff and here i am now ! im missing him badly badly ! SUPER BADLY ! oh my blue blue sky ! oh my 蓝蓝的天! :D okayy im being lame , i noe :D i should stop here yeahh , i still waiting for papa msg (: bye guys ! do tag miie yeahh. iloveyou guys! but i love him more :D

mama l♥ve papa!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

haha :D its totally a wonderful day for miie can ! IM SO HAPPY NOW !! IM SO HIGH !! AS HIGH AS THE MOON ! :D okayy , people around miie will know what im saying luhs. :D yes ! my love love love , my long wait-ed love is back back back again! haha . it happened at 0047 , and 12 seconds ! im so so so happy ! WEEHOO ~~~
ilovehim much much ! :D school is fun today :D but only got one hting to say , next week we got a march holiday , but fuck it luhs )= we got holiday like dunn have liddat . cca , remedial and workshop ! wth larhh . school , i rather you dunn give us holiday , its doesnt make any differences.. lalas !
after sst , went to bball court to findd my papa bear ; baby ! haha. but not really bball court its the table near the court , byebye to kukunehneh , haolian po and joceline ! hehe :D slacked at my baby house awhile den papa needa go train his body , so i went to xinganSISTER house to pei her and shun bian waste my time! hahas. bought bag from her ! i love it kay! hahaha!
till 1830 , went home with xinganSISTER . do necessary stuff and we are off to woodlands mart ! hahas :D went to eat first , saw xiao ping , he look like an idiot larhh ! din see miie , den when saw miie like stun liddat! haha. after eating , walk here and there dunno where to go den xinganSISTER wanna buy sweet so went to candy house , and buy ! hahaha. after that , walk walk den jiu byebye le ! miie and xinganSISTER jiu seperate ways le . and now im home , missing him sia ! wtf! its like 2 hour before i see him . but im missing him like hell ! omg omg omg !
okay , time to reply tags ! :D

10 Mar 09, 18:02
G-wendolynnn♥: hellos! chiobu yufen! tagged! loves. takecares
9 Mar 09, 20:46
Sharonn ♥: miss my aiaisx lah , damn . where is she ah ? o.o
- im here im here ! imissyou too!
9 Mar 09, 20:24
julia: horhor, jh my bestie la :P hehehehehe.
-mine !
9 Mar 09, 20:20
zhi an: lols
9 Mar 09, 20:20
zhi an: u ned 2 slim down de meh? so slim liao stil wan slim down,if u go slimmer abit nex time i onli hear voice cnt see ppl arh
-haha . yarhh lo ! fat fat le stomach ! dunn like!
8 Mar 09, 23:39
michelle(girlfren)!: okayys . yoo dont be sad too . im always be with yoo when yoo need me (: imissyoo lots larhhx !!!!!!!! x33
-haha ! okayy ! iloveyou many many too!
8 Mar 09, 20:06
YUJING!;D: Hahah , Rainbowrainbow , tears dry beacause they evaporate into RAINBOW! :D
-yes , iloveyou luhs!
8 Mar 09, 18:55
Melissa: Hahaha , will cheer up ;D
-smile smile!
8 Mar 09, 18:08
junhong: HOHO! tag.

Monday, March 9, 2009

im back people :D
hahas , today school was slack , but in DNT i was attentive and so guaii kay :D i keep drawing lorhh . haha . but starting i draw like shit sia , den give up . bout 10 mins later , mr soh came and giude through the drawing , haha. even though the drawing still sux ; but is better than the start larhh :D anyway , thanks mr soh for the guide yo ! haha :D MR EH!
skip till assembly , its bout indian dance , i was sitting at the back of th hall , as the side of the hall is wet which is near my class larhh , nehneh . so teacher call miie go to the back of the hall , behind smiley class ! I SAW HIM KAY ! :D hahas. but the programm so sian larhh , and eventually i fell asleep :D but i keep on people can :D keep peep on people . haha . i like bian tai i noe , as long he's happy , im happy too :D hahas, -people out there can say its so dramaitc , but when its happens on you , you noe how it feels luhs D: even though , im still waiting . lalas.
school end , but still have MT oral ! . my examiner is mdm whong , yes , she is good examiner can ! hahas:D i waited for my turn , while waiting was chatting away like a busy girl . and yes , my erzii was late for exam . stupidd him -.- lost of speech ! he has changed luhs. thats what i can say . he doesn't treat miie as marmie le. lalas.
mdm whong say my conversation is very good :D hahas. im so happy larhh ! stupidd . end of story ! byebye!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

ohh yarhh ! went to my house freezer i saw a packet chicken . haahas ! makes miie think bout rahman ! yes, he sms -ed miie ytd ! i was so SHOCKED ! im like , omg ! rahman sms-ed miie ! hahas. yupp , im so happy too larhh . from sec1 and sec 2 rahman was my buddy :D he teaches miie mathematics and things which i dunn understand , as sec 1 & 2 , we were sitting tgt ! many memories luhs ! hahas. okay:D till sec 3 , we are seperated)= , different class and both of us drift-ed apart ! so.. its natural to be happy when my buddy sms miie right.
yes , we chatted ! haha , talk bout lots stuff ; rahman listen to my troubles and concern bout miie !thanks buddy ! and eventually , both of us was starving ytd night , so we decided to starve tgt ! hahas :D i noe we are lame but its still fun yeahh(= only miie& him understand :D wakakaka.
okayy , as we chat , we chatted bout favourite food ! hahas, he start the topic ! haha . yes , and we shared bout our favourite food :D and i knew that buddy loves chicken !
and buddy beaome my CHICKEN BOY ,
while i became his TOMYUM GIRL ! haha. lovely right? the name :D

i(L)rahman , chicken boy ! he will be my forever friend ! no regret knowing him!

next , im chatting with michelle girlfriend!
glad to hear that she is okay with her boyfriend ! not miie , i mean stead!yes, see her happy now , im so happy . i still prefer her to be happy and crazy de nsad sad and hear her crying !
haha. alright , girlfriend , im hereby saying to you this ,
next time , dunn anyhow think when things went wrong , its will just make you feel worse and make things worse , im super happy to see you happy and smile ! :D alright. anythiing , can come to miie de alright? boyfriend is always here for you (= last long with him alright:D loveyou !

freaking bored now , well , tears had dried up . feeling of crying but sadly , NO TEARS ! wtf ! hahas :D whatever . cheer up YUFEN! im still trying :D he happy = i happy :D wakakaka . crazy miie , hees. okay. imim seriously rotting , decomposing very soon . hais. crazy miie! lols

morning , i was waken up by rainbow -.-o stupidd her , send miie a chain msg early in the morning. wth , and so i continued to forward the msg . haaha, and i woke DINGJIEsmiley up . opps , sorry smiley ! he replied , yupp, was so happy with the answer so crazy over it . but when can it come?
i'll still wait ! haha:D

anyway ,
i going to have a new bag ! i ordered from korhhkorhh!! hahas :D see i so good support him(= korhhkorhh , i want it free ! lol, impossible ! wakakaka . oh yarhh , something to say ! firstly ,

kexin - my haolian PO!
JUNHONG - my bestie ! :D

wakaka ,
alright , this few days thanks junhong for cheering miie up yeahh(= he has been a great listener hahas:D

reply of taggies :D .

8 Mar 09, 17:32
Dingjie: harlow harlow :D
8 Mar 09, 14:04
joachim: why tag me.im lazy to do ur quiz loh.
- no choice ! today is 10 month bro&sis ! must do ! thanks bro ! :D
8 Mar 09, 13:49
junhong: YEHH! DONE YOUR QUIZ (:
-thanks bestie
8 Mar 09, 11:12
shawn: DONE! (:
-haha . i noe sabo - kia
8 Mar 09, 10:45
- yes rainbow?
7 Mar 09, 21:43
Sharonn ♥: done th quizzz :D tagged ! loves yah !
-great !
7 Mar 09, 20:41
cynnnthiaa♥: err, never change name x:
7 Mar 09, 20:40
cynnnthiaa♥ - passerby: hohoho, i screwed 99% .
-lover so bad !
7 Mar 09, 20:40
7 Mar 09, 19:57
MEIJUN`♥: Relink , thankyou {:
7 Mar 09, 19:46
Alviss: Tag tag ;D
7 Mar 09, 19:17
junhong: haha! okay okay, i will do it asap. now no time. by mon i sure do your quiz kay! haha (:
-steady larhh !
7 Mar 09, 16:10
EMMA♥: hahas.Long time bo see you liao )):
-yarhh lo )=

Saturday, March 7, 2009

saw this quiz on emma baobeii cousin's blog . and she tagged miie for this quiz in her blog , she was too stupidd that bo tag miie in my blog . stupidd bum ! hahas :D stil love her.long time no see her le . kinda miss her:D lets start the quiz before i dunn have the time to do it ! :D

HOW much TEENAGE you had screwed up?
[x] Gotten detention.
[] Gotten your phone taken away in class.
[x] Gotten suspended.
[x] Gotten caught chewing gum.
[] Gotten caught cheating on a test.
Total: 3

[x] Arrived late to class more than 5 times.
[X] Didn’t do homework over 5 times
[] Turned at least 3 projects in late
[] Missed school cause you felt like it.
[x] Laughed so loud you got kicked out of class.

Total : 6

[] Got your mom / dad etc. to get you out of school.
[X] Texted people during class.
[X] Passed notes.
[x] Threw stuff across the room.
[x] Laughed at the teacher.

Total : 10
[ ] Pulled down the Fire Alarm.
[X] Went on Myspace , Facebook , Xanga , etc. on the computer at school.
[X] Took Pictures during school hours.
[X] Called someone during School hours.
[X] Listened to an iPod , CD , etc... During class.

Total : 14

[x] Threw something at the teacher
[x] Went outside the classroom without permission.
[] Broke the dress code.
[X] Failed a class.
[X] Ate food during class.

Total : 18

[x] Gotten a call from school.
[x] Couldn’t go on a field trip cause you behaved badly.
[X] Didn’t take your stuff to school.
[x] Gotten a detention and didn't go.
[x] Stuck up your middle finger at a teacher when they were not looking.
[x] Cursed during class loud enough so the teacher could hear

Total : 24

[] Faked your parents signature
[X] Slept in class.
[] Cursed at a teacher to their face.
[X] Copied homework

Total: 25

MULTIPLY BY THREE : 25 x 3 = 75
I screwed up 75% of my teenage life.

Tag 10 of your friends.
1. alex JINYU
3.cynthia lover
7.sharon aiaisx
8.xinrong daddyTAN
9.yujing rainbow

Friday, March 6, 2009

im back again yo ! just talk bout npcc barhh . NPCC is the only thing that can make stop thinking bout my sad stuff lehh! :D claps!
went to npcc after my ICT course , first to end the course , as my squadmate was all waiting for miie ! =x im like , wow ! so'da pai' man miie :D okay , feel bad to make them wait for such a long time. sorry guys ! hahas, went down to foyer , i was told that im the drills IC! wtf ! drill , im sux in it man ! well, try my best den ! :D lucky ping and randomBESTIE oso in drills ! :D if not , i lonely man! haha. love them kay !
took sec 1 drills , okayy i cant comment bout them here , we know it ourselves . its difficult , yes , we goona do it nicely ! we used to be liddat too :D was firm and fierce to them , as faizal sir say that discipline should train from the start ! so we did it ! haha. its tiring shouting this and that alright . haha.
was fine till games time , din participate in any games , was tire as there is pe in the morning , afternoon , gotta run for npcc! while rest there alone , think bout lots of things , went emo ! but lucky there is junhong there , to entertain miie and im fine again! and alviss thot i cry when i yawn ! -.-
lalas. i dunno what to say , just wasn't use to friday after npcc , went back without the same people. anyway , here to thanks tutu send miie home just to replace precious as he went to swimming ! stupidd him ! :D
thanks tutu , to spend the time listening to miie . :D reach home , someone nag nag nag ! like i dunno what ! just fuck it ! im troubled enough , cant you just shut that mouth of yours up ! im not going to scold any vulgarities at you! as i find it no use .

6 Mar 09, 20:56
NIZAM: yufennn bestie! hahahaha. ok tag me back! :D
- okay ! i tag yo uback in a minute time!
6 Mar 09, 20:33
G-wendolynnn♥: hey! how are you? haha. seems you like npcc? haha. you like npcc right? tagged! stay chio. ily =)
6 Mar 09, 16:40
Meipeng: Hellos, relink thx(:
6 Mar 09, 10:34
Sharonn ♥: aiaisx , happy 3rd mth . iloveyou & cheerup alrights ? (:
-happy 3rd month !

Thursday, March 5, 2009

blog mistress is back again.
but she's in school ; yes , she feeling low now . she's jealous . lol .
even though , im nothing now . yeahh. forget it. hais.
miss ya , D:

yes just for you , im not going to write your name you noe who you are.
im just so sorry for whatever i've said and i did to you . i noe sorry cant mi bu everythiing, but thats the only i can do . i noe you did lots of things for miie , you might not believe in what i am saying now , but i really cherish and appreciate it .
i did not toy your feeling neither did i not love you in the first place. yes,
my attitude last year sux before i noe you , after being tgt with you , i told myself im gonna change for you . yes ,i did change memories of us sweet, bitter , sour and all there is.
im sorry whatever i've done today . okay , im suck a kpo .
but after 11 month , i suddenly got this crazy thought i dunno why , i want to let you noe bout my true attitude i used to have. im stupidd , i shouldnt have do that , and now everythings come to the end . regretted but no use.
but seriously ,
i din toy your feeling , everythiing , i love you wholeheartly , the love i have it to you has no doubt . yes , its my wrong to keep that attitude of mine to myself and not show out , its just becos i dunn wanna lost you . but i still did it . i make the situation more worse . i make you feel lots of thing which is fake . but the love is real isn't it?
yes , i noe spare you from the word iloveyou . i really hope everythiing would be back to like we used to have . is that possible?

im sorry that attitude you .
im sorry that shout at you .
im sorry that i made you feel mei mian zi .
im sorry that i din show out the bad attitude of mine to you .
im sorry that i made you let people scold till like i dunno what ,
im sorry that i made you felt that im not that loving anymore .
im sorry that i made you feel that i dunn appreciate thing you have done .
im sorry that i made you feel unloved .
im sorry that i made you feel that im gl kia,
im sorry that i've disappoint you .
im sorry that i've made you name and reputation dirty .
im sorry that i've made you feel so miserable
im sorry that i've made you thinks that your feeling has been toy-ed , even though i had not .

i dunn mindd changing now , just for you .
i dunn mindd you calling miie l**** b2 , if we are gonna be back .
i dunn mindd you scold miie or what .

i miss your person/REN!
i miss your feeling .
i miss your love .
i miss your kiss .
i miss your hug
i miss your hand .
i miss your 'iloveyou'.
i miss your 'beeBEE , bee , darling , baobei ,wifey, laopo'.
i miss your 'muacks '
i miss your sexy kiss .
i miss everythiing of you .

i dunn want to be your smiley neither your haopengyou nor your friend or even nothing .

i just want you . i miss you . and everythiing . i din toy your feeling , feeling for you is real .

chee guan, its a little impossible.
its hard for miie to forget him ?you can findd a better one.
den miie , you will regret de , korhhkorhh(=

boy , i love you still .
even though , those word hurts miie , at least you noe the feeling for miie .

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

SMILEY♥! hello :D
no worries kay! i've planned to try to get over it :D you smile kay!
hahaha! jiayou for your studies okayy ? (= smiley CHAN support you steady steady de ! :D alright? study first barhh . anyway ,
some promise broken ? but 2 was accomplished ! hmmmm, sms to tell you haoo marhh :D takecare smiley ! 010309 smiley!
010308 friends and HPY! loveSMILEYthien!
*edits thanks for everythiing :D no matter what , i'll still be with you!

alright ! thanks for the spammer to notify everyone i broke up with TDJ . and thank that person to keep my tagboard alive ! lol.
okayy , break up with him was like 3 days ago ! yea , days sux but friends and gans is with miie . thanks yo ! love you guys .
TDJ became my lovely smiley ! hahaha :D love him larhh . he tried he best best to cheer miie up ; soo, i not going to see smiley sad just becos he thinks that he has hurt him ! so im gonna SMILE WIDE BIG ! :DDDDDDDD
thing crop up like fuck? r/s problem , studies and fucking shit noe! fuck it luhs . tire of life . lets reply taggie now !

4 Mar 09, 20:40
cynnnthiaa♥ - passerby: get a life & study hard lah. lamer.
4 Mar 09, 20:40
cynnnthiaa♥ - passerby: person. understand? lols. whd step one big one. i thought it's you? coming here t bark like a brainless dog. seek attention? don't you think you look more like one attention seeker over here?
4 Mar 09, 20:39
cynnnthiaa♥ - passerby: or talk w th teacher also = hongster uh. sehhs, so pro. my lover ain't bhb. i miss her. boos t you. & hereby, i correct you that it's step, not stab. stab is when you take a knife & start jabbing a
4 Mar 09, 20:37
cynnnthiaa♥ - passerby: that break up w boyfriend can't talk other guys? talk t other guy = hongster? if you're a girl, don't you talk t a guy? than doesnt talking t my bro make me a hongster? aisehs, lover, i hongster sehh
4 Mar 09, 20:36
cynnnthiaa♥ - passerby: oi. you mai come my lover blog here kpkb ley. there step one pro. you tell me lah, who break up wun sad, huh? you tell me. or you're that unique one? wow, not bad ley. & hur, ho established th rules
-okayys. haha. thanks lover ! iloveyou ! relax ♥
4 Mar 09, 20:26
weijie: oi passer-by dun stap 1 big here la hor come out la.. u kpkb inside the blog oso dun dare to come out.. hais mother fvcking dog la hor.. cb dog.. motherless.. fvck face
-DUMMY! loves , relax !
4 Mar 09, 20:20
4 Mar 09, 20:16
-okayys . thanks ahh gongg . you so funny! :D
4 Mar 09, 09:28
passer-by: hereby,i repeat myself you are a *****! is that understood already?dun stab a sad one.you break with your boyfriend also can play with other boys?edsel?and friends?FLITER HONGSTER *****!
4 Mar 09, 09:26
passer-by: hey *****!dont bhb la!who would want to miss you?serve you right la,break with tk.dont stab a big one infront of us la.ATTENTION SEEKERS!recess time at there screamm and shout you think is your home?

- thank you very much ! got anythiing come my class talk to miie kay! i believe you in ADSS de . i 3n2 ! in case you dunno where it is , its beside ava room , 3rd level ! and thank you to let miie noe that i have the beauty to flirt and make you people jealous ! :D write down name thanks , nameless freako !

4 Mar 09, 09:24
asserby-G-wendolynnn: SHUTUP and it is non of ypur business!
-NOOB -.-
3 Mar 09, 21:24
cynnnthiaa♥: lover, please cheerup(:
-thanks lover ! i love you much ! :D
2 Mar 09, 23:46
rong: Nu er!stay happy mai sad sad de
- thanks dad ! even though , i dunn like your girl , but still , LAST LONG!
2 Mar 09, 19:16
G-wendolynnn♥: ehh, passerby, you care her so much for wat? lol. -.- lame sia. chiobu yufen! tagged. ily =)
2 Mar 09, 18:41
asserby: whats the diff between earsticks and earstuds?
- stick is stick , stud is somethiing like earring! -.-
2 Mar 09, 18:41
asserby: how u and ur boy last so long.. any tips? LOLLL.. How ual maintain one sia
-liddat? but not now! lols !
1 Mar 09, 22:34
Averylzhuang: yo yufen!
1 Mar 09, 18:59
junhong: thanks for the stud! (: U ROCKS :P
-welcome yo !
1 Mar 09, 15:14
G-wendolynnn♥: hellos, yufen ! how are you ?haha. relink me at www.glsy-shines.blogspot.com. thanks. and staychio forever. okay?
1 Mar 09, 14:25
JiiaTonq: hellos :D link me ya!;D tc
-okayy! takecare :D


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