Wednesday, June 30, 2010

haha .
school started like 2 days ago !! fun fun fun ! LOL
now every teacher of mine is say bout PRELIME PRELIM PRELIM , NLEVEL NLEVEL NLEVEL !
WTF sia ~ can i shoo off N LEVEL ?
lol !!!

okay , tell you people something cool ,

fat ass ! _l_ still ask me blog bout her ;x

Friday, June 25, 2010

ccb !
i have my fucking limit , pukimak !
dun push me to it !


ccb !
i have my fucking limit , pukimak !
dun push me to it !


happy two month anniversary with baby !

iloveyou !

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i back to blog again ! back from chalet already ~ so fun okay ;D can see baby 24 hours ;D skip ! no photos also , cos really had fun lorhh ;D

today , baby came to my house at 10 plus . so early , i know ;) slack till 2 plus 3 , baby went to ahh gongg house , slept ! and miie too ;D wake up at 6 plus .

daddy bought food for me , ate . played itouch and then bout 8 , went to 755 meet baby ! slacked until 11 and then went home ;D miss babybaby NOW

Monday, June 14, 2010

oh my godd ~
im having a headache again ! like WTH~ getting old liaoo larhh , abit abit headache .
feeling kinda weak now , all over my body . like fire burning my head liddat , think having a sight fever . ):drank a cup of herbal tea that mummy boil one ...
skipped dnt today agn , was so damn tired , baby came my house at 11 plus . kinda early huh ? hees . baby promised miie today will come to meet miie earlier, cos ytd bo meet dao ! hees ;DDDD

baby came , pei miie chit chat ! till like 12 plus in the noon , and he fell asleep -.- so i go sleep also lorhh . at bout 3 +++ jiejie waked miie up , so both of us ordered KFC . also for babyLOVE , cos i heard baby tummy grumbling =x

wake baby up when food is here , but he seems to be like so damn tired . so let him sleep bout 10 mins more , went to chatchat with big sister . after 10 mins , went to wake baby up (: lazy baby ;D

we both eat our kfc , eat liaoo . clear stuff , chit chat with babyLOVE . after that , when we bothn goin out liaoo . mummy came home , so byebye to mummy and we are off ;D baby saw mummy again !!! LOL

went to 755 and slacked with yongkiat , cant contact the rest -.-at bout 7 , i think ? TUTU aka kukubird came to join us ;D woots ! slacked slacked , baby and youngkiat went bball with other people . then i sit there chat chat with tutu ! hees .

awhile , baby ended his game . so we continues to chit chat , hmmm , no , they chit chat . BOUT MAPLE -.- then tutu left . i forget what happen , then i say bout my past maple account . suddenly , babyLOVE & yongkiat get so agitated when they know i long time nv use the account le , and start asking me bout my username & pass -.- cos they want get the ringer ?or smth liddat , but sadly , i forget all the thing . baby scanned through my contact , see who got maple account and nv use for a year liaoo de , then baby called and asked for account and stuff . yongkiat TOO ! -.- omFg both like siao .

we left at 9 ! baby send me home , and he went home . i brought MIKI down to walk walk , and then homed , do homework ~ blahblahblah .

oh yarhh , i accidentally go bang the wall with my head . so pain man ):
i need sayang from my babyLOVE

okay , the end

misses edsel er

Friday, June 11, 2010

im super pissed off now !!

put yourself in my shoe ! and see how you feel when being nelgected just becos of the stupidd fuckingg lame game you are playing RIGHT NOW !

Thursday, June 10, 2010

im sick & tired of quarreling with you .
as days goes by , you changed .
we used to share the same thinking and lots of things , but now ?
i seriously dunno what you thinking .
so many things had happened , i choose to believe in you again .
i really dun wann this r/s to be a tough one . i had enough , and i seriously dun wan to put this til the end . dun push me to that limit .

its only if you could changed back ...


ohh yarhh , and to add on to the previous post .

3 . dun take your loved ones for granted . when things happens , dun beg them to come back . cos things wont be the same .

4. time wont wait for you . cherish the time with your loved ones .

5. girls do not need a rich boyfriend , they just need a boyfriend who is always there for them .

im feeling so sick and no one knows bout it .
rotting at home like a fucking bitch .
getting so pissed off now and no one cares -.-
and so what someoone cares ?
im no longer give a fucking shit to it , im no longer put any HUGE hope to it , im no longer going to care bout it !
seriously ,

this few days really pissed miie off like fuck ? its totally screwed up , be it relationship or family . just one word , FUCK YOU ! _l_

im really disappointed in everything _l_
i got a few facts that i wanna share bout :

1. human tends to change , no doubt . they dunno that they are changing , unless someone tell her/him . but when someone do not wan tell him /her . that person seriously need to reflect and think back how different was she/he from the past . cos this shows someone was damn dissapointed in that person . and also , readers . get this thing right into your head ! better get happy when someone control yoou or tell to you something that you gotta change , cos when they dun , it means they seriously dun give a fuck shit to you anymore .

2. if peopleA says that he / she can wait for your arrival to anywhere thay said . let me tell you this , peopleA , you jolly well double up cos a person paitence has it limits .

so FUCKING HELL reflect on yourself , people !

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

i failed to be one that can be trust ...
all among them , its you

Friday, June 4, 2010

So whAt's the fucking wrong with me now ? Feeling weird . And I miss you . Bye . I'm off to sleep , I think . MOODLESS !!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

its 0110 already man ! i just finish my homework ! so damn tiring cann .
okay , lets start from the start of the day .

met up with babyLOVE under his block at bout 7 plus , babyLOVE is so slow can . cos he over slept -.- and i waited for him like omFg ! cab-ed to school as we are running out of time . reach school , had motivational talk from mrs sabar ! she is so damn good man ! love her ! LOL
after the talk , mrs lai came to our class and bring us back to class . and she said that she will be taking us for english lesson for the rest of JAP ! her lesson really rocks okay , first english lesson that my class is quiet and pay attention to the lesson ;D

after english , is MT ! slept ~
and then , RECESS . ate with babyLOVE ;D and had SS , slept again! no idea why am i so tired ): for the two whole period ! and then maths ;D went to com lab , for maths quiz ! so fun . i got only 60% , and then just i did again i got 80% .

hees !
met up with babyLOVE at canteen , pei him eat and then ahh gongg send miie home le . ;D reached home , bathe and then went to bed for nap ! LOL . at bout 3 plus , kena wake up by cousins -.- so noisy ! chat chat awhile went back to sleep until 1730 !
baby called and went to fetch him ;D chatted with ahh chu also ;D send baby home , and then i went back home . blahblah .

baby came and slack at my house , channel 8 marathon ;D baby went off to 768 to eat at 10 plus , and then he reached home at 11 plus and slept at 11plus too . so i went to iron clothes and also homework ! until now !
its 0122 ! im off to bed alr ! byebye !



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