Saturday, January 31, 2009

whole day was thinking whether to go npcc not , cos xueqi is not going , cynthia is not going too! omg! hahas :D was asking almost all my classmate whether to go or not . i noe , like crazy girl larhh :D hahas. before recess , i plan to go! haaha! so happy :D after recess, cynthia tell miie she dunn feel like going!! omg! den i start to think whether to go ? so , NO! tell almost the whole class , that im not going ! hahas. i think they are glad that i've make up my mind. cos i wont go disturb them again! hahas.
but after school , met up woth baby den like want go as theres nothing for miie to do! but hesitates cos im tire ! started to crack my brain agaiN! asking every friend there whether to go or not! hahas, they were so irritated by miie! wakakaka, but they gave miie answer kay! muhahahaa. parted with baby , went woodlands mart to buy things for jiejie to eat , and went home:D
changed , ate a little things ,watch tv , den go back school FOR NPCC!! hahas. npcc rox to core kay! muacks NPCC! okok, reached school , jazreel jie(new jiejie) called miie , i thot who sia , din see her larhh . ahaha:D chatted with her awhile , she's like so high larhh . i dunno why , but shes cute , thats what i can say luhs :D went to findd lemin they all , hahas, chat liaoo den fall in .
and sec3s had shooting course!!! off to AVA room . hahas:D
quite slack luhs. haas. my shooting skill like shit liddat sia !! wth! so angry! :@ while waiting for my detail turn , and other detail turn were in 3n2 classroom , my classroom. chatted there with friends :D but something happenend-ed , dunno what how to face them luhs. dunn feel good too. but forget it. skipskip..
npcc end-ed at 6 , baby waited for miie outside school! :D so happy . hahas. den baby use bike go his house , slackde there till 7 den go home :D and bay went for bball! bought food back for dinner , went reach home realise that house is so crowded , omg! cant rest ! hahas. so join in the fun after bathing :D saw two sickening asshole , they are fucking not welcome to my house , but dunno why they are there! asshole! till 0000 they went home :D rest for miie!
conclusion for ytd 300109 ,
BABY ROX to care ♥♥♥♥; new gan jie ; jazreel♥♥ ; NPCC ROX♥!

as for today , nothing!
miss him damn fucking much!

ADSS , NPCC cadets!
for those people who dunno about it .
ADSS area 1 has already changed to area 13 already.
area 13 consist of admiralty sec , canberra sec , riverside sec , ahmad ibrahim, Evergreen Secondary School , Sembawang Secondary School.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

school is fun today! extremely fun yo! wakakakaka! everythiing goes well, swee swee~~~~lool.
after school , went home with xinganSISTER and korhhkorhh, den xinganSISTER bainian with mummy got hongbaoo!! lols! went into my room , help miie choose what should i wear to meet baby's grandma! lol! she chose a dress for miie, so wear lorhh :D
went to bath den do necessary stuff took quite a long time! omg! hees, den finally when im done ; jiu go to xinganSISTER house , bainian! hahas. chatted and play with cats! so cute can . omg! hahas:D after that , went to baby house , even though he's not there, den korhhkorhh lend miie his laptop and on tv let miie watch . so i multi task lorhh , use com and watch tv at the same time! wakakakakka.
till 3plus 4 liddat , baby's daddy came back , bainian again! got hongbao! haha. baby's dad very good kay . treat us all well (= hahas. off-ed com and tv, when going off to xinganSISTER house gain , baby came back!! WEE~~~ hahas(= but still , go xinganSISTER house awhile den go back baby house .
baby show miie smth larhh! omg! i shocked dao man! omg! only some knows about it i think! lol! haha. den slack at baby house till 5.30 den off to baby 's grandma house! cab-ed there , on the way there, smth bad happen! but when reach baby'a grandma house jiu okay le . lovehim much much kay . baby i noe you care about it :D
reach there, bainian to grandma liaoo got hongbao. lol , den shake hand with baby's aunt with a happy new year ! haha:D was quite enjoyable for the whole thingy . ate there , nicenice & fullfull:D family of baby's side is friendly , i should say that . hahas :D
till 7.30 liddat , left grandma house liaoo. cab-ed back to baby house , met up with ben . and baby went up to take his bike , sent miie to hail a cab . haha. and finally got a cab le , jiu went home. when i reach house downstair , baby oso reach ! hahas. had a kiss goodbye , and baby off to findd his friend , and i off back home!
at home de things i dun want to say liaoo, make miie dulan nia.! so .. i'll stop here!

baby baby! beeBEE had enjoy herself today alright? iloveyou muchmuchmuch! thanks for the service in your grandma house hoh! lol! heE(= wahoyo!! haha. muacks muacks !

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

today , blog mistress dun wishh to blog much !
as she having a stupidd stomachache , makes her going crazy larhh . OMG!
and she misses her boyfriend SUPER lotssss.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

its 3.41 now! and im freaking bored! i miss him freaking much and im freaking cold! omg! im a freako!
lols. okayy . just saying imisshim muchmuch

alright. its 2.30in the morning. just saw baby! ♥
hahas. he came to kitchen there de downstair , and im at the kitchen , omg he speak so loud can!
hahas. but love him larhh! saw shawn , ryui han, baby and jazreel. haha. so funny sia they all.
chatted with baby , so sweet larrh him! he did a heart shape for miie! one and only de kay! hees. a botak heart:D muacks manymany to baby thien♥
muhahaha. now he is on his way to marsiling with his friends! maybe staying up and wait for him to come back woodlands ? and see him again? muhahaa.
no matter what , baby still manage to meet miie in some other ways! loves♥ ilovethientinkiat to SUPER SUPER ULTRA MAX!


dunn wish to talk much , just went to pray ! mummy sot ! dunn let miie buy slipper ! stupidd . slipper kena steal! ccb , like themselves no slipper liddat , knn must take mine! stil take one nia. knn! pubor , let miie know its who , gonna kill that asshole bodoh! my favourite slipper larhh! nehneh!
never tell went to pray, den mummy scold miie for not taking the orange from the car , sot sia , she osomiie larhh. tmdjd. nevermindd sia , she scold miie , den go poke miie! so fucking pain can , poke at my ribcage there , ccb! damn pain larhh! walan eh!
after going temple , daddy send us home , den miie and jiejie go meet jianwen aka xiaopang off to checkpoint , he buy his new year clothes and i bought my Nf shorts! RED! hahas :D shop-ed till 5 plus, den jiu go cwp ,window shopping.! lols.
of his , went home, so so sian larhh , walk till my leg so pain , wear jiejie de slipper! wtf! till 6 plus, xiaopang and a frenzmiie and jiejie go meet mummy . mummy bought her new year clothes, after buying , had dinner at pizza hut! so full can!! oh yarhh , i saw sharon aiaisx!! cant recogniseher man! den she sms-ed miie . after that , i keep OMG -ing ! hahas:D after eating, went to shop again! den dunno which nehneh , go bump into miie , den my hips kena the metal thing at metro! fucking pain bodoh, tears nearly come out sia.! omg!
after that jiu went home le!
i miss tangdingjie much much!

Friday, January 23, 2009

met up baby at 6 plus in the morning , went to baby house downstair de playground wait for friends , lols.
wear baby de lens - less ( dunno how to spell -.-) shade , lol! so nerd larhh , but fun sia. hahas. after that went to mac , baby and friends had their breakfast and i din have it, as i dun have the habit to have breakfast larhh . muhahhahaha. chatt-ed with friend and my baby ! lols. till 7plus, went to school! bought drinks den went to parade square jiu , part-ed with baby le ) =
assemble there, chatchat with friend , prize giving , 3N2 got first in class beautifying , and 3rd for hamper making!! YAY! aizai kay! ilove3n2 larhh! 3N2 PHT hor ! (= starting to bond with 3n2 classmate le, even though 2n2 is better , but 3n2 is never the less (=
mdm ng call miie lead cheer , but i dunn want , cos very xiasuay! hahas(= sorry larhh mdm ng! hees. had PE , whole class was lecture by mdm ng at bball court , awwww. 3n2 buck up yo! we can do it right(= continue with pe , din get to see my baby , stupidd sia baby pe lesson switch . nehneh! :@
pe play volleyball , din really play , i just train them de hand posture =x cos i dunno how!! lol. hees, still had fun luhs :D skipskipskip , din filing for maths , correction for english , and lessons for geog. boring ! but still needa study !
after school , wait-ed for baby outside AVA room den korhhkorhh called miie up , saying he at 786c le :D den xonganSISTER say go 786 wait for baby den i say ok lorhh . saw ray chua , want to take hoody back from him , but he sayNO! )= but in the end , he say his physic class test must at least 90% above ! OMFG !
need to buck up le . must get 90% above give him! hees.after talking with ray chua , just nice saw my baby! run to him , den off to meet korhhkorhh , and to baby house :D slack , and baby rest rest cos he gonna work )= for like 30hours!! without sleeping but with rest hour . awwww, tire sia. heart painpain! lalas.
baby rest till 3 plus, baby 's daddy came home . den baby play-ed poker with korhhkorhh , and uncle so funny larhh :D uncle call miie new year go his house! but provide my baby is with miie lorhh! :E muahhahaa! baby went to change , korhhkorhh&uncle went to bath . hahas. choose shirt and bermudas for baby! it suits okay!! hahas:D
after that , uncle send miie home den baby send miie till staircase! thanks uncle! muhahaha. went home , bath , dry my hair and off to my bed! so tire larhh :D hahas. and baby went to his ah ma house .(= planned to like go meet tikus they all at mac , but too tire luhs . sorry tikus! next time yo. cfm go findd you!

dearDEAR♥ , you going for work le )= must takecare for yourself kay . yes its money , if you cant do it , mai do it kay. takecare of your leg too! alright? im definately going to miss you! so do you! iloveyou! muacks , anythiing just sms miie or call miie kay! what time oso can arhh!! alright? woaini! sarang haeyo! :D

3N2 ! iloveyou guys alright!:D lets buck up yo. we can do it! :D 3n2 3n2 PBT ! love you people! 3N2 / 09 ROCKS!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

went to school as per normal luhs. name was called out , din attend cbo! wtf , i din know bout it yo. hahas. den nevermindd luhs , went to findd mok , ran around the field 2 round , tiring at first but in class jiu energetic woo!! good (=
hahas. skipskipskip , paying attention in school the whole day . lol , but my baby din come school! lols(= skip all the way to after school, rush to mr mok to take the plastic bag for CBO! lol . den he talk to miie . hees. den pass miie the bag , rush to take rubbish , omg so dirty larhh . *puke* take so many time larhh , mr mok kip saying no enough walaoo, i run like siao larhh , toilet to toilet , class to class, rubbish bin to rubbish bin!
run to mr mok for 3 times can!! muhahaha, finally can le , den rush to findd my baby they all , omg!! see his leg , like heart painpain sia. swollen till jialat sia )= sayangsayang! heal faster faster heal!! stay at baby house till 4 plus, baby needa go out le , den i jiu go home lorhh . but din , erzii pei miie go woodlans mart makan , saw friend there , slack awhile den go home :D
till 7.30 night , went to police station , omg i waited for so long , but its okay , hahas. police is oso busy(= till 8 plus, den report finish! hahas (= went to woodlands mart to buy smth! den jiu go home le. lalas.
below is for my baby!

baby , must takecare of your leg kay ?swollen till like dunno what liddat sia . pain you know!! oh my tian!!see like goonaa faint sia!! gosh!!! alright? iloveyou baby! muacks! wahoyo!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

21 Jan 09, 23:56
wika: thks you! i love you lah. HA HA. tck ehh
-alright! im fine le:D
21 Jan 09, 21:44
junhong: haha! now okay le lo! no more sunburn!!!! :P
-hahas. good lorhh :D
21 Jan 09, 20:49
julia: crackingmybrains@bs, <3
21 Jan 09, 20:47
julia: be strong, hoho. loves.
21 Jan 09, 20:45
julia: AHHH, saw my namee. hoho, love you:) averyl! dont snatch her away hor, she's mine, huray. love you, dont do anyth silly hor, loveeee. *muaaah.
-okayyokayys. im fine! tgt back le. iloveyou and averyl kay. dunn quarrel bout miie !! haha
21 Jan 09, 19:51
jamieee★: relink.
-see first
21 Jan 09, 15:16
Averylzhuang: yufen, cheer up alright. me love you.
-loveyou too:D
21 Jan 09, 10:03
Dingjie: smiley (:
-hello ex-smiley!! ILOVEYOU BABY!! hahas. change back le larhh. muacks
20 Jan 09, 01:44
yiling: cheer up! cn talk to me de even though everytime is when i wan to sleep liao.. :) smiles..
-okay! im fine liaoo. see you in your room everynight! iloveyou! muhahaha!

after school , met up with dorisa jie! omg! iloveher much much kay! :D hahas. so cute larhh. till 4-5 jiu send her home :D hahas. love her lots:D
after sending her home , den on the way home , saw baby , with his friend larhh , he and ben send miie home , baggie so heavy till , he help miie carry! hhaas love him can! muacks.
he told miie something something something!:D so happy!

ilovetangdingjie can! :D♥ yes guys , we are back .
no more crying :D

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

3rd post of the day!
HELP WIKA TO ADVERTISE HER BLOGSHOP . even though she lazy to do her blogshop , but she's selling her things at her blog! XT12 jeans!!

Long Jeans will be $28 .
SHorts will be $23 .
size available for shorts will be S , M ,L .
and Long Jeans is 27 , 28 , 29 , if want other size , she oso can get it!

people , if you're interested , please tell miie or go to my link and search for WIKA blog! (= thanks! will get back back to you guys very fast!

tml is the 21st of the month . yes i just cant forget this date , trying to erase this date from my mind and everythiing , but its just cant success. it should be tenth month for us. but i think its slightly different le barhh. hais. just ,
boy , i love you , still & i miss you! its 210109 le. wo xiang ni!

this post is just to dedicate to some people.

Boy / Smiley / Tin Kiat HPY , you noe my heart is still with you . i really miss you much . everytime i saw you , you make miie think of our past and the last day we were tgt . boy , are we going to stop just like this ? imissyou much.

Julia ,
hey girl , thanks for your concern kay(= iloveyou much much . haha . takecare .

PeoPle out there ,
hey guys , those who have been trying to cheer miie up , thanks alright . i really love you guys larhh .

Saturday, January 17, 2009

woke up by jinyu's call at 11 plus, den went to bath and do necessary stuff. after that , jiu fly to jinyu house to meet him and precious. den we wait for yang. so long larhh him. so meet him at bus stop. wait till he reach liaoo, jiu bus-ed to interchange den to bugis. the ride so long larhh .
den erzii yang got car sick, aiya dunno how to say that, lol. den jinyu help ah yang massage , till erzii sleep sia . so funny. while waiting for the destination , was listening to music , emo love songs.. lols. cried abit , but nobody saw!!!shhhh.. hahas (=
skipskipskip ,
reach bugis liaoo , went to street first was so packed larhh. den jinyu&precious keep wanting miie to walk infront , cos they scare later got some people anyhow bang here and there, den touch miie. lols. but i keep walking at the back , cos walk infront slipper kena people step de sia. hahas . after that went to BHG and junction , went to findd jinyu cousin , den they chat awhile jiu off le. lol! went back to street , and started shopping. hahas. i findd so long for my kimono shirt larhh . hahas (= but i've found! so happy , bought it!
i bought , kimono shirt , adjustable belt , tube dress, tube, musical hoodie and school bag! total cost like , $120++. lols, so heavy larhh , those things . den jinyu and precious take turn take! lols. thanks yo! love you guys larhh(= den precious bought same bag with miie , shoes , hoodie there !! hahas. and he spend all he $150. hahas(= den my jinyu bought nothing there larhh , den he also emo sia , due to some reason! SMILE jinyu! (= erzii bought spade shirt and pair of short , both not bad yo. hahas(= AND I SAW zen , si en dabiann , nickson , le min and huiling larhh! hahas. at different time ofcos! hees.
till 4plus 5 , bus-ed to chongpang there , and cab-ed to woodlands centre there , starting erzii & precious bought spongebob boxer! so cute can! hahas (= stil got mario want , but is small want! lol! so they din buy. haha , continue shopping , and jinyu bought a shirt there , and his everlast shoes! which he findd for a long time, and precious oso buy everlast de school shoe! hahas(= went to makan! den walkwalk till 7plus, den they came to my house , play poker liao , den started to watch ip man! bruce lee's master , watch second time liaoo sia. super nice de! like his wu gong! sweeswee sia(= but i watch till i fall asleep at someones leg! but woken up by si en dabiann call, chatted with him awhile, jiu hang le. wanted to continue sleeping but instead, i continue to watch my ip man! hahas (=
till 10 plus going 11 i think , den they then left , after the show end. hahas(= after they went home, i jiu clean the house all that. hahas(= good girl right ? i noe it!thank you! hees. its quite a fun day for miie but theres still something i cant get over it. but slowly , time heal wounds(= that what miie& him believe!


Friday, January 16, 2009

the kayak(s)!


your love fade like the seawater flows away thats was so fast! boy

Q - ing for food!

girls relax time :D

does the inside , smile like this? its difficult inside!

iloveher! :D


everyone seems to change le .. last few day , before camp everything was fine , expect for the break up . its sux larhh! D: but eventually, the rest was like normal luhs.
but after i came back from camp , smiley change into a person that i have not ever seen him liddat before, he became more .... i dunno , its make miie felt kinda disappointed in him luhs D; its doesn't feel good seeing him , having any danger at anytime ; people telling miie , he will be fine. but listening to him , saying those stuff makes miie more worry den relieve. boy , you told miie to smile , but in this case how am i suppose to SMILE?
and daddyTAN too ,
daddyTAN , i know you are angry with him , yes , he is the tempo 'head' but daddy jiu heck care him can? nu er dunn wish to see this kind of scene you know? if he really step , jiu fuck care him can? like you once told miie ' tui yi bu , hai kuo tian kong'?
remember? i've seen you guys being from strangers to brothers , and now i dunno what is it? daddyTAN just forget the past and heck care him? one is my bestie another one is my daddyTAN , im stuck can , give miie a life path can? im really tire of this and that le . i dunn mind being your listening ear , letting you scold or what when you are angry with him . i just dunn wann to see this scene. can?
yarhh , actually guys ,
this post is dedicated to dingjieSMILEY and my daddyTAN nia.
and ofcos myself,
i really want to changes larhh D: i noe, i have no position no say bout their life. but you both guys , are important to miie yo! i cant afford to lose you two in my life. tinkiat SMILEY , yes i once lose you , i dun wish to lose you again! alright?
iloveyouguys !
and im sick& tire of this life!
anyonegive miie that path and support miie on?
and guys!

my blogshop is OPEN! feel free to go and see! MUST buybuybuy!

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had camp last 3days. the stupidd sec3 adventure camp!okay larhh was kinda fun. plan to go there, and enjoy , san xin and sort things out.
but who knows? went there, the second day i was sick , headache :( stupidd asshole. den din play all the high rope elements and CRC . skipskipskip! campfire , cant high lehh. dunno why? thinking of him =x
today , took photo with gans& bestie. haha. dunn wish to talk much le. bye:D
pictures next time den upload

reply of tags! :D

YUJING .: YA girl , cheeeeeer up ;D alot of us will be thr for you de ;D
14 Jan 09, 16:50
SiEn KOR: BENDAN ! YOU !@%&^@#%#&^ you promise me not to be sad de okay . D:
-okay! :')
13 Jan 09, 19:02
wen: smile okay. I lend you my shoulder whenever you need it,
-hahas! thanks! loveyous!
13 Jan 09, 16:57
junhong: haha! tyty.. tagged you too xD
-lol larhh!
13 Jan 09, 16:43
NaNaa: qirl, iloveyous la cheer up. im here for you
-iloveyou too!muacks!
12 Jan 09, 23:17
therisaa: Dasao. Cheerup. (:
-i still kinda fine yo :D
11 Jan 09, 12:45
YUJING .: Yufenn! , cheer up yea ? Although we two not so close le , i still could be your listening ear (:
11 Jan 09, 01:54
rashiqah: RELINK!
10 Jan 09, 23:51
LiNa: girl dun sad lerhh larhh kayy? cheer up girl

alright , eventually miie& him broke up le , on tuesday. so guys , please stop asking miie bout miie& him , where is he or what happen? you guys , are just making miie fed up yo!
i just cant stop missing him.

Monday, January 12, 2009

today isn't a nice day for miie? yes, smiling in the face but crying inside D: i really dunno what happen larhh. hais.

cried in the school like two times. one is when hugging XINGANsister , when tears drop ; second time, is in class . whatever. nothing seems right to miie. i still love him. but.. i dunno. complicated? wherever i go , there's people asking miie ,' what happen to you and tk ? ' 'you all okay not?' okayys, guys i noe you guys are concerning ya? but i really dunno how to answer larhh .
hais.. after school , stay back in school to decorate the class , till half way ; saw baby went into the room , and took his bag and off. sms-ed him , after 2 msg , din reply le . lalas , till 4plus, xinganSISTER came to findd miie , she gave miie sweet and chocolate, iloveher larhh :D
on the way to woodlands mart , joan called ,asking whether i mind buying bluetack and go back school to give them not , so i did it kay!! hahas (= after delivering it to school, went to woodlands mart mac to eat larhh! chatted with XINGANsister with stuff, yes, my answer is like swee swee but see bu de larhh . everyone around miie , is telling miie or asking miie 'why your boyfriend never talk to you?' , still got one , 'i can see that he 's giving you a cold shoulder ' FUCK YO!
whatever . dunno cry how many times today le . still , one last sentence ;

TO people showing concern towards miie :
guys , iloveyou all alright :D im fine ! IM STILL THE HYPER YUFEN YO! :E thanks yo!


Saturday, January 10, 2009

let talk bout the camp now ;D people has been asking miie hows camp? whta i did larhh . :D lols, shall start now ,
on thursday , had normal lesson till 2.25. after lesson end , went to changein NPCC uniform and get ready for CCA open house :D by right , sec1s should be down at 4.00 but bout 5.00they den come down! lols! (= skipskipskip about open house , after open house , rush to change to PT kit and ran to gate to pass baby my uniform! :D sorry baby to keep you waiting yo :D

after that , went to fall in , and start to get ready for camp fire and stuff:D campfire was pretty fun kay:D everyone wann was like so high larhh:D and NPCC eventually took away the show by sec1!all sec 1 not fun want , so quiet , and thats include my erzii larhh (= after campfire , the sec1 s have their bathing time and we! have to be the toilet bodyguard! lols, no larhh , actually was to get batch by batch to get into the toilet :D if not, it would be very messy luhs :D and the sec1 bath like slow larhh omg! but still had fun! :D after the sec1 bath finish , the SCs bath , den the NPCC cadets bath! lol! ohh yarhh , in between somewhere , i think when sec1 is bathing , some of the sec4 and miie , xueqi and nizam gathered and sing something to the CIs but dunno whether they was touched not lehh! hahas, asked liyana mdm whether she cried -.- she say NO! hahas(=

okayys, after bathing and some briefing i think , some went sleepin g, but this group of us din , we slack at the main gate there , chatting , and cynnthia had her peronal delivery by her korhh! lols. and the group consist of , miie , xueqi , vivian , cynnthia , jingni , alson and junhong! :D wat was rather funny is that , jingni can just sleep by hugging the bolster and sleeping when she sitting stand up! lols:D no offence :S and we din a little patrol! scary!

till i dunno what time , something happen larhh , dun wish to say , make everyone of us so worry! :o hahas(= skipskipskipskip ,

in the morning , wash up time for the secs1 ! hahas:d and i still the toilet bodyguard , the Q was long larhh , we ( miie and sec4s) kip asking the sec1 whether they want to change their mind to just brush their teeth , as the water is cold, time is up very soon , and the Q is very long ! but only some changed their mind! after their wash up , had our breakfast! and BABY IS IN SCHOOL le larhh! omg! i miss him damn much! (=

chatted with him , and when the bell ring , everyone is suppose to join the class in parade square! :D and i went back! im so ire by then , when the teacher is talking on the stage , i fell asleep! LOL! after awhile , the assembly end , went to fall in again and went to the field to prepare for the TELE - MATCH! hahas :D things goes smoothly! see those sec1s had fun with their game and erzii was fine , im so happy larhh. hahas(= thats means this few dyas the preparation had not go into the drain! (=

yarhh! theres a strong wind came , the score board fall and hit my head and scratch my leg! starly wasn't pain larhh , but slowly my leg was like pain man! hahas :D but okay larhh . fine le. :D after tele match , had recess and went to gallery! actually was joining the sec1s but , eventually everyone fell asleep! including miie , but i sleep awhile nia! hahas :D after that , schoool end , went to mett baby but he say he got bball after dc , den jiu went home lorhh! :O after bath , JIU sleep le . from 1 plus to 8in the night! hahas :D
end of post!

im pretty fine now , i suppose luhs. went to see his blog , from the very first post of his blog to his very last post . well, eventually , tears roll down again! fuck the tears larhh! but still , baby iloveyou!

ENGLISH ; i love you
Malay ; aku cinta kau
POLISH ; ja kocham cibie
FRENCH ; je t'aime
HINDI ; hum tumhe pyar karte hae
SLOVAKIAN ; lu'bim ta
ITALIAN ; ti amo
GERMAN ; ish libe dish
CHINESE ; wo ai ni
GREEK ; s' agapo
HAWAIAN ; aloha wau ia oi
KOREAN ; sa rang hae yo
JAPENESE ; aishiteru
ROMANIAN ; te ubsec
BOSNIAN ; volim te
ALBANIAN ; te dua
FILIPINO ; mahal kita
SPANISH ; te amo
PORTUGESE ; amo te
ARABIAN ; annah be hebic

he told miie , something is wrong , something is missing .
he told miie that if this go on , he shall let go , give up the relationship. not happy as before? i really dunno what to do. he told miie to do something about it before its gone. he make miie so confuse , make miie feel so lost . but eventually , i got his meaning , trying to act blur . on that second , tears came down . i cant find anyone to talk to .
thinking of the past 9months , how sweet of us , how happy we are , how we went through this and that obstacles. and finally , i broke down when im in room and where am i now. tears roll down D: and he told miie that , he's like dragging miie down. but baby thats what you think ONLY !
why must you think only for yourself? have you ever think what im thinking? every seconds with with you , i cherish it . im very happy very seconds with you . and you are telling miie , you are not happy as before. is your feeling fading? but im sure my feeling to you din fade.
i remembered you , promising miie that no matter what you wont let go of miie , that was on 210308 midnight, and now? are you going back on words? you told miie , you wont hurt miie? you told miie , the feeling for us wont fade ? or am i the one, who make you feel unhappy after requesting to break on 280908? and eventually i want to patch during that night, when you make up your mind to break but end up , being tgt again . and now you're telling miie that you still cant get over it. its almost 4months le , you mean that the past 4months , you ain't happy at all? and that past four months , you told miie that you 're happy is just lies? forget it, tell miie when you have your decisionD: though i still love you! =P











translated to ...

your reply is in a mess
at this moment in time,
i thought of the pigeon beside the fountain,
the sweetness is scattered.

a mysterious tugging of my emotions
i'm still loving you.
but you continued singing
pretending that nothing has happened.

time has passed and left,
love is faced with a choice.
you've become cold and i've cried
the unhappiness you felt when you left,
you just wrote them down on a card.
sometimes love can only be like this and it's really painful.

what happened, you're tired, where is the happiness that we agreed on?
i understand, don't say anymore, love has weakened, my dreams have drifted.
being happy or not, narrating them one after another, you cant bear it.
those feelings of loving were way too deep, i can still remember them.

you're not waiting anymore, wheres the happiness that we agreed on?
i was wrong, tears have dried, we've let go, we've regretted.
only that musical box of memories still continue to turn,
how can it be stopped?


readers, sorry i have no mood to post bout the camp now. next time? when i fine..

Friday, January 9, 2009

next time den post bout the camp yo! (=

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

woke up late today at 6.24! im freaking tire yo! having homework almost everyday! school hours is long, cant really get use to current school hour. its driving miie crazy larhh . fucking tire man! okayys, rush to the toilet and do necessary stuff! went out at 6.30+ will, was fast larhh. met up with baby! went to school, skipskipskip!
lesson! the yellow sux yo! she critising ITE students larhh! pubor! knn , say what ' going ITE is becos they are lack of discipline! ' ccb larhh hor. ITE got wrong is it? come out from uni or poly big larhh. knn! asshole! whatever larhh hor.nearly quarelled with her! lol , told somebody about it , and he say some people talk without brains! lol!
stay in school, for NPCC thingy , had meeting and stuff, doing logistic stuff , slack , discuss and stuff till 6.30 den left school!
met up with my lovely baby ! at woodlands mart , well , no matter how he looks like, the love will still not change yo! :D anyone, who is going to say about baby ;looks funny or what to miie, i'll smack that ass off yo! hahas (=
baby is still lovely as before , im not like others, dunn like their boyfriend do this and that larhh . appearance nia! what i care is just the feeling yo. appearance, nahh. (= the love is there , i'll be fine! so what if your stead has such a great appearance and theres no love? lol
back to topic, wait for baby's friend to get done with his hair , and all send miie home. :D hahas. so funny & wierd larhh! but okayy larhh :>
and reach home like 7.45 i think! hahas (= end here larhh! :D
tml im having camp:D so guys , no post for tml ! (= takecare ya.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

lets talk bout ytd first yo?
WEIJIE dummy birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY dummy! (=
and well, its also my precious dog birthday! hahas. (=
well, 1 turn 15 and another one turn 2 this year . okayys. jiayou in everythiing yo mr dummy! =D okayy, meet baby at 6.30 liddat den met up with baby's dad when going to school, baby forget to bring tie! as everyone is used to wear tie on thursday than monday yo! hahas (= den uncle send us back to take baby's tie, take liaoo board uncle car. den saw kokrong so kokrong join us , den uncle send us to school larhh. (= thanks !
skipskip for reading period as cos we din have one, had DNT! relief teacher but i like my DNT teacher , mr soh! great! hahas(= well, he like to deesiao miie can! lol(= had fun. after DNT had my maths lesson . NO LESSON! omfg larhh, last year liddat this year oso liddat larhh. no classroon de hua, build more larhh walaoo! so went to chemistry lab to have our lesson! lols!
skipskipfor recess..
after recess, mother tongue! omg ! that key CMI de bodoh! i noe her voice was loud but even i infront of nia , she talk like i 1mile away from her liddat larhh, so fucking loud can! my eardrum near burst bodoh! hahas (= mt class was combine with 3n3 , last year 2n2 like stranger to miie you know? i mean we use to seat tgt , regardless of gender larhh . but not now yo? guys one side , girl another side! WTF lahrh. forget it! but still the lesson was fun.
and had the assembly! so fucking hot sia. stilll with the tie! wann us die nia sia! walaaooo. so squeezing some more! walao!
skipskipskip , din meet baby after school, as i have NP stuff to do , camp is coming up , preparing everythiing! make lots of flag yo! i mean fake flag . hahas(= till 4 plus, met up with shane , joceline , kexin and qihui ! went to buy shane contact lens , den went to evergreen primary to pick up kexin sister and brother, after that shane and kexin sent miiie home! lol! (=
do homework and stuff!

same met up with my lovely baby! went to school , skipskipskip!
had light ms kee ! WTF! same lorhh, she thot i 1 mile awy from her liddat .. omgg! no offence yo! everythiing was crap , weather was freaing cold that make miie sleepy larhh. maths ;lesson went to the ava to had our lesson , continue studying currency , confuse abit abit! but still can manage larhh (= hees. after my maths , had SS but teacher din come , so free period! happy man! (= free period till recess , saw baby! brighten my day larhh! hahas. ate , walk around!recess end! had chemistry! walaoo! dead subject larhh , teacher kepp talking and talking and talking and thats make miie SLEEPY larhh!! CMI sia, but still okay larhh din fall asleep! but till geog! no book this and that! cannt sia , i fell asleep ! =x tire larhh. whole day of studies , books , this and that.
till physics den wake up! mr ray chua lesson! FUN! hahas (= but no books. lol! and school end at 2.25 today! so fucking tire,
skipskipskip , went to blue studio to get banana hair cut! her hair like dead grass liddat CMI! den ask SK to cut ! walaoo wait for him for at least half an hour lahrh! make miie crazy nia lorhh! after she cut her hair , went home ,
went to cwp with lina , wanted to buy my bag but no stock ! CCB! so fuck up! after thats , went to eat and saw cheng bao , den went lina house wait for her to bath and stuff. after she done , walk to 743 i think saw daddy TAN! den jiu findd him! and i went home. bath liaoo , jiu do hw! do till i crazy ! hahas.
end now, im tire le! going to bed soon! bYE!

6 Jan 09, 12:11
dingjie: hi beebee :DD
-heeliew baby! :DD iloveyou
4 Jan 09, 23:15
jinyu: HEY Daxiang . hahas here to tagg see ya !
-hahas! thanks yo! takecare!
4 Jan 09, 16:35
julia: YUFEN! passed by :x
-hahas. glad to see you in my blo0g! (= takecare

Saturday, January 3, 2009

first day of school , was fun larhh! deesiaoosiaoo with teachers! but yarhh , teacher play back with miie! lol! erzii first say come school! well, oso his birthday! (= HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERZII! (=
nothing to say bout school . hahas .(= what i can say is ! FINALLY CAN SEE BABY THIEN!

today , woke up at 2 plus in the afternoon i think! hahas (= wash up and stuff, wait for mummy to be back with my lunch ! den bout 2.30 liddat she came back! den i eat and she went to sleep till the cleaner came to wash the corridors den mummy wake up and call the cleaner to wash my hopuse window also. ahaha. he wash till clean can , even the ceiling also wash man! hahas.

after he wash and continue washing the rest of the corridors ; miie and mummy went out to dry the window if not later dry liaoo got water spots there , not nice! hahas.(= after drying the window , mummy jiu call miie and second jiejie to clean my room! its was like 3 plus larhh! clean clean clean! throw bout 3 thrash bag of my clothes , two thrash bag of the books and paper! so heavy larhh! den mummy say want change position of the bed! so jiu puch my double deck bed to another position , so difficult larhh . hahas, my full strength also cant push the bed , so mummy and jiejie jiu push liaoo. i stannd there and see! lol! at bout 8 plus , daddy came back with our DINNER! omg was fucking hungry larhh! hahas. stop what we are doing and went to have our dinner! after eating , mummy and daddy clean the kitchen and they throw my dining table and my oven! saying they buying soon le! wth! the dining table same age with miie lehh!

den miie and jiejie , jiu continue cleaning our room till 11 plus! den jiu go bath le!! its like FINALLY! hahas (=
tiring day for miie , even its tiring for miie , never forget to miss tangdingjie! :D

baby! the second i saw your face! im really happy yo! glad to see you during recess , during lesson time , see into your class which is opposite my class! :D iloveyou much much much :) hees. missyou! seeyou on monday morning again! sarang haeyo! :D

alright time to reply tags!

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Zen: Hoho ! Happy new year ! :D , ps bo reply your msg hahas :D

Thursday, January 1, 2009

FIRSTLY! HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! hahas(= good luck in everythiing yo!
(= okayys. journal starts now! i forget what time i slept ytd le! woke up at 10 plus today ! wake up by annoying cousin! RAH!!!
hahas. i oso dunno what to say yo! imissmissmisshim! =P
blahblah! stop here barhh! replpy tag first , no topic today!

1 Jan 09, 15:57
cynnnthiaa♥: yufen yufen yufen! happy new year x:
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1 Jan 09, 02:58
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1 Jan 09, 02:58
-imfengqing-™: Happy New Year! ^^
-HAPPY NEW YEAR! jiayou for next year arhh!
1 Jan 09, 01:19
crystal:]♥: HAPPY NEW YEAR!;D
31 Dec 08, 21:14
31 Dec 08, 13:10
Sharon: aiaisx , imymm lahsx . and th question i asked hor , i think i knw th ans alr lo . nvm anw :D
-imy much much too! hahas, iloveyou! ♥


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