Sunday, November 30, 2008

im back from editing the colour in the wishlist and stuff. do until i wan die cannnnnn.
dunno what to say liaooooo.
byebye. love you guys.
hmmmm, love my baby more!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

lalas. slept at 3+ ytd.. yesterday whole day being a nanny bodohs.
aunty , grandma , uncle , cousin all that shit all come my house stay.
walaoo ehh, all the small small cousin very jialat de sia. need to takecare themm. omggg.
not this cry, jiu shi another one cry. worn out can!!! !#%^!@#$%^
do this and that , like a fucking maid liddat. kukubird!lalas..

missed baby too. din manage to call him til everyone was asleep. wtf man! alamak!!baby this few day tontonton, must takecare kayy.. dunn let miie worry much much ohh. later got panda eye!!! like the kungfu panda de POHH!! hahahs.

oh yarhh!!! in the mid night , 'catfight' with cousin .. but playplay de. din really fight larhh, i mean like,,, hmmmm, some how like, hmm... pillow FIGHT! oh yeah! pillow fight.. ohh. kip pushing her, and she lose to miie kay!! hahas... LOSER!! and she's now beside miie. HELLO LOSER!!! -.-ll
woke up at 11plus,tmd... fucking tire canN! kukubird. had breakfast SUPER FULL! den now fucking tire.. ahahs. heavy breakfast!! i got study kayy.. lols..

and now its 3.12, half an hour ago, everyone left . only got miie, second jiejie and two cousin.. so sian.. anyone? anyone ? wann entertain miie? lol! okayyy...
should stop here liaoo. hahas. now goonnna reply taggie!

taggie time yo...

30 Nov 08, 06:00
Zhengfuu: yozz piglet !!
-yo pigpig!
30 Nov 08, 02:30
Binkiat: hahah! Ah mei ah, been some time since korkor saw you, kindly get ur buttbutt here and let me take a look at my sister k? My dearest ttk miss you alot too, lol. and my baby also miss you too, come!
i'll try to okayy!! takecare korhhkorhh!! hee.(= and help miie takecar of ttk!(= seeyou guys soon!

29 Nov 08, 05:16
Dingjie: beeBEE ! harlow heeliew ! don so angry lar :D beebee is here ! always here ! don bother about my phone ~ :\ just contect cong ! sometimes , i might be with him :D iloveyou ! MUACKIES !
-heh. okay luhs. must takecare kay? iloveyou! sarang haeyo! muackies♥! misses!

imisshim. i really really miss him kayy.
baby, lets meet up soon okay? iloveyou!

Friday, November 28, 2008

okayys, nothing to say bout today. only
imissyou! & iloveyou!

reply of taggie!

peeky: hello yufen (: Link wo ;D tag my blog with your link too , thanks. Tkcares.
-hahas . you're linked! takecare tooo!(=

YUJING♥: Omgg , rainbow , Sorry nar ): Dont so angry ley ): Rainbowrainbow ): Dui bu qi ): Dui Bu qi ):
- anything larhh

YUJING♥: My pretty pretty rainbow , imissyou so <3 src="" alt=":D" border="0"> <3

Lynette: wow qirl, someone you hate de qot stead liao sia, SOMEMORE the date is also 27. WTF. is rachel anyway
-omg! she suck to core yo! anyway, iloveyou!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

okayys. yesterday went to watc berveryl hills chihuahua! the dogs inside the movies was cute can!! i love the German Shepard most man! hahas. okayy. the show was.. touching, funny and i dunno! hohos. but was interupted by a stupidd guy that din put silent on his fone lorhh. den stil got a few is CMI de cann, they laugh like fuck cann. is not they cannot laugh larhh, not funny part they oso laugh lorhh. disturbing bodoh..
after the show, went back to grandma house, ate my dinner which was.... 11 plus 12. hahas. after eating, watched korean drama, lovers, til 1+2 den called baby and slept. hee. okayy, i took two photo in the toilet after the show, if readers, you guys dun wann see, PLEASE kindly fuck off.

end of yesterday story!

TODAY! 271108!
woke up at 11plus, wash up and stuff, ate and left grandma house, and bus-ed back to home tgt with second jiejie and baobeii cousin. reach home, watch police academy hongkong de drama luhs. nicenice..
dunno what to say liaoo.. below will be my shoutout! im not in a good mood now yo!! so.. dunn wann to see close it!

yarhh now, everyone is siding her, so what she get good grade? everything seems to be my fault. why din they just see whose right and wrong?okayys, i noe that i din do well in my exam, i have a boyfriend. so? i mean, i dunn get it, its not him who make miie lose concentrace. i really did study can, but the turnout is bad. its like over can. 2009 is coming, i dunn understand why you guys keep saying bout it. just fuck it cann. so what if my education is bad, does it mean that im good - for - nothing. you elderly, only noe people who have good grade are guaii kia! cb larhh hor. thats what people say family are forever with you. i agree you now why? cos family member are forever with you , to criticize you!! ccb! fuck her off larhh hor.. cbkcbkcbk!
and then , im at my own house, not only i have the share of the house, why must it be miie doing all the housework, i mean that you give birth to three daughter, not one. why must i be the one? you guys not happy, you guys shout at miie. they din do the housework , they should do, i got scolded. did i do any wrong in the previous life that you guys have to treat miie like this? i've tried to call them to do those thing, tried to clean the house, people make it messy? i admit i oso got messy larhh. i've cleared but its stil messy? someone came back from other country , din unpack the lauggage, my fault? everything my fault. am i in the wrong to keep everything right? whatever i dunno.. FUCK IT MAN.. LIFE SUCK yo..ccb.

weijie: dummy.. haha tagged.. :P stay chio hahas..
-hahas. thanks dummy.. takecare!
Dingjie: tell me mah , then baby will BOOM ! infront of u :D

Dingjie: beebee never tell me u bored ! ROARRR ):
- hee. iloveyou baby! muackies!
sylvester: hellos:) relink me ! thanks!
Rachel ♥: erhh should say nth bahx..
-fuck off then!

Monday, November 24, 2008

fuck man!! im fucking bored at home.
seriously boring once again! tried to called people to come my house to peii miie.
but cant find one, stil got one, used to pei miie de lorhh, after that , got audi liaoo. jiu ps diaoo miie liaoo.
you noe who you are luhs, we are just drifting apart. and you dun seems to care. yahrh , audi first , den gans marhh hor..
anythiing larhh hoor, you continue your audition larhh!ccb

im really bored yo! i reallyy got nothing to do yo. im in a fucking bad mood now yo!! i dunno. suddenly found out that, no one is pei-ing. ROAR. left out alone, at home , leaving housework for miie? fuck it yo!
whatever whatever whatever! i crazy. just stop here le, if continue typing i think the keyboard will spoil.

iloveyou my boyfriend!, tangdingjie!

today today today!!
VERY BORED!! woke up at 3++4. slept at 5+ ytd night! was playing jiejie psp, her friend bought for her as birthday present , contain 30games! lucky got afew i like to play!! hahas. i oso wann cann!!
anyone wan for miie? lols! okayy, back to topic,
hmmm, wake up liaoo , wash up and stuff. sms-ed baby bo reply.. i thot he sleeping, den awhile more,called him, and he told miie he wake up like 1++. den his phone the screen or dunno what sot diao, so cant sms.
)= sadded.
and i dunno what to say le.
just wan to say , baby i miss you!

okayy. picture above is on 211108 , went to tampines safra to 'support' uncle for the bowling competition. its wif the company de larhh. i dunno what to say about that, and uncle strike three in a row okayy!! but he din win)=

went to TTSH to see a relative of mine tgt with uncle, aunty , grandma , baobeii cousin. i din see before that relative of mine cann. hahas. too much liaoo, if im not wrong is grandma de sister or smth liddat, got 9 can!!! walaoo. hahas. after that, went to eat! hohos. photo above is taken in ttsh and grandma housee!(=

Saturday, November 22, 2008

let picture do the talk todayyy.

Friday, November 21, 2008

baby! happy eighth month!
Baby , you made my whole heart entirely yours. you're the reason for me to move on in life. :D
We've gone through many obstacles and the road ahead of us might not be easy but our love will lead us down. i cant imagine myself living without your love. :)You're the one amd only i love .You're the someone i turn to when im down.
You are the one who make to love , cherish & treasure this relationship. You're the one who fills my life with grace , joy & beauty.You make the whole world into a better and happier place.
I'll hold you tight and never let go . If loving you is wrong , i wont make it right. The memories between you and me , will be kept in my heart forever and ever.
i'll love you forever, for the next generation , next century , until i die, i'll stil love you.
i'll be with you , no matter what.i will the lady that you love & trust most ; and you would be the man that i love most and trust most.
No people are going to separate us! not even a tiny mini ant!
sarang haeyo! muackies. (= iloveyou!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

hahas. yesterday de birthday was fun, spent the day with baby, korhhkorhh and xinganSISTER!
did enjoy myself.din really took much photo when we were out,
cos ytd phone de camera got bit sot sot , den lazy off & on again. jiu leave it lorhh.
den baby say his phone de camera not very good, so forget it. but we took a photo in korhhkorhh;s phone, and forgot to take from him.
hohos, okayys, ytd went to baby house at bout 11.30. and baby was stil sleeping, korhhkorhh jiu help miie open door, went in and wake baby up, well he was very cute luhs. ;D
after baby woke up, baby's mummy coook den we jiu eat lorhh. YUMMYYUMMYY ;D eat finish , baby & korhhkorhh jiu go bath den miie jiu sit in living room wait for baby. they bath haoo liaoo, den when we preparing to go out, korhhkorhh say want change his shirt, den change ; after that, baby mum say not very nice, korhhkorhh change again! kip changing lorhh ; for bout 4-6 times. said byebye to baby mum and went to sister house, waited for her , while waiting sister dad give miie and baby see the fishes that he caught when he went fishing, so big lorhh. omg.
baby and i listen and see the bigbig fish til gongg diaoo.
hahas. after sister okay liaoo, said byebye to sister dad&mum , and off to.....
far east , when we reach there, korhhkorhh and baby say wann go buy thing, so miie&sister jiu go walkwalk lorhh. after that, bout 10-20mintues, baby called and say meet at seven eleven, thinking what's on earth he's doing.... hahas. went down to level 1 and to 7-11. baby call miie to close my eye, so close lorhh. hahas, baby bought a small muffin and wif pocky. so cute can, but forget to take photo! *alamak*
thanks baby! hahas. so we carry on shooping, went into 77 street , bought one cap for baby for eighth month! tink he like it much. hahas. korhhkorhh oso bought smth for sister! hohos! carry on shopping, shop til nothing to shop le, jiu decide to go to plaza sing.
haha, walkwalk here, walkwalk there. and i saw a BIGBIG HUGEHUGE hello kitty lorhh. but bo buy, no spend spend much money. hahas.(= so, jiu carry on shop, bought myself, a ***. hahas.
i like it much kay, hohos. after that, like nothing to do liaoo.
jiu plan to go back woodlands, by then was 5. so we took train to marina bay , and reverse back to woodlands, since we have nothing to do. when in the train , we saw a bunch of girl really buey xiasuay wann de lorhh. walao. skip that part.
back to woodlands, went to baby house to slack. watch tv , lying on baby, and i felt asleep! hahaha, cannt blame kay, im tire. hahas. baby out a blanket on miie, a pillow under my head. i oso dunno lorhh. until, i wake up and realise. so sweet is my baby! hee. till, 8om, baby and i meet up with kokrong and chee guan korhhkorhh, den they send miie home and i duno where they go.
hahas, but outside the house , the key drop into the very inner part of the bag, cant take den jiu call second jiejie up and waited her at the bus stop. so bout 8.30 den reach home lorhh. hahas, at home the thing i dunn wann say le. hahas. (=

thanks korhhkorhh&sister!

haven finish. hahas, and and wish came true, borthday with baby and surprise on birthday
surprise on birthday was the muffin thingy, so cute, so creative and im so touched! hahas
iloveyou baby!
thanks for the following people who wished miie happy birthday/belated birthday!!
  • my dearest baby
  • hokit daddy
  • lynette sister
  • binkiat korhhkorhh
  • james korhh
  • lina daxiangjiao
  • teckyong
  • meina cousin
  • blood -related sisters
  • emma baobeii cousin
  • fengqing
  • shawn
  • nizam
  • george korhh
  • yujing rainbow
  • shijie
  • zhengfu pigpig
  • yuan cheng ahh gongg
  • sandra
  • jianda korhhkorhh
  • aileen
  • therisa
  • jolene
  • linhan
  • kheng yuan
  • xiang long
  • joachim bro
  • cynthia
  • gwendolyn
  • rafiq
  • yasir
  • danish
last but not least picture of the day! i mean today! 201108!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

well its now 0142 of 1911!
hahas! happy birthday to miie!
hee. but i stil cant get to sleep le.
i tink too excited for tml outing with baby , korhhkorhh, and xingan sister!
oh no,
is later on!
see wondering to wear shorts or skinny. lols!
okay! imiss my baby luhs!
hee. tink he sleep like pig(=
hohos. gonna have a great time later on!
stay tune readers!
i'll be back at night yo!
do miss miie guy=x
joking, hohos!(= byebye!

went out at 2. bus-ed to changi airport to welcome jiejie back from japan.
took some photo! but later yea? hahas. after that,
dad&mum came too, and dad send miie,jiejie and baobeii cousin home.
and he went out wif mum.(=
den til 7 plus 8. went to meet baby at his house downstair.
and off to cwp to meet korhhkorhh&xinganSISTER!
hahas. went to sakae and eat.
its like very long never see them le lorhh.
den finally can see them!!!


oh yarhh
sunday, went to yishun meet out with unvle&baobeii cousin.

at night , bus-ed to amk hub ; watch 10.30 de madagascar 2 .
so funny larhh. the show.
and did enjoy myself those day! but wif baby will be better!
hahas. wann photo?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

1. The person tagged you is?
- Shawn
2. Your relationship with her/him?
- Friend
3. Your five impression of her/ him?
4. The most memorable things he has done for you?
-Patch things back when miie&baby quarrel?
5. The most memorable things he has said to you?
6. If he becomes your lover , you will?
-Impossible? Cos both are attached?
7. If he becomes your lover , thing she has improve on will be?
8. If he becomes your enemy , you will?
-I dunno. Peace with him?
9. repeat the question above.
-Fuck it?lazy!
10. What is it that you want to tell her now?
11. Your overall impression of him?
12. How do you think people will feel around you?
-How am i suppose to know?
13. The character you love yourself are?
- i dunno
14. On the contrary , the character you hate yourself are?
-To be in this family?
15. The most ideal person you want to be is?
-i dunno
16. For the people that Care& likes you, say something to them?
-Thanks yo!
17. Pass this quiz to ten people you wish to know they feel about you.
1. TinKiat BABY♥
2. Yujing RAINBOW
3. Lynette SISTER
5. Dorisa JIE
6. ZhengFu PIGPIG
7. Therisa
8. Zen
9. XueQi
10. Cynthia
18. Who is no.6 having relationship with?
19. Is no.9 a male or female?
20. If no.7 and 10 are together , would it be a good thing?
21. What is no.2 studying?
-Secondary school subject?
22. When was the last time you chat with no.3?
- I dunno. i tink is 121108?
23. What kind of music no.8 like?
-Not very sure?
24. Does no.1 has siblings?
25. Will you woo no.3?
-Maybe? when i become a les?
26. How about no.7?
-Maybe? When i become a les?
27. Is no.4 single?
28. What is the surname of no.5?
-Not Sure
29. What is no.10 's hobby?
-Be with her boyfriend?
30. Where is no.2 studying at?
31. talk smth about no.1.
32. Have you tried developing feeling for no.8?
-no! and never!
33. Where does no.9 live?
-Near my HOUSE!
34. what colour does no.4 like?
35. Are no. 1 & 5 good friend?
-Not really? im not very sure.
36. Does no.1 have any pets?
37. Is no.7 the sexiest person ever in the world?
38. what is no.10 doing now?
-Maybe working? maybe at home? wif the boyfriend?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

its has been almost a week that i din see you man!
i miss you yo! ROAR.
must meet meet meet meet! okay? promise?
hee. oh yaarhh,
baby arhh . you arhh. go fishing oso must remember to sleep wel hor!!
dun like june holiday liddat.
my night and midnight is your morning and afternoon.
your night is my morning.
i smack your butt 1001times arhh! hee. alright, as promised , i enjoyed myself ytd!(=
but still, i miss you larhh!
alright? i shall end here. go do the quiz hor! your blog cannt rot, rot liaoo, i read what sia!
no more thing, to read? liddat very sian de lehh!(=
okay? promise arhh?
PROMISED hahas! yay! baby promise.. must arhh!
hee. goodgood. i shall end here too! iloveyou! wahoyo!

went sonore ytd, wif rainbow and a bunch of my classmate!
the train was like so crowded lorhh. waited for 3train.den got space for all of us to get in!
hahas. so fun.
went to Nanyang poly auditorium. omg! no reception! jialat sia. wanted to sms baby , but cant le.
performance is all quite okay. wat i love the most was the romeo and juliet by our schoo sing club and drama club). damn funny sia!
hahas. elope , romeo(basil) say as e-lo-pe!
wtf! fucking funny cann.
hahas. its end bout 9plus.
everyone of us plan to go admiralty to eat. but too many ppl! so we went to woodlands mart to eat. rainbow say wann eat, reach there, only drink one cup of ice milo. TMDJD!
and i ate.... chicken cutlet rice! yummy! hee. eat liaoo miie&rainbow jiu go home le. say byebye to classmate)=
nevermindd stil got chalet! i'll see you guys there! 2N2 ROX YO!

okayy! was sabo-ed by zhengfu pigpig to do a quiz. sooo... just do lorhh. i also nothing to do!
hahas! lets carry on!

1. What Kind Of Boyfriend / Girlfriend do you like?
-i dunno! feelings is what i want!
2. How do you celebrate your 1st month? -
-hmmmm, nothing much? sms him when the clock strike 12? and give him my present.
3. Do you felt safe with your Boyfriend / Girlfriend?
-VERY SAFE! safe&secure!(=
4. When you saw your stead injured or sick will you be there , even you're busy.
-YES. If im able to go out.
5. When it is your 12th month & your stead was having another relationship what you do?
-break? cos i cant share my boyfrined wif another woman. SMACK THE WOMAN!=x jk
6. What if you know your ex is still loving you ? Even he/she is single & you're attached.
-dun care lorhh. i stil prefer my TANGDINGJIE!♥
7. Are you Single , Relationship , Crushing on someone?
8. Name out 3 love / sad songs.
-With You
-I wanted you
9. What do you do when you & your stead quarrelled?
-i dunnno! see first.
10. Do you wish to know that anybody is crushing on you?
-no? even noe liaoo, oso dun care.
11. What if you're single & some people got a crush on you?Will you accept / reject?
-see first. whether my feeling is there?
12. When you fall in love with someone how you feel?
-cant be express! DUMB-.-
13. How many times did you broke your heart by someone/ex/stead?
-not sure. its past! so. i dun care!
14. If you & your stead quarrel who will be the one who will say sorry? .
-It depends yo.
15. What if your stead wants to break the relationship what will you do?
-Respect his decision.
16. Did your stead give you any presents? You like the most.
-YES!!!! my snownite.
17. When is your last cry for someone you love?
18. Did you broke your promise to your stead before? How many times?
-Not Very Sure?
19. Do you wish to last your relationship long?
-Like DUH!? stupidd question!
20. Did your stead kiss you at public ?

Pass this question to your friends :D to know how their relationship is going on :D.
Send them by MSN or ask them copy & paste :D.
Post it in your blog. :D
Remember to put 11 names down to last your relationship long :D.
Names :

  • My BaBY
  • Bin kiat korhh
  • Lynette Sister
  • Cynthia
  • Shawn
  • Syariza
  • Xueqi
  • zen
  • Wika
  • Rachael Jie
  • Jeslyn Jie

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

went to school today! to know what class are the sec2s pupil go in.
well, i went in to 3n2 next year. i wann that class. but...
i got DNT instead of POA)=
wtf man! i wann poa larhh!! but im appealing! tml will pass up the appealing form yo.
hope can get that mini ma-ni chance to get into poa!
hee, and i hear that that bitch in 2n1 is oso in 3n2 next year yo!
wtf man! WTFWTF! fuck her man! tmd tmd tmd!
next year better dun come make miie, i make her die arhh!!!! fucking hate her yo!

back to the topic,
after knowing the result , was very upset lorhh. calling 2n2 student to gather, discussing chalet things.
very dulan!! kip shouting lo0rhh.
drag a long long time den finish,
after that, went home but on the way , rainbow say she dun wann go cwp liaoo. steady! very dl. calledbaby up and attitude-ed him.
*sorry baby! wahoyo!
den daddy pei miie go. service my phone.quite fast.
10-15 mins liddat nia.
and the phone im using now like shit can!!
the button sometime sotsot de! and sat when the NOKIA people call miie, den can go collect.
dunno goonaaa for how many hour lorhh. cos last time miie and jiejie went to colect phone.
just to collect phone we waited for 4hours plus!
anyway, back to subject! hee. after that, we go eat . jiu go home le.
bath, and sleep. til 9pm!i noe PIG!! hahas.
and baby called miie when im sleeping, im like goong gong tok to him lorhh. when i wake up, i forgot what he say to miie.=x
den call baby back again. tok to him awhile den hang!and we are now sms-ing in progress! hahas

specially baby:
baby dunn worry . no matter what , i wont leave you kay. dunn worry so much!! this is what promise you yo? must trust miie oh! hahaas.(= iloveyou

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

sent second jiejie to airport to send her off to japan.
she's going wif the school for immersion trip
miiie,daddy,mummy,bigjiejie,baobeii cousin and uncle was all there!
took photo and stuff
when second jiejie was checking in,
we leave her there and went to ya kun and eat.
so nice! but everyone was calling miie to eat the toast. and its lots can .
after eating, went up to the departure part again. to meet up wif second jiejie
hee. blahblahblah.
dunno what to say liaoo.
photo time!


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As survival is the key of life.

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