Thursday, April 30, 2009

today wasn't a good day , it started from ytd night , dunn wann to elaborate mush more . start to paranoid bout smth . for the whole day , i dunno . was just down eventually , stop talking and everythiing .

went to school with kukunehneh today , due to some 'haha'reason i meet her at near 786A carpark the bus stop . before meeting up with her , went to woodlands mart yo buy m&m chocolate again! WOO !!!!

after buying went to bus stop to waited for her luhs . hahaha . while waiting , was smsing with haolianpo ! lol . and finally kukunehneh reach !! so we went to school larhh , bought water and waited outside GO for haolianpo , haha . she always come in with her 'HL' milk ! need much calcium sia her . lol .

no temperature taking , and i brought my thermometer ! lol . was chatting all the way , fun and makes miie forget bout things TEMPORARY . DNT , i failed , and i've no mood to study so sit alone think think thing .

LIGHTS lesson was lame , miie , haolianpo , kukunehneh and joceline did somethiing fucking stupiidd and funny can , hahahaha . MT was somehow alone too . AIYA , just almost the whole day alone .

baby din not sms miie )= make miie feel bored and everythiing ! kns him . ahahahaha . miss him larhh kayy . ADMITTED ! i miss him! fucking much , really much . hais .

end here .


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

this few days life aint good , due to somethiing happen . well , seriously regret hope that things will be better that i could lead my life as how i used to ? )=

okayy ,
ytd night was not feeling well le . woke up in the middle of the night to vomit , yuck ! and brush teeth and everythiing so disgusting , the feeling suck to core larhh .

today morning , quite okay larhh . met up with baby and started to feel unwell again ! FUCK ! but still went to school , assembly and stuff , after taking national anthem and pledge , sit down immediately . vision went dark , dark , darker , its a little dramatic but its real kay .

listen to mr teo saying bout the swine flu . pretty serious luhs , hahaha . the school take it VERY SERIOUSLY can , everyday must bring thermometer to school . that means we must take temperature everyday ! omFg ! hahaaha . no choice , health come first . lol

after the assembly , went to class and REST !!! but class very noisy , hahaha . english lesson , defiant lesson! but today no mood to talk to her , so tell haolianpo i want go home ,dunn wann see her . lol . den haolianpo go tell teacher i want go home !!

so went to GO to take temperature with haolianpo , had FEVER !! called dad to fetch miie home so haolianpo went back to class to pack my bagbag and give teacher sign the green form ! and miie , i rest at sick bay ! hahaha .

and dad finally came , i went home !! bath , and SLEEP ! i sleep sleep sleep till afternoon 2 plus . and sms-ed haolianpo ! lol .

at home nothing to do , the feeling suck , i hate hate hate staying at home , and fall sick ! fuck shit ! kukujiao . im like a totally dead person , lying on the sofa larhh . den somemore very cold , take the blanket and wrap myself inside the blanket ! haha .

din get to see a doc , no people acc miie . lol . so at home with big jiejie lorhh . think so some matters and started crying , dunn wann tell you what happen , just its very miserable luhs . if time can turn back , i just dunn wish to do what i've done .

imissyou !

Saturday, April 25, 2009

back from watch 17AGAIN! nice show !! zac efron so handsome cann . haha . movie start at 735 but we reach at 7.45 ! lol . okay larhh , din really miss the starting , when we went into the threatre its just start , so went to seat ! and watch , hahah . so funny larhh , while watching was munching on popcorn and whatever thing i have lol. went to watch with , cousin emma , meina , sister and uncle willie! \

after watching is like 9 plus , everyone is rushing to the toilet ! BUT the ladies like full of people larhh kns , so went to level 3 de ladies , still got lots of people so wait-ed for the handicap de. haha. when cousin emma is inside keep rushing her , so funny larhh .

after that , bought FBT again , black and lime green ! iloveit man ! hahahahaha . so nice . haha .

went to meet up with , cousin melissa , her boyfriend and cousin benji . he's fine now , but still gonn atake his medicine .

hahha . went to have dinner and finally , im back to grandma house , last night staying here for this week!

things to clarify first ,
hahah . even though zac efron is handsome , but my baby is more handsome ! hahaha .
still love him !!

♥TANGDINGJIE , no doubt !

hello people im back ! hahahaha .
ytd , everythiing is almost good but not after recess. something happen should not elaborate much . but its okay now le . haha .
after school , kukunehneh came to my house and watch 'hot shot' while i went to bath and get things prepared till 2.30 and after that , went to her house and wait for her to bath and get things ready ! hahahhahahaha .

and we bus-ed to cwp , planned to shop with her !! but shit her , she was on the phone before we reach cwp till we left stil haven end lorhh . kns her . makes miie feel like im shopping alone lorhh . okayy . went to 77th street to shop and saw thie tank top , so nice , wanted to take the white and pink spade . but no new one , dunnn wann to pre-order so took black spade also not bad lorhh . i think i gonna buy the crown and the white and pink spade wann next time , asap ! after that findd that still got 20$ plus left so went to popular to buy fatal seduction 2 ! lst book kay ! and its in good condition! good ! and i bought it !! excited !hahah. kukunehneh , was standing outside the popular ON THE PHONE !

and i waited for her like so fucking long ? saw iskandar , rafiq buddy , zamri and naqib nehneh ! lol . chatted with them awhile and byebye to them . continue waiting for kukunehneh , for llike so long !!! kukujiao her really kuku larhh .
till 4plus , met upo with jiejie, couicn melissa and emma and byebye to kukunehneh . =x and we cab-ed to bukit panjang to findd cousin benji who is only 5year old . went to fetch his from his PAP ! haha . and went to his house , he went to bath and everythiing .

till 6.30 we went out of the house that consist of , miie , sister , cousin melissa, emma , meina and benji . LRT-ed to choa chu kang , and wanted to train-ed to tampines to meet uncle willie .
BUT !!! train-ed to tiong bahru , cousin benji vomitted ! so we alight at there , brought him to the toilet and clean him all that . so we shop shop at there while waiting for cousin melissa's boyfriend , henry to to fetch us . and cousin benji keep vomitting like nobody business ! even untill now , but better le . haha

wait-ed for henry for SUPER long , and uncle willie keep calling cousin emma to hurry us . lol . finally henry came , and we OFF to changi ! hahahah . bout 30mins ride , and we've reached . hahahaha . cousin benji went vomitting again! lol .

but miie and cousin emma went to finndd uncle willie first ! and we order-ed our dinner first ! i odered fish n chip ! its nice ! hahahah . big portion , and cost only $4.90 ! cheap can ! hahaha . but i eat till halfway , cousin benji vomit INFRONT of miie , omFg can . walaoo .
hahahaha . finally we eat finish , and went to back grandma's house and im here now ! overnight here from ytd . hahaahaha

today !!
hmm, woke up at 10 plus , and watch tv .
eat . help to do some housework .
order shirt , slipper and tanktop from cousin melissa , still owe her $41.4 ! she say next time den pay , i take shirt first ! hahaha! thanks !
okay end this ,
please take a look at
hahaha .

baby ,
i ♥you !

Thursday, April 23, 2009

hahaha !!
met baby in the morning and went to school ! hmmm , let miie think what happen in school yeahh . hmmm..

reading period , read fatal seduction ! nice ! but see my book like omFg ! after that , had DNT lesson . went to com lab , everyone is like slacking , as for miie im not on task was reading fatal seduction ! so nice sia (: and view people blog and stuff ! lol . and fast , 2 period gone .

walked past baby classroom and saw baby ! hahaha ! so shuai sia him . omG . had english lesson , din pay attention . was reading my book again, but when she call miie to keep my book for dunno how many hundred time den i keep ! lol . and i went to my lalaland ! SLEEP ! lol. sleep til almost the lesson end and then wake up ! nice ~ gonna pass up her work on monday ! relax nia larhh . -.-

and after englidh is social studies ! teacher is quite in her good mood , so its okay luhs . but whenever LJS talk , he cfm kena catch by teacher de sia . so Fcuking funny larhh den miie and teckyong was copying all things all along and chat , but din get caught , know why ?
cos we pro !

SS end early , did everythiing fast and had recess on time man ! ;D skip bout recess .

went back to class for LIGHTS lesson , free preiod ! HAPPY ! read fatal seduction , while the guys was playing'burger' at the back of the class , so funny , was a JOKE man . even the relief teacher was laughing can ! hahahaha . everyone has fun larhh . (: ilove3N2

LIGHTS lesson end , and its MT lesson .before teahcer came in , went to refill water with baby at water cooler .lol . so cute and funny of baby ! its also another free period yeahh , was reading fatal seduction AGAIN! ahh gongg brought centipede into the class , bunch of girls was playing and watching the centipede and they scream like hell even miie ! lol . i got scare by ahh gongg , when he stand behind miie with the congcong , even he din have the intention to scare ! lol . den i push him away , but sadly , i dunn have the strength ! lol .

after MT , its physic ! study study study ! dead lesson yeahh . ahahhahaa . nothing to elaborate about . studying with nehneh naqib . hahaha . lesson end , went for a break with kukunehneh ! haha. canteen with baby , and his friend and shane all . and *** **** look at miie and shane having those kindd of strange look ! lol .

after that , baby and friends left dunno go where ! hahaha . and then was in canteen with shane and lionel jiaomaomao ! lol . very pathetic , jiaomaomao cant even eat peaceful cos kukunehneh keep disturbing him! hahaha . lol .

went to chem remedial , did some worksheet ! i like it ! hahahaha . after that was phycis remedial , slack larhh . mr chua let us watch differnt kindd of video on whatever topics we have learnt and everythiinngg . haha .

after remedial liaoo , went to eat with kukunehneh and met up with james huai ren , lionel jiaomaomao , weiqiang and khengyuan . slack-ed at 765 playground . lol . keep singing ! like crazy ! miie nia . hahaha . missing baby larhh walaoo . his phone no batt cant contact him , miss him damn damn damn much . slacked till 6 plus and all went home !

reached home , bath liaoo . and watch tv , revise maths for tml retest and now here posting ! miss baby much ! omFg !

reply of taggy !

23 Apr 09, 19:28
♥ Sharon: Aiaisx , tagged yah ! (: chill girl . haha , loves 3 , tkcares .
-hahah . loveya!
23 Apr 09, 17:59
LEOWXIIQNG: aiyahh is link** =.=
23 Apr 09, 17:58
LEOWXIIQNG: Hello mammi :) likn me ???
-okayy! hahah . smile girl ! loveyou !
23 Apr 09, 12:38
xiaoping: wahh you read fatal seduction?
-yes ! nice book!

PS;// xiao ping di , get well soon yeahh ! hahahaha . takecare!

missing baby thien much

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

im not going to lend anyone my book again ! fuck sia . pages was 'torn' out larhh . fuck sia ! my favourite book )= gonnna die le ! i dunno how the publisher publish the book , the content is nice but the quality of the book SUX ! wtf !
not i never take care properly lorhh , its just torn out when i open my book . fuck fuckfuck ! xintong sia , when repairing the book , shout-ed at jiejie getting fucking impatient when repairing it ! the book now is like so ugly ! look like i pick up the book somewhere in the garbage. doesnt seems to be like i bought it on few days ago .
hais . now looking at my book , i totally dunno what to say man ! its totally GONE CASE sia . fuckfuckfuck . seems to be that , im gonna buy a new one again )=
gonna spend $11plus on a book again! shit man ! WHAT IS THIS ! FUCK THE PERSON who spoil it or even the book !

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

hello hello hello ! :D
shall not post much just ,
HAPPY 1 year 1 month anniversary to miie and baby thien !

iloveyou !

20 Apr 09, 22:11
rong: hello nu er!long time bo tag you you go! :D hit me back~
-hahaa. okay hit you later ! lol . in your blog!
20 Apr 09, 22:00
Qihui: Heyya, relink me thanks!
20 Apr 09, 09:54
{Naa}: wa you asS, forgot about me. you you you you YOU Shiit ah! Heh, jk :D ily
- i where got sia ! xinganSISTER ! loves
19 Apr 09, 10:31
xueqi: hehehe . yufen ! i am cheerful ? xP . haha iloveyou (:
-iloveyou too!
18 Apr 09, 23:18
ZHIWEI: hello 大嫂! :)
-hello (=
18 Apr 09, 18:56
-yes you are!
18 Apr 09, 18:04
julia: EHHHH, HORHOR. YUFEN NAUGHTY GIRL. go my blog never tag. naughtynaughty, spank you:P
18 Apr 09, 12:50
shawn: I SABO-ED YOU! (:
17 Apr 09, 16:47

Saturday, April 18, 2009

okay , sabo-ed by shawn to do this quiz ,
this fellow trying to be funny ! call miie do quiz den his blog dunn allow miie to copy the qeustion , but lucky im clever went to julia blog and copy ! haha. and i've did this quiz before can hmm at.. 230309 ! do and take a look yeahh . haha!
nevermindd , i'll do it again! (=

1)Besides your lips, where is your fav. spot to get kissed?
- cheeks , i think !

2)How did you feel when you woke up this morning?

3)Who was the last person you took a photo with?
- my baby thien ! at 756

4)Would you consider yourself spoiled?
-yes . SUPER !

5)Will you ever donate blood?
- no. (=

6)Have you ever had a friend of the opp. sex?
-yes ! who doesnt has it ?

7)Do you want someone dead?
- maybe ?

8)What does your last text message say?
- 'haha. hmm go do your things ba . loveya . ' by lynette xinganSISTER

9)What are you thinking right now?
- what is my baby thien doing? is he awake ? why my phone isnt ringing ?

10)Do you want someone to be with you right now?
- YES ! baby thien!

11)What was the time you went to bed last night?
- 6 p lus 7

12)Where did you buy the tee you're wearing now?
- hmmm , school .

13)Is someone on your mind right now?
- yes ! baby thien!

14)Who was the last person who texted you?
- lynette xinganSISTER

10 lucky people to do this:
1. baby thien
2. yujing rainbow
3. shane kukunehneh
4. zen
5. therisa
6. zhengfu pigpig
7. xinrong daddyTAN
8. julia
9. cynthia lover
10. xueqi

15) Who is no.9 having a relationship with? (cynthia)
- no one ?

16) Is no.3 a male or female?(shane kukunehneh)
- female

17. If no.7 and no.1 get together, would it be a good thing?(daddyTAN & baby thien )
- ofcos not ! they are not gay ! and baby thien is mine (=

18. What is no.1 studying about?(baby thien )
- hmmm , how to be more fit ?

19. When was the last time you chatted with them?
- not long ago

20. Is no.5 single?(therisa)
- no .

21. Say something about no.2.( yujing )
-she is a pervert
22. What do you think about no.3 & no.6 being together?(shane & zhengfu)
- no ! both are attach .

23. Describe no.10. ( xueqi)
- she is cheerful

24. What will you do if no.6 & no.7 fight?(pigpig and daddyTAN)
-i'll SMACK their ass off!

25. Do you like no.1?
- no . I LOVE HIM!

Love comforteth like sunshine after rain.
-- William Shakespeare

hello people !

din get to post ytd , co si slept at 6 plus going 7 in the evening and woke up at 9 in the morning to today ! yes , i know im a pig kay ! haha.
lets talk bout yesterday ,
morning , woke up late ! woke up at 6.30! omFg man ! rush to do everythiing and off to baby house . nothing much in school , expect that ms liu say that maths teacher gonna change to mr tan HUP YEW ! dunno real or fake is like OMG !!
hahaha .
nothing much , after school met up with rainbow and walk home tgt . reach carpark and seperated ! went home to bath and everythiing and went to rainbow house . watch-ed la bi xiao xin and ate sup noodle ! play-ed with bibi , rainbow's dog . so cute can . long time no see her le , still that cute . (=
slack at her house till 4 pm . and baby called , asking whether to go his house not , so yupp , went there .
chatted with baby , and see the hamster all that , chatted with korhhhkorhh too (= and baby went to change and then waited for ben to come baby house lorhh . meanwhile , baby and i watch korhhkorhh play dunno what game ! haha .
when ben reach , we went to 756 and slack tgt friends uh . till 6 plus , baby went back home with ben to bath and his going out and miie , i went home .
haha .
and today , nothing much , wake up liaoo , wash up and stuff . watch tv , and now using com , waiting for baby's msg ! imisshim much yeahh !
haha ;D bye readers ! continuing tagging ! i'll reply soon (=

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I have you. A lover and a friend. You are everything I need. You are the sun, the air I breathe. Without you, life wouldn't be the same. Please don't ever go away. And if you go, then don't forget to take me with you.
-- Basia

same same for today !
walk-ed to baby block , so funny i took the lift with a cat , so cute can the cat omg ! the eye like marble liddat , sweet sia the eye . haha . den when i came out of the lift , the cat still dunn wann come out , lol . i think the cat first time take lift wants to stay longer . haha. i keep press the button for the lift to open the door sia den the cat still dunn wann come out ! haha. den dunn wann care the cat liaoo , so walk to my doorstep and baby is wearing he shoes so he pass miie the key , from the inside so i help him open door lorhh . after he wear haoo his shoes , den we went to school ! haha.

reached school , nothing to do . chatted with fengqing tutu till the bell ring ! mr mok use the mic call us to move in and not sit along the corridor den we bo listen to him , continue sitting there . so he came and shout at us . so we move back lorhh ! haha . so lame of us . lol ! assembly and stuff! SKIP !

went back to class to have the read period ! omg , i fall asleep and ms jasmine wake miie up larhh ! hahaha . so tired . =P very soon , read period end , and have DNT lesson .

while waiting , miie , shane and vivian went to the toilet to tidy our hair and stuff , tidy till halfway got the fire drills OUT OF SUDDEN! den three of us is like , so what are we suppose to do next ! lol . went out of the toilet , see everyone cheering like nobody business ! haha . went back to 3n3 class first , as the DNT lcass is there and off to the field !
so OMG can , my whole shoe got the grass grass thingy , and my leg is like so itch , and i scratch like a whatever larhh . bleahh , after that , helped joan to talk attendance , and count the number of n2s we have , count for so many time larhh . as they were all playing and everyone is moving around . so kinda difficult to get things right ! lol .

finally can go back class le , had DNT lesson ! do some work and relax liaoo ! hahaha . after DNT lesson english ! but mrs mo isnt here ! lol . so i studied for the physics ! i know im guaii kay . cos i was told that today got test ! haha . study physics and din do the english work that was given ! lame!

and had social studies !
teacher wants to clarify something , oh that ass has anyhow accuse people again! lets see what she gonna get from the school ! so SS did textual source , and teacher was in her good mood and release us on time for recess !

had recess anand shall not bout anythiing of that ! its obvious eating and slack slack nia ! SKIP~
skip bout lights ! ITS LAME !
MOTHER TONGUE lesson !! WEE ~ did some work and relax liaoo ! class test got 32/50 ! not very good still . hais . and compo for chinese got 35/50 also not very good ! fuck it yo ! gonna BUCK UP ! pull up my sock !

. after mother tongue is physic ! omFg ! mr chua forget got test , and postpone the test again! walao , i study for nothing ! so continued with his lesson , tiring ! imagine two whole period sitting on the chair , keep writing notes in the notebook , listening to dead theory . its TIRING yeahh , plus sleepy . so went mr chua went out of class, stand at my own place and stretch !!! hahha . finally sia ! omg . bleahh

bell ring and lesson end , BREAK TIME . SKIP~
went to maths remedial , slack slack but still got study kay ! after remedial , vivian and i stay to listen to ghost story ! lol , actually wanted to kill mt time de . hahaha. after listening , went to outside GO see people kena detention and teach that VIVIAN TAN chemistry ! teach till i near go crazy sia ! hahaha.

after they were release , and i go also larhh . dunn wann go meeting le , wait until i want die already ! hahaha . off to meet my baby ! went to his house there , cong they all were there too. and baby help miie carry bag , SWEET! walk-ed to my house downstair , told baby i dunn wann go back so early and so , we went ot 756! slack awhile . and baby send miie home !

and few mintues ago , baby is at my house downstair ! chatted with im , by shouting from the second floor and baby shout back from the first floor ! hahah . FUN!

and lastly ,
iloveyou (=

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Doubt that the stars are fire, Doubt that the sun doth move his aides, Doubt truth to be a liar, But never doubt I love.

hello hello ! im back ! im happy , im overhoy , im delighted , im so over the moon . im crazy ! haha . just all those things in my msn , blog seting and everythiing its obvious again right ?

haha . yes, i've patch with TDJ again! yes AGAIN !
its all happen ytd 140409 , ! just love him to the core yo ! ;D
lets start talking bout today alright ? tosay late for school again ! but today with baby , awww he is sweet can! best boyfriend le ! ;D muacks .
went back to class , had english test quite okay luhs. duration of the test is like 2 whole periods so i dunno what to say bout that . after english is the lights lesson ! went down to GO , as the class din want to greet ms kee , i also dunno why . haha . she birng as down liaoo not till 5 mintues , bell ring , everyonewent off ! lol .
so i went back to classroom to have chinese lesson ! have test for two whole period so also nothing to say bout it also ! lol . what i can say is , im not as confident as before in chinese . i dunno why . finish my test liaoo , pass to teacher liaoo , den shane also . so we sit at the back from the class and start chatting ;D but ofocs , we talk duper soft ! haha . miie and shane was the first to go for recess ! lame ..
during recess , something happen . duper worry )= but its fine now ! ;D
after recess , went back to classroom wanted to stared chemistry lesson , but gekmin say that her phone lost , so tell ms tan lo . expected ! spotcheck lo . mr teo came up and check and everythiing .
took two periods to check ! many phones was confiscated . and so quarrel start between gekmin and hanisah . its just ridiculous , nobody want thing to happen . alright ?
after the spotcheck its maths lesson . and somethiing happen ! omFg , i dunno what day today man ! so many quarrel and everythiing . sot ! skipskipskip !
after remedial , had meeting for sec 1 NPCC camp till 6 plus , went back home ! missed baby like hell . and now , my baby is playing dota again!
hahaha . lets pray that he win ! loves


Monday, April 13, 2009

okayy ,
sorry dude for not posting . im just pretty low this few days . should not elaborate more on it , its so obvious already . ohh man , hais .
lets skip the sad stuff first . talk bout today ! 130409!
woke up at 6 , went to do necessary stuff and left home at 6.30 , went to smiley house to meet him ! and off to mac cong was there . so smiley had his breakfast and off to school . reach school was like 715 liddat le .
skipskipskip bout school , totally no mood for it yeahh , hais just cant seperate stuff nicely )= fuck fuck fuck man ! after school , went to cwp with shane bought stuff and ate and shopped untill there is nothing to shop so bus-ed to woodlands mart , so freaking bored . and planned go playground which is near my house . went there and called james huai ren down ! lol !
slack slack slack and fengqing tutu join in . haha . sing sing sing , chat chat chat and i dunno lehh . till 6 plus , tutu went home , so miie , shane and james went to woodalnds mart to pei miie go buy dinner for jiejie .
on the way to woodlands mart was sms-ing with shazwan sayang . haha . funny of him ;D buy thing le , jiu went home . and byebye to both of them ! haha .

and .

i found out that many things change. communication problem with much gans . including .... hais .
i dunno . i found out that promise are meant to be broken and told them / did them something is good for them , end up t
o be disappointment .
do i sound like an idiot ?
happy birthday ZHI AN KORHHKORHH !

i know its little bored but .. hahaha.
below is the emo part . ;D

boy , its some how impossible for us le ? am i right to say that ?
yes , i just hoping something might happen but no right ?
its 130409 today 8 more days would be 210409 .
you use to say 21 would be forever , but now ?
i seriously miss you yeahh .
im like an idiot missing you there , but you seems that you ain't feeling anythiing .
boy ,
it really hurts .

Friday, April 10, 2009

yufen will be back soon , but not now, she has many things to settle . many things to get use . bye boy , just stay in the memories but not the present , we just continue to be HPYsmiley , takecare.

to those who show concern towards me , thanks! ily

Thursday, April 9, 2009

yufen was given a fake hope , now she totally devastated . heart was shattered all over .
people , never believe in LOVE .


The saddest thing in the world, is loving someone who used to love you.

fuck everythiing upside down uh . heard smth from some particular people . i dunno how to react to it . teach miie ?

i suddenly forget everythiing that im suppose to know . fuck it huh . ccb . anyone ? gonna tell miie good thing is going to happen ? i just cangt let him go , but he has to go . so am i going to be nice and generous to let him go to the other girl even though i dunno whether is there or not ? most probably answer is yes ?
just fuck it man .
chan yu fen , the pathetic fucker

nothing gonna be alright now.

Forget the times he walked by, Forget the times he made you cry,
Forget the times he spoke your name, Remember now your not the same.
Forget the times he held your hand, Forget the sweet things if you can,
Forget the times & Don't pretend, Remember now he's just your friend.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"The flame of love is now just a cold loneliness."
- Uniek Swain

went to school half alone half with friend .
walk to woodlands mart alone while on the way to school , saw xueqi and tobias and they called them to join them . lol .
okayy , was feeling down yeahh . so din really talk to them , thinking of smth . fuck it , whatever . skipskipskip . went to sembawang sec , for sec 1 swearing in parade and sec 4 and 5 Pass Out Parade . being IC for sec 1 , quite okay larhh for overall , talked to romzi SIR bout quite some stuff . till 6 went back to school , and dismiss-ed ! saw rainbow and she pei miie go home . and today ,
from last year 010108 till today 080409 ! 1 year 4 months and7 days , its my first time going to school ALONE !

PATHETIC fucker ! hais .

watching how close xueqi & tobias is , i doubt we would be like them .
everythiing seems to change , you , miie , everythiing .
and seems that chances became smaller and smaller ,
its really sux crying every night .

I always knew I'd look back on the days
I cried and laugh, but I never thought
I'd look back on the days I laughed and cry

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My smile is a lie, it masks my pain and hides how I truly feel.

It hurts to breathe because every breath I take proves I can't live without you.

speechless now , imy .

boy , im still waiting for that day yeahh . you know im waiting . iloveyou .

Monday, April 6, 2009

just back from playground , was with zenBESTIE , xiaopang , wenjun and jiejie . playing poker with them expect jiejie , lol. strip ? haha. they strip not miie ;D i was singing all along like siao ! hmmm, mood today okay lo ! better than before.

went to school with dad and teackyong at 7plus in the morning . skipskip all lesson , assembly ! GOSH ! super long de can ! haha. topic for today assembly is 'life beyong ADSS ' presented by a few of ex adss-ian . like , mingyong , arron ,benny they all lo . hahaha .

after school , went to cwp with kukunehneh ; ate LJS , LEE JING SHENG ! lol . no lahrh long john sliver . so duper full ! ;D lots of joke in cwp luhs . haha . like an idiot liddat . haha .

went around to look for kukunehneh bag , but none of her liking . so forget ! suggested to go back school , cos nothing to do around and its like early early ! so yes! cab-ed back to school ; cos im lazy to bus back to school luhs. imagine under the hot sun , you still gonna walk quite a distance to ADSS main gate ! haha.

went back to school , watch speech day rehearsal ! haha . to see my NPCC kay ! drills wasnt good , thats what i can say ! gonna buck up sec 2 ! you guys can do it !

went all around school. saw smiley ! say hihi to him and dunno where he go le . continue watching sec 2 NPCC do drills until they were dismiss , i wanted to go bball court , beg kukunehneh so long den she say okay ! TMD ! haha . went to bball court , watch smiley play bball ! wee~~~~

till 640 liddat , smiley and his clique send miie home and they slack at playground .. yeahh . i saw . haha . so reach home , bath . WATCH TV !!!
lol. currently smsing with james huai ren !

boy ,
i really wish that time would stop at that point when you are sending miie back home . i really miss the days walking back home tgt with you . that was how sweet we are .
watching you playing bball , makes miie smile . that when my true smile came !
iloveyou , still boy .
i just want you back , is that possible ?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

终于说出口 - 小宇

我还能做什么 你已经不爱我
我一直都爱着你 难道这还不够
我还要做什么 你才不离开我
我终于也说出口 其实很爱你但从没认真说过
或许是我的错 太在乎你却只放在心中
不要问我为什么 因为爱你这就是我的理由
我还能做什么 你已经不爱我
我一直都爱着你 难道这还不够
我还要做什么 你才不离开我
没什么需要被原谅 我笑的有些牵强
我不想看你那么累 多希望再给我机会
再搂着我的手 握住的只是风
还能做什么 你已经不爱我
我一直都爱着你 难道这还不够
我还要做什么 你才不离开我

translated .

You finally said it out loud
Actually, you already don't love me anymore
Why do you bow your head
You know this joke can't fool me
However, this isn't a joke
It is the evading of the reason why you left me
What else can I do, You don't love me anymore
I've always loved you, Is that not enough
What more can I do, So that you won't leave me
I know that you have no intention to continue looking at me
Wholeheartedly wanting to leave me
I've finally said it out loud
Actually I really love you, but never seriously said so
Maybe it's my fault
Care about you a lot, but only keeping it in my heart
Don't ask me why
Because I love you, that is my reason
What else can I do, You don't love me anymore
I've always loved you, Is that not enough
What more can I do, So that you won't leave me
I know that you have no intention to continue looking at me
Nothing really that needs to be forgiven
My smile might seem a little forced
As you know, I can always pretend not to be suffering
Oh Don't want to see you so tired
Wishing to give me one more opportunity
Quivering, holding my hand
Holding onto what is only wind
What else can I do, You don't love me anymore
I've always loved you, Is that not enough
What more can I do, So that you won't leave me
I know that you have no intention to continue looking at me
Wholeheartedly wanting to leave me.

alright , this is a song lyrics uh . well , its nice and it kinda same as how im feeling now .

3 Apr 09, 20:36
James: Hello!
-hello huai ren =
2 Apr 09, 23:12
Melissa :): Post dedicated to you at my blog . :D
2 Apr 09, 22:57
Melissa :): Dont sadsad , cheer up . (:
-okayy .

Saturday, April 4, 2009

maybe i just need to let go and you can findd your next happiness .
takecare boy .

Friday, April 3, 2009

just , fuck love of miie can .
my life sux from 290309 uh .
maybe love just exist for a preiod and not forever . dunn tell miie forever i would not believe in it anymore . took the risk to believe in it , but the turnout isnt what i want .
like what people say ; not all sacrifice are appreciate . and love doesnt last . finally , i believe in it .
fuck love .

我们只是察肩而过 , 我很恨爱你.
only if we are fated .
i miss your love , without that my life really sux to the core . i dunno what to say , you wont understand the feeling but its really hurts to see you and the most we can do is just to say hi . and both of us turn to back and bye .


if you still rmb , wahayo . im here telling you .
wahoyo still . sarang haeyo! if you gonna accept it .


Thursday, April 2, 2009

this few day did lots of thinking . this few day isn't easy to live on . its always words is easier than action . fuck fuck fuck uh . . Everything that I do reminds me of him , i dunno why he must occupy such big big big space in my heart yeahh . fcuk it luh.
so what i cry every night ? he doesnt knows about it . heard from friend he was alone almost every morning , some indescribable feeling , doesnt know how to say .
its just suck luhs . people around keep say 'yufen , forget about him ' . i know . i wann and dunn wann . i dunno what i want . miss him like crazy but he doesnt seems to care anymore , he seems to be like so carefree without miie .
i know i may be crazy with those guys , but deep down i wasnt happy at all yeahh . yarhh yarhh , maybe some of you just think that im a flirt . thanks as you wish . but i noe im not , i just wanna forget bout him temporary . i dunn wish to listen to any of the sorry . it hurts even more .
boy ,
i know we cant go back to our past le , i know that day wont come , but if its come we can be like the past of us , i really wish to .
yougot what i mean ?
after you walk off of my life , everythiing seems to be so wrong .
everythiing seems to be colourless , whatever . after that day , i never smile truefully after that .
only if you remember that phrase in the book that used to be OURS ,
you are the reason behind my _________ ________ .
you know it . unless you tell him you have forget everythiing , thanks for everythiing .
i'll be waiting . iloveyou .

2 Apr 09, 21:48
2 Apr 09, 21:48
YUJING!;D: Rainbow relink wo (:
2 Apr 09, 18:32
MeiNa♥: Ohhooo . Cheer ups lahs . Dont sad already la .
2 Apr 09, 01:09
ahhdor: Love you (:
2 Apr 09, 01:09
ahhdor: cheerup okays . ANything just ring me up uh ! :D
-iloveyou larhh jie
1 Apr 09, 21:57
YUJING!;D: iloveyou rainbow !
1 Apr 09, 21:57
YUJING!;D: anytime you nned me , i'll be thr , iloveyou girl , cheerup , he's not worthy for your tears , silly girl (: Forget it soon , anyt msg me (:
1 Apr 09, 21:56
YUJING!;D: CYF! im here , im living so near to you ,
- i now you are just a block away from miie .
1 Apr 09, 21:37
Sharon ♥: aiaisx , cheerrr . i`ll be here for you . :D , loves . <3
1 Apr 09, 18:31
shawn: Heyhey! smile eh! (: cheer up!
1 Apr 09, 11:17
G-wendolynnn♥: Cheerup alrights! tagged!
1 Apr 09, 09:25
Dingjie: just want to say , im sorry
-speechless .



"Love, something unexplainable"

when life gets harder each day.

As survival is the key of life.

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