Monday, November 30, 2009

i hate you to the fucking max of my fucking bitchy life , cos you sucks to the core _l_

now you know ? so just



Saturday, November 28, 2009

weird feeling came again .
was thinking whether or not , everything seems to different already . everything changed , and not like how it used to . whatever i can do , i've did . whatever i can give in , i gave in . what i can give , i gave . everything is like a dream , a sweet dream ; and now i've waken up , dream vanished .

but as days goes by , everything seems so near yet so far . im sick & tired of everything , i have already put in alot of effort but nothing came out . well ,
im still thinking .

hais ...

yufen , look what you've done ..

Friday, November 27, 2009

currently at grandma house . tgt with big jiejie , uncle willie and emma ;D catching a 2012 at 0120 . watch before le , but then uncle willie wanna watch so going to watch with him .
ohh yarhh , photo above was edited by cousin emma . was combine with , emma (middle) , miie ( top left ) , kenneth korhh (bottom left) , min(bottom right ) and kenn (top right)
i also duno what to post le . life now was like , slack slack and slack . hais . sick & tired of stuffs when will it stop ?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

home > daPANDA's house > civic centre > checkpoint > daPANDA's house > badminton court > house playground > home

i look happy infront of you , but when i see you i dunno how to face you . we cant at least be a friend , i know im the one who made the step . imy , precious

nothing seems to change for the better ,
maybe it wont be the same anymore . 该放弃了,吗?


Sunday, November 22, 2009

i know im the one who is treating him unfair .
but i do have my difficulties , but why cant people understandd miie ?
people around miie says they know they know , but they dunno a shit of it .
who knows how am i feeling ?
i really hate to see this situation too , but what can i do ?
i thot he would understand miie , but i doubt so .
it was the first time he send miie messages with such a fierce tone , i doubt he would forgive .
i dunn seek for forgiveness , i just hope he would be doing fine , would takecare of himself ; and thats enough .

Friday, November 20, 2009

okay its 0502 of date 211109 ! start of new day . fuck today . hate the day . and bye to today .

but happy birthday to jiejie ! ;D
ass you are 20 now !

Happy 1 year 8 months

Monday, November 16, 2009

woke up in the morning , morning called someone liaoo den back to sleep . and woke up at 10 , bath and wash up and everything . and waited for darling to text miie -.- den she tell miie there's a change in meeting time ! bout 12 plus , went to woodlands mart fork & spoon tgt with second jiejie ! makan there after eating , went to shop & save to buy 30 eggs for jiejie chalet ! den then , byebye to jiejie . proceed to bubble tea , waited there for darling ! after meeting darling , heavy rain came !!!!

bobian , stuck at woodlands mart . went to shop & save , as darling go findd her ex-colleague to see is there any umbrella to borrow ! but sadly , dun have . so chat around with darling ex-colleague ;D awhile , rain became smaller jiu went to bus stop . bus-ed to cwp , took 960 planned to go bugis . when in the bus , big jiejie text miie and tell miie there's job interview at ion orchard . so darling and i alighted at bukit panjang , and took bus 190 to far east plaza , and walked to ion .

reached ion , went to the shop and ask whether is there any vacancies . but the people there say interview at 107 tampines -.- lazy to make our way there . so darling and i went around ion for job hunting . and edsel baobeiiERpreciousPTS called miie and asked where am i , so told him i at town . darling promised baobeiiERpreciousPTS will reach woodlands at 430 and meet him , call ended . went to burger king to makan ! after makan , continue job hunting and walked pass artbox , realise there looking for full time female workers aged 18-35 ! and yes , darling went in to apply application form !! she gotta training on sat 2- 4 ! all the best darlingTOH !

after that , haopengyou called and wanted to look for us . becos he and co. also at ion . that bunch of guys really make miie laugh . told them we at ion , and they keep asking whether we at wisma or ion -.- den at B4 they ask us we sure at b4 or level 4 ! super cute sia they ;D met up with them le , went to train station haopengyou and co. went other way with us .

so darling and i went to hospital visit aunty , met up with korhhkorhh at there . later in the night , xinganBFsista came over too . all entertain aunty , see her happy jiu haoo ;D left there at bout 7 plus , train-ed back to admiralty . after that , walked to woodlands mart with darling , korhhkorhh and xinganBFsista . on the way , smth happen . kinda disappointed , well forget it .

after that , went to meet edsel baobeiiERpreciousPTS and jes sis at 743 there the fitness corner . wasnt in the good mood ! and then , haopengyou and his girl came along;D they slacked at the fitness corner , while miie and edsel baoebiiERpreciousPTS was at playground . chatted there , and there !! baobeii cheered miie up . iloveyou larhh !

went home at 10 plus , brought dog down to release his bladder and all ; for like half an hour . went back home , bath and received an apology call . well , you're forgiven (: sms-ed and call-ed and someone went to bed . while i continue to use com , and at 0112 of 171109 . baobeiiERpreciousPTS sent miie a goodnite msg ! hees . love him many many !

heard situation when you're in work , heart really pain . all the things you suffered , it really breaks my heart . i hope you can endure it , even though the pain you had is really painful . but i cant do a shit for you . just promise miie you will be fine . iloveyou .

day 198....

Sunday, November 15, 2009

today was a sucklish day for miie . also dunno why .
imagination run so wild like WOW !
ahh ... just fuck it .
miss , misses and missing .

all the best for your job . hope that everything goes well for you , even though wont be seeing you so frequent . i'll still miss you . when free , i'll drop by and see you .
hope you will be doing fine. all the best . loveyou

Saturday, November 14, 2009


你不懂我的 那些憔悴
你又狠狠逼退 我的防备
直到那一天 你会发现

你不懂我的 那些憔悴
直到那一天 你会发现
你又狠狠逼退 我的防备
直到那一天 你会发现
直到那一天 你会发现

yufen need panadol now !! )=

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


back from celebrating shiling darling birthday . hope she did enjoy her day today ;D well , went school today as per normal . tgt with shane , tik , wan and dan ;DD

ended school , went makan at mac . after that went home , bath and everything . met up with si en korhh , and make our way to woodlands mart . met up with cong best friend , guan korhh , fengqing tutu , vernon and nigel . bought stuff , and guan korhhkorhh all went off left miie , best friend and si en korhh . slacked at 723 while waiting for darling to come back woodlands ;DDD
after met up with darling , continue slacking at 723 gave darling her birthday present ! continue slacking until 3 plus 4 .

went to woodlands mart and findd durian -.- i mean the one who sells durian is darling friend . chat chat around , secretly bought birthday cake for darling tgt with best friend and si en korhh . after that , 4 plus edsel baobeiiERpreciousPTS came over ! awhile nia , den they went to khatib . so left miie , si en korhh and darling .

slacked at durian there , and darling went back to daPANDA house . got a call from erzii telling miie that she reached his house , so went to collect cake . and proceed to daPANDA house , preparing cake at staircase , miie & korhh realise that we doesnt have a lighter !!! do asked yang xinganBAOBEIIerzii to bring out . without darling knowing , i brought the cake with with candles . and she was shocked !!! wow wow wow !;D

mission completed ! birthday song and all common stuff . darling has two birthday cake !!! ;D after that , went to cong bestfriend house tgt with best friend , si en korhh and baobeiiERpreciousPTS to take birthday card for darling . went back to daPANDA house , gave it to darling ! she was shocked when she open the birthday card , A FAKE MILLIPEDE WAS IN THERE !!! ahahahaha !

after eveythiing , went down and slacked . for like half an hour , went to woodlands mart slacked at durian there again ! ;D den went to 744 to slack again! !! until 10 , and went home ;D


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

xiaoFEN now at school com lab , having bridging DNT .
going crazy liaoo larhh . keep thinking what design should i draw , haolianpo is doing the same thinking with miie . but she is badminton holder racket bag , mine badmintion racket holder in equipment room .think giving up soon ! AHHH~~~

so sian , so down ! need baobeiiERpreciousPTS now )= but he is having his art now . swww ): assshit ! fuck !

anyway , happy 18th birthday to my darling . iloveyou


basically today was just :
school > home > 786 > guan korhh house > chong pang > 720 > home .

feeling very very very low . thanks baobeiiERpreciousPTS for being there for miie . thanks for your shoulder to let miie lean on . without you , i doubt tonight would be a good night for miie . love you many many uh . sayang you ;D

yufen still cant face the truth . she just cant face thing bravely ...

i've tried my very very best to make myself smile .
i've tried my very very best to have a smile on my face when i see both of you .
but at the end of everything , everyone's smiling and im crying .
all the best

Sunday, November 8, 2009

back again ! slept at 5 plus in the morning , and woke up in the noon . acc sister to doc at marsiling tgt with daddy , as she sprained her ankle in the middle of the night -.-

so went to marsiling , went to acc her to see doc , had lunch too . after that , daddy send miie and jiejie home . acc her up , its usually took us like 2-3 mintues to reach home from downstair , but today special , 5 mins plus . becos of her leg -.- ahahaha . send her home liaoo , den i went to met up with darling , best friend and all at daPANDA house . watch-ed tv , played mahjong with erzii , darling and cong . assisted by korhhkorhh ;D

after play mahjong , chatted around awhile . jiu went to woodlands mart , bought stuff and went back to 777downstair . slacked with baobeii and alex tgt with cong and darling also ;D slacked around went to admiralty too , saw yasir ! ahahha. slacked around near 720 den went home at bout 930

reach home , bath , do some housework . and now , im here posting , going to watch my hitman reborn ! ;D

Saturday, November 7, 2009

its 0322 now , finally watch finish fu qi you an kang and now watching anime 'hitman reborn' kinda cute uh;D
okay lets talk bout 071109 .
woke up at 1 plus 2 in the afternoon , wash up and bath . had lunch , big jiejie cook de after eating , jiu use com till 4 . went out to meet cong BESTFRIEND , went to his house . watch him play dota until i fall asleep =x after that 5 plus , went up to shiling darling house . and den cong came to findd us again .
after that went to740 , slacked with darling , baobeii ,daPANDA , jinyu , best friend . later part in the night , haopengyou , tgt with his girlfriend came to join us. and also sis . slacked around until 10 plus , went home ;D

wonderful day , things went back again with my xinganBFsista . still love her as before and thanks to those who helped . love you guys alot(:
bye people , going to continue to watch my hitman

Friday, November 6, 2009

lost her ...
disappointed even though things start from miie . i dunn mindd being back into friends again , but no . things doesnt seems to be that easy , so ... forget it .
tired of everyday , regardless of friends , school and whatever shit stuff . i mean , whatever i do ; im wrong . whatever i do doesnt seems right ?
until now , i know who's really there for miie , who is true friends . thanks alot to those who cheer miie up and all ytd .
this two days was slacking back with alex JINYU and edsel PRECIOUSbaobeiiPTS ! and also some of the slackers . baobeii is still as caring as how we used to , jinyu is as rough as he used to -.- well , still love them okay !!
kind of random , i feeling very very very down . i dunno why , somehow smth is bothering miie . FUcK i feel like taking ..... again , and crying again . i dunn like this feeling okay , i know i've promised .
but its smth i cant control .

fuck it . i dunno whats going on . gonna be brave , gonna face everything in reality !

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

xiaoFEN is so fucked up .
currently at alex jinyu house , tgt with darling and edsel baobeii ;D
whatever , still so dulan . dunn ask what happen _l_

until now i still dun get it ?
why cant love be one sided ? why one sided love is so hurting ?
why in the world there is smth named love ?
why must be one side contribute while the other one can just fuck care everything ? why cant love can be easily take up and not easily to put down ?
why must either of the side suffer while another one enjoy ? why must love be happy at the start and sad in the end ? why love has an end ?
why one sided love isnt enough ? why love cant build up when one waited for a long time ? why love can easily destroy and difficult to build up ?
why love cant be one has a happy ending ? why is there love song ? why love makes a person cry ? why love can make a person that sad that she could even take smth that she wouldnt want ? why must love start when both sides agree and why do love ends just only when one side wants it ?
why love cant be a happy one ? finally ,

fuck you !

blog owner is now feeling very down !
she cant smile , she's feeling very very very awful now . she feels so helpless . and now , she doesnt know what to say .

just becos i trusted you , you fool miie again and again .
just becos the hope you gave , i hold on to it .
and gradually , you disappoint miie .
for this past 6months , nothing seems so real other than the broken promise and those fucking hope .
for how many times , telling myself not to fall into your trap . but fuck it , i just fall into it .
i hate it , when you go .
i hate it , when you say you're sorry .
i hate it , when you're not the one .
i hate love .


"Love, something unexplainable"

when life gets harder each day.

As survival is the key of life.

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